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A Compliance Label Is Recognized In All Fifty States

In the US, the requirement for a compliance certification label  on an RV is recognized in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. There are also a few states that maintain their own oversight programs and issue their own unique state certifications labels as well. Certification labels can be sourced from several certified agencies, including  Pacific West Associates or RVIA an industry association. The RVIA industry association labels require a membership.  Pacific West Associates is not an industry association, they are part of the committee thatwritesthe codes and designsthat theindustry association complies with.

 The Manufacturer Abides By The Standard Codes

The application of a certification label is a statement from the manufacturer and oversight authority that the product is manufactured to the applicable codes and standards. The standards
are the NFPA 1192 2015 edition for recreational vehicles. The ANSI A119.5 2009 edition ( park models/tinyhomes) and the national electrical code sections, 551 and 552 respectively.

Pacific West Associates INC

Pacific West Associates Inc. (PWA) is composed of Multi-Disciplinary Registered Engineers. These registrations include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Forensic Engineering fields. PWA does not spend money for lobbyists or promote Industry de-regulation. PWA inspects Recreational Vehicle/Park Model/Tiny Home Products both at the Point of Manufacture as well as at retail sites.

Pacific West Associates INC Requirements

PWA  requires all Clientele to provide Design plans/documentation and Quality Assurance documentation for every unit produced. PWA is certified and regulated/audited by Several State Administrative Agencies that maintain Oversight Authority to the Recreational Vehicle/Park Model/Tiny Home Industries. PWA operates as a third party Regulatory Agency in those Capacities.

The Pacific West Associates Label

The Pacific West Associates Label is not only a recognized certification mark but a part of a more stringent , voluntary  program on the part of the manufacturer.

Portable Cedar Cabins Is Inspected by Pacific West Associates

Portable Cedar Cabins is inspected by Pacific West Associates and is in strict compliance with the codes they require on every cabin he custom builds. Each custom cabin will have a certification label from PWA, the insignia mark that is required to show that the manufacturer has complied to the applicable codes. The PWA is recognized in the US and abroad and applied to thousands of recreational vehicles, trailers and tiny homes every year.

Industry Trade Association

The Pacific West label is used by many manufacturers that are members of RVIA an industry trade association who are looking for extensive engineering services that are offered by Pacific West Associates. In those instances, both the Pacific West label and the label of the industry association are present on the product. The certification label or mark is an insignia mark that is the manufacturer has complied with the applicable codes

Design Approval Of Structural Analysis Of Chassis And Frames

Pacific West Associates, Inc. is currently the only Design Approval Agency engaged in Structural Analysis of chassis and frames used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. This is a voluntary achievement of their Clientele and not a requirement of the Industry Association.

For Certification Questions Regarding Portable Cedar Cabins

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