Toilet Choices

In Toilet Choices by Janet Thome

The toilet choice in your new Tiny Portable Cedar Cabin is a very important decision.  The cabins are not built with holding tanks.  All the plumbing from your water, kitchen and toilet is connected to come out together, both black and grey water through a hose that is meant to be connected to a septic system. If you are going to put your cabin in a permanent spot and  it is not too far from the septic, you might like the choice of just connecting it to the septic and going with a standard toilet.

My septic is way too far from my Tiny House and my cabin and I would have to tear up my yard, so we went with compost toilets.

Air Head Composting Toilet 

After a lot of research, I chose the Air Head Compost toilet for both my tiny house rental and The Caretaker’s Cabin.

Humanure  Handbook

Before you decide on which toilet option , I  suggest you learn all about human manure composting and the best source of information is the  Humanure Handbook written by Joe Jenkins. Joe also is the creator of the Loveable Loo, one of my favorite compost toilets. In the book you will learn how to manage your waste so it is odor free.

The Loveable Loo Composting Toilet

The Loveable Loo is a very simple design that consists of a bucket, a custom built and finished wood box, a toilet seat and a lid. You keep a container of saw dust near the toilet and you cover up ”your business” after you are done. You can use liners to easy depose of or not and put in a compost bin that you will learn to make in the Humanmanure Handbook. The book is included with a purchase of a Loveable Loo. You can also download a version of it for $10.00.

The Loveable Loo requires no water, electricity, plumbing or vents and there is no need to separate the urine.

Free Plans To Make Your Own Compost Toilet

You can make your own compost toilet and I really  appreciate the generosity of the Loveable Loo company to freely give their plans and videos away free, so people can make their own compost toilet.

Tip: It is very important that you know your toilet choice before building, in case it needs to be plumbed. It is also important to know especially if we are adding Radiant Floor Heating because after it is installed in the floor, you cannot put nails or screws in the floor.

Humanure  Handbook

The Loveable Loo