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Financing Will Require Insurance

Insurance will be a requirement if you are going to finance your cabin. There are very affordable options now, because several companies are finally seeing tiny homes as a hot market to insure.

I will be listing some agents that I have talked to or have policies with that will work hard on getting insurance for you for our cabins in different areas.

Insurance Solutions
USA Insurance Group : Christine Sullivan 303-278-4800 ext.303 : Almost Every State

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Homeowner’s Policy: Perfect Policy Meant For Owner Or Tenant Occupied

USA INS Group Specializes In Manufactured Home Insurance. The type of product they offer will consider your home as a park model style home under the manufactured home category. It is meant for a home that will not be moved around frequently, and that will stay in one spot once placed and be tied down/secured or placed on a foundation.

Program offered is for home located in a park or on private land

Can be full-time owner occupied, seasonal, rental or vacant

Comprehensive coverage for: The home itself, including any professionally attached structure, deck, porch, awnings and content coverage’s for belongings

Liability coverage in the event that a neighbor slips and falls on the homeowners deck for example.

Flood and earthquake coverage (as offered per state/program)

Primary Heat Source Must Be Electric

Home cannot have a wood stove or fireplace (supplemental source) as main heating source- must have electric baseboard, hot water baseboard (boiler) or forced air/ducts as primary heat source

Home also must be wired for electricity, cannot be 100% solar powered. Solar must be a secondary source of power.

Highly Recommend Christine Sullivan, she is my agent. The insurance is affordable, you can pay quarterly and I appreciate the service and coverage. My cabin is tenant occupied and I pay around $605.00 a year. I am also covered for rental reimbursement and appliance break down.

USA Group Also Offers Commercial Insurance

Contact Mark A. Fay at 303-278-4800 ext 310 or email him at for all your commercial needs. He is the owner of USA Insurance. Mark is active in a number of manufactured home associations and served as President of the Rocky Mountain Home Association in 2012. Mark has experience insuring municipalities and public entities. He also worked as the risk manager for Affordable Residential Communities (ARC) in Denver.

Homeowner’s Policy: Off The Grid And For Those Will Will Travel Often: Transport Can Be Covered

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Strategic Insurance Agency LLC: Melissa Pacheco 719 476 0106

If you are going to be traveling in your tiny home and need a homeowner’s policy and you want to cover the transport because you are picking it up yourself, give Melissa a call. Strategic also offers insurance for off the grid tiny homes.

States they provide tiny homes insurance in are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oregon,Tennessee & Washington. Liability limits of $50k, $100k & $300k, and a trip endorsement which is $150 for the policy term, regardless of the amount of trips.

Commercial Insurance With Strategic Insurance Agency LLC

Martin Burlingame 719 476 0104 For your commercial needs.

Tiny House Policy: Buying A Shell From Us? Coverage While You Are Building


Even though our cabins are officially called travel trailers or park models, they would also qualify for the Tiny House Policy.

There has been a policy created called the Tiny Home Policy and is insured by Lloyd’s Of London. The policy will also insure a tiny house with a wood stove.

Delivery From Pickup To Destination
The tiny home policy does NOT cover your cabin while it is being transported. It is a policy that is meant for those that are going to live in it or have a tenant living in it. An individual cannot get cargo insurance on their own, so I would recommend that you have your new cabin professionally delivered if you are going to have the tiny home insurance policy.

The Tiny Home Policy also does not cover theft of the home itself, but it does cover theft of personal property. One other great benefit is you do NOT have to buy Gap insurance, because the structure coverage is the actual cash value of the building and trailer. It would be wise to use anti-theft devices to protect your home.

Contact Darrell Grenz to write the policy in the following states: AL, CA, OR, WA, NV, UT, CO, MT, ID, AZ, TX, NC, SC,MI,OH,ME, FL

Are you going to get a shell from us and finish building the tiny home yourself? Do not forget to get covered while you are building. Contact Darrell for this as well.

Jerry Braun : Writes the tiny home policy for Washington state and Oregon. Jerry is based out of Portland, Oregon .

Tiny Home Insurance: Ontario, Canada

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Kingston Specialty Group

Dave Burns is a broker with Kingston Specialty Group that can help you obtain insurance in Ontario, Canada.  If you live in a different province, he can refer you to another broker.  Dave can provide insurance for owner or tenant occupied and off the grid tiny homes. Dave can also provide insurance for shells. If you are from Canada and you are having a cabin built in the US,  it is a good idea to talk to Dave Burns first regarding the heating choices allowed and inspections required if you are buying a shell or a completed cabin from us.

The prices are very reasonable. Dave writes commercial policies as well.

David Burns RIB (Ont.) CAIB
Account Executive

844 Gardiners Road
Kingston, ON  K7M 3X9
Phone (613)634-8111
Cell (613)329-2628
Fax (613)634-5822

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