Wa State House Bill 1123 : Addressing Tiny Homes

In Building Codes by Janet Thome

Bill Regulating Minimum Dimensions Of Habitable Spaces

There is a Wa. state bill addressing the regulation of minimum dimensions of habitable spaces in single-family residential areas that is sponsored by Democratic representative Brian Blake and Republican representative Vincent Buys. The bill was introduced on 2/12/15.

Growing Need For Affordable House

The legislature finds there is a growing need for ecologically sustainable and affordable housing and small home construction is one way to meet this need.

Cities With Less Than 125,000 Residents

House Bill 1123 proposes that cites with a population of less that 125.000 cannot regulate or restrict the minimum dimensions of habitable  spaces and single family residential dwellings including, but not limited to, the minimum dimensions of floor or room area, unless the regulation is necessary for a fire, life safety or an environmental purpose.

PDF File House Bill 1123

A great resource for changing building codes in your state is American Tiny House Association.

American Tiny House Association