Grey Water Wagon: Portable Distribution

In Greywater by Janet Thome

Portable Grey Water Solution

There is an incredible product that is pre-launch stage that  harvests and distributes grey water and it is portable.

The Benefits

•    Recycle water from the shower, bath and laundry

•    No need for any diversion plumbing

•    Utilizing specially designed and patented plug hole collection apparatus

•    Twin pump design giving faucet pressure for recycled water distribution

•    12v rechargeable power pack –solar powered recharge as well as AC top up

•    Includes all attachments for collection and distribution of grey water

•    Collect, Transport and distribute to lawns and gardens with one completely portable operation.

An average household could save and recycle the equivalent of an average sized swimming pool over a year.

Meaning greener lawns and healthier gardens while maintaining reduced potable water usage!

I absolutely love this product. I will be signing up as a distributor if anyone would like to get put on a list when they are available.

Gray Water Wagon 

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