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Tiny House Rental : Marlin, Washington

I have a brand new cabin that is being built by Dave right now that will be available for rent August 1st, 2015 in Marlin, Wa. I was originally building it for caretakers, but my renters of my other tiny house rental  have decided to caretake my property the rest of the year, so I decided to make my cabin a rental. The model is called The Nostalgia Cottage. Caretaking might be a possibilty next year if my renters do not stay. I will add more pictures as I get them.

Available August 1st, 2015

My cabin will be delivered by the end of the month but we have alot of work to do around the location where the cabin will be. We are going to build a deck and a beautiful Pergola with outdoor curtains to add in shading the cabin from the heat.  There will also be a nice sitting area under trees that we be seeding with grass. The spot where the cabin will be is on 2 acres and it is nice and private.

Heart House Tiny Village

I am creating a small tiny house community called The Heart House Tiny Village. My vision is a free flowing community where there are no forced gatherings , but with a natural coming together when we desire to, with great respect for cherished alone time and privacy. Love, Love, Love dogs here and more will be allowed on a case by case basis.

Nostalgia Cottage Features

10.6′ X 24′: 254 square feet
1 Bedroom on ground floor
2 Storage Lofts ( not for sleeping)
Cedar Siding
Pine Interior
50 amp Electrical Panel
Radiant Floor Heat
On Demand Hot Water Heater
Small kitchen with rustic shelves and cabinets
Mason Jar Pantry/ closet
Closet in bedroom
Small refrigerator ( plus larger one in shop near by)
Bathroom with a shower/tub combination
Air Head Compost Toilet
Brand new stackable washer/propane dryer
Sliding barn door with bedroom and bathroom
Custom door with forged metal from Teton Iron
Corrugated metal roof with aged metallic look called vintage

Max 2 People: Requirements

  • No smoking ( sorry not even ouside)
  • Must LOVE dogs
  • Must be willing to use biodegradeable products
  • Compost human manure
  • No poison allowed on my land
  • No GMO seeds
  • If you raise animals on my property: They must be humanely treated
  • No Drugs
  • Good rental references
  • Conscious of not wasting water


I am in Marlin, Wa. It is in the middle of nowhere with a population of a very spread out 50. It is 2 hours from Spokane, 40 minutes from Moses Lake, 20 minutes from Odessa in a valley, surrounded by 1000’s acres of wheat fields. The most news worthy events have been crop circles that appeared in the wheat fields an hour from here in a sleepy town called Wilbur.

You can see stars at night instead of city lights, the air is clean and there is peace………….. I love to see the wild life as I am driving into to town. I see a sweet bald eagle couple, lots of sweet deer, the occasional coyote running across the road and for years, I would see an adorable little animal that would sun bath through a hole in the road.  There are so many kinds of  birds and blue herons  that have the most beautiful wing span and I love the sound of owls and the sound of frogs from the creek in summer.

If the above does not thrill you, I might not have the right location for you. Nature is the main attraction. I have 2 acres in this sweet place on earth.

Please call or email Janet if you would like more information regarding my rental


509 345 2013

509 770 1694