Portable Cedar Cabins: Tips When Ordering

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Tips When Ordering

I made one mistake when I ordered my cabin, so I will pass along my wisdom. The mistake was completely my fault. Dave gave me the option of having the hitch on the front or back. I just naturally said the back, because I thought it would look better. The mistake I made was not thinking it through because when he delivers it, he will be able to drive in and place it where I want it, but for him to unhitch his truck and leave by property, we might have to temporarily remove a fence section.

Where Are You Views?

When you order your cabin, you want to think carefully ahead of time where you will put it. I always love a window above a kitchen sink and you want to make sure you have your best view there. Dave will give you a layout of the design you choose. You will have the option to have the kitchen on either side of the cabin. He can do one, two or no lofts and I feel views are very important here. Dave usually puts two windows in the loft for cross ventilation.

Mobile Or Permanent 

I love the idea of keeping the cabin mobile. For years it might serve one purpose and then you might have another use for it decades later. You will have the option to have your cabin built on a custom made steel frame or skids.


There are two options for using propane. One is having 2 tanks in the back or getting the propane delivered and having a permanent large tank on the property close to the cabin.

At first, I was going to get a large  tank, but it would have been quite a process. I was originally going to use a propane heater that was going to be  professionally installed and the large  tank  would have cost a yearly rental fee. If you decide on using the delivered propane with a large tank, it just makes it more permanent. Think this one through because, once again, where are your views and where would the tank likely be placed?

I changed from the propane fireplace to radiant floor heating. It comes with a thermostat and I love it because you cannot see it and it is efficient, using only 15 amps and most importantly, it is safe.

I will have two 5  gallon propane tanks on the back for the dryer and the on demand hot water heater.

Dave will be setting up the tanks and testing  the lines for me. That gives me great confidence.


Check with your preferred insurance agent on their preferences for heating. Some companies say no base board heaters, some say no wood stoves, but the one thing they all usually have in common is to have it professionally installed. They also usually prefer that you have electric heat as your primary heat source.

Model options

The Portable Cedar Cabins are custom built to order ranging from 144 sq feet to 400 sq feet on skids are a custom built superior, steel frame on wheels. We have models that are basic shells, standard shells, standard turnkey and also turnkey with additional upgrades. Review our different models in my blog categories. You are never limited to our designs. The models can be made longer, wider, with an extra loft and bedrooms. We also have off grid options.

Call or email Janet Thome 509 345 2013 or email janet@tinyportablecedarcabins.com


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