Largest Cabin Is Four Hundred Square Feet

In Four Hundred SquareFeet by Janet Thome

Largest Cabin  Is Four Hundred Square Feet

The largest cabin Dave builds is 400 square feet. Dave has to stay in this  footprint because of the certification for park models. The decks do not add to the square footage and neither do the lofts. The exciting news is Dave has created 7   different models that are all unique that all have 400 square feet, The Urban Cabin, The North40 Cabin, The Lake View, The Two Bedroom Cabana, 2 different sizes of the Cedar Cabin Duplex. The Cedar Cabin  Triplex with 3 living areas is also 400 square feet.

The Urban Cabin 14 X 28

Tiny portable cabin

John Wayne’s Hideaway 14 X 28


The North40 Cabin 10 X 40

The Lake View 12 X 33

The Two Bedroom Cabana 12 X 33

Cedar Cabin Duplex 12 X 33

Cedar Cabin Triplex 10 x 40

All cabins are custom built, so you are never limited to a floor plan, a style of roof, siding or anything that is presented on a model.

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