Bank Loan : 5 Year Loan 6% Interest

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Payment Schedule

When you order a cabin from us , there are 3 payment due  divided in thirds.  The first payment is due when all has been agreed on, the second payment is due after the roof goes on, which is usually 2 weeks later and when it is completed, the final payment is due. At this time we are 12 to 14 weeks out in completing a cabin. That is always subject to change.

Bank Financing

At this time we have a bank who is doing our financing in Utah, California, Washington State and Idaho. They are going to merge with a larger banking institution this summer who does lending all over the country, and we are hoping to expand the lending opportunities to other states.

Bank Requirements

You must have a credit score over 710 and a debt to income ratio less than 45%. It is also very inportant after you get pre approved for a loan that you do not aquire new debt, to make sure your credit does not change before the cabin is completed.

Bank Loan: Example $30,000 Loan

Let’s say your cabin is $ 30,000. The bank we are using can lend up to $ 10K without liquidity. It will be a construction loan, so the rate is higher, 10%, BUT it is only for a short time, so it is well worth it. If you have $ 10K down that you can pay for your first payment, the loan can be for your second payment that is due. The exciting thing is that when your cabin is completed, the bank will change the loan to only 6% for 5 years and roll the $10K construction loan into the new loan. If you have done any research on getting a loan for a tiny home, you will know this is incredible, most banks just say no, I hear it every day.

If you want to borrow over $ 10K, you will have to match the amount you are borrowing that will be held in an account until the cabin is completed. You will get your collateral back, after the loan is changed to a 5 year loan.


Call me and get pre approved on your loan and let’s get started on your dream cabin!

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