Portable Cedar Cabin Shell : $ 24,000

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Unfinished Shell Starting At 8.6 X 24 $24,000

I am very excited to share a much requested unfinished shell as an option for our customers! Dave wants to offer this  service to customers who want to finish the interior of the cabin them-self. This is also perfect for someone who is on a budget and needs to finish it as their  finances allow or wants to use local,  materials.

You will not be limited to the floor plan, design or roof style. Dave is very flexible in his designs.

  The Unfinished  Shell Includes

Full length 8” steel 1 beam trailer frame custom  steel trailer
Metal Roof ( Your Choice Of Color )
8” Cedar lap siding ( Siding options)
7/16 OSB sheet vapor wrap
2 X 6 walls 16” 0/C
2 x 6 floor joist 16” O/C
32 ” Shower
Various Windows Included

Shower is included

A shower needs to be included in the shell if you plan on having a shower because it will be impossible to get in after it is built.

Rough Plumbing And Rough Electrical  Can Be Added

Rough plumbing and rough electrical is an option that can be added to your cabin. Specify in your quote for any additions you would like.

Sizes Available

The cabins that Dave builds are from 144 to 400 square feet. The cabins  can be no longer larger than 400 square feet because they are certified park models.


Width : 8.6, 10, 11, 12 or 14′

Length: 18 to 40 ‘

Standard Height : 13.6

Insurance Tip

If you are going to do a lot of the interior work yourself, it is important to know that insurance companies want electric heat as the primary heat and propane and a wood stove as a secondary heat. They also prefer to have them professionally installed.

Additional upgrade options

Radiant Floor Heat / $1500.00
EPA Certified Wood or Pellet Stove/From $1500.00 to $ 1800.00 : Includes Slate or Stone
Dickinson’s Propane Marine Heater: Installation and inverter $ 1100.00
Propane OR Natural Gas Log Fireplace With TV Mantle 30” or 36”-$2200.00 to $2400.00
Washer & Dryer / $1250.00 ( $ 200.00 extra to convert gas dryer to propane)
Washer Dryer In One $1800.00 ( Includes Installation )
Propane on demand hot water heater / $950.00
10′ Cubic Refrigerator $599.00
17′ Cubic Refrigerator $799.00
20” 4 Burner Stove And Oven $800.00
24” 4 Burner Stove And Oven $950.00
30″ 4 Burner Stove And Oven $1050.00
Dishwasher $ 600.00
AC / $550.00
Sliding Barn Door $ 600.00
French Doors 6′ $ 800.00
Sliding Patio Door 6′ $ 500.00
Nature’s Head Compost Toilet $ 960.00
Two 5 Gallon Propane Tanks with gauge and regulator $ 250.00 ( propane not included )
Utility Shed for propane tanks $ 800.00
Stairs with storage $ 1000.00
Built In Desk $ 250.00
Breaks and lights on trailer $350.00

Additional Upgrades: Add To Your Notes

  • Decks
  • Lofts
  • One Inch Foam Insulation
  • Granite Counter tops
  • Wainscotting

Blue Pine Accents

Custom Upgrades

Please contact Dave directly, if you want a shell and you also want it certified .

Dave Bates 208 255 9640

Insurance is available while you are building your cabin.  Please see my Insurance page. 

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