Caretaker Wanted

In Caretaker Wanted by Janet Thome

Can you imagine, I am having a brand new cedar cabin built for you and I have not even met you yet! hmm where could you be?

I know you are out there. I know one day you will be reading this and you will get goose bumbs, because you will know that I have been looking for you.

You are either 1 person or a couple, but you love, love dogs like I do and you have a deep longing to live in the country, far away from the city lights, aching for the natural lights of stars that flicker at night and ask you to dare to dream.

I am creating a small Tiny House Community in central Wa. in a tiny town called Marlin. I am desiring to create a community of people who desire to be the change you want to see in the world, through love, music and how we treat our land and each other.

GMO seeds or poison are not  allowed on the land and we are conscious not to waste our precious water.

The most important skills I am looking for is someone who has landscaping, gardening, some
mechanical abilities and the desire to build Tiny House furniture.

Please read all my posts under The Caretaker’s Cabin category, to read about the details of the cabin and more in detail of what I am looking for.

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