Solar Incentives For Washington State

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 Now Is The Time For Solar!

I want to share some great news for Washington state residents that would love to power their homes with solar and get paid to do so! If you are not in Washington, you can check your state to see what they are offering. I live in Wa state in Grant county where the incentives have barely been used, Check the map. 

Why Now

Certain credit unions  have special loan programs for the solar panels and installation
Solar energy systems that are 10kW or smaller are 100% exempt from sales and use tax
30 % federal tax credit
Save on your monthly electric bill
The addition of solar will increase the value of your property

Get Paid At The End Of The Year Until 2020 Up to $ 5000.00 A Year!

Not only will you slash your electric bill in half, certain counties will pay you 54 cents a KWh that you use. You must used an approved installer and  solar panels and inverters manufactured in the state of Wa. ITek Energy was the company that was recommended by 4 different installers that I spoke to.  There is 5 years left for getting paid the incentive of 54 cents, so that could mean up to $ 25,000 back in your pocket!

There is also an incentive based on what you use for KWh produced by wind power paying 12 cents  and 15  cents for non Wa state solar products.

Net Metering

The incentives are for net metering, not for an off the grid system. But as an installer suggested to me that in the future it can be changed to an off the grid system and adding a battery bank. Check with your county because some have met their net metering requirement and are not offering the incentive anymore. My plan is to pay the solar panels off and then invest in batteries.

Solar  Loans

I have talked to 2 different credit unions that are very supportive of the incentives and have pretty decent rates.

Umpqua Credit Union

Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union

ITek  Energy

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