An Alternative To Assisted Living: Portable Cedar Cabin

In Assisted Living by Janet Thome

Portable Cedar Cabin is the perfect alternative to assisted living

A Portable Cedar Cabin would be an incredible alternative to  assisted living. There are so many aging seniors that are quite independent still and just need to be close to their family or loved one. I am a Holistic caregiver for the elderly and I see first  hand, how lonely they can be. So often, they have lost their spouse and often most of their peers.

A cabin can be parked in a driveway and it comes with a 25 foot RV Cord that can be plugged in and ready to go.  If you are having this built for your aging parent, Dave can build it where the doors would be wide enough for a wheelchair and even a ramp if needed. It is good to plan ahead , even if your parent was mobile. I have used a lot of equipment like Hoyer lifts and they can take a lot of room, so keep this in mind.

Step In Shower

Dave can put in a step in shower that is very easy to step into that can also fit a shower chair. The shower is usually 3 sides with a bar across, where you would put a shower curtain. This gives the bathroom more room, eliminating a shower door that opens. I have taken care of seniors that had showers and bath tubs, too high for them to reach, and we were stuck with sponge baths which are not ideal.

Privacy and Freedom

The benefit of having your parent close and living on your property is a way where everyone still can maintain their privacy and freedom to live how they choose without imposing on each other. If your dad’s greatest joy is to watch sports all day, that is his choice and no one will be asking him to turn it down.

Can be built with or without a kitchen

When you decide to have your Portable Cedar Built, it can be a extra guest room with a living space and bathroom or add a kitchen. Dave utilizes space very well and knows how to design a compact kitchen. It might be smart to have one included, especially if your parents  has a caregiver that cooks for them or both of your parents are blessed to still be together and cook for themselves.

Lofts and Stairs

You can have the choice of one, two or no lofts and with a ladder or stairs.

Caregivers Quarters

A Portable Cedar Cabin would be an excellent choice for an aging senior that wants to stay in their own home and needs a caregiver  nearby.  So often it is the children that arrange for the parent or parents to have a caregiver and it would be a perfect way for the caregiver to come and go as they prepare the  meals, do vitals, etc….. without imposing themselves all day, once again honoring freedom and privacy.  A lot of seniors need the care, but are not crazy about having a caregiver live with them, so having a cabin for caregiver is ideal. Monitors can be easily be installed for emergencies.

Living In Community

I grew up watching the Waltons and I loved their sweet stories and how close they were and to see so many generations together.  On my own property, I am setting it up where everyone has their own sovereign units with their own kitchen, washer-dryer and shower so we can all maintain our privacy, enjoy our cherished alone time, but still come together as a community.  It is a beautiful way to live.

I hope you will consider a Portable Cedar Cabin as an alternative to assisted living. If you have lots of family to visit, you can keep it mobile and travel and see your loved ones and always have your home with you.

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