Tiny Home Rental: Marlin Washington

In Tiny House Rental by Janet Thome

Available March 2nd, 2016

My beautiful cabin is going to be available for rent March 2nd, 2016 in rural Marlin, Wa. The population is a very spread out 50 people. It is a lovely location in a small tiny home community called The Heart House Tiny Village.

I live on the property as well. It is on 2 acres with a shared greenhouse. If you long to get away from the city and want to trade the city lights for lots of stars, I have the place for you. It is quiet and nature thrives there with many different kinds of birds, owls, deer and twice I have seen an amazing blue heron.


4 Hours from Seattle
2 Hours from Spokane
40 Minutes from Moses Lake
30 Minutes from Soap Lake
20 Minutes from Odessa

Heart House Tiny Village

The community is very informal. There are no forced gatherings or meetings. We all get together only if we want to. I am looking for certain types of people that I feel will work out best with us.

Desires In A Renter

Must Love Dogs!
No factory farming of animals
No poison allowed on my land ( weed killers, etc……)
No GMO seeds ( I am happy to provide organic seed)
No cats ( my dogs could hurt them)
Willing to use a compost toilet ( one of the best Air Head )
Use biodegradable products
Be conscious of water waste
Non Smoker ( sorry, not even outside)
Good references
Do not care about your credit as long as your rent was paid on time
Someone who will take pride in living there and keep it clean


I am a dog lover, BIG TIME, and dogs are possible, case by case. Some breeds are restricted because of my insurance. There is a tiny lawn there, but the dog will have to relieve himself in a designated area. I have a huge area that is fenced where they can play with my dogs.

Cabin Features

The cabin is almost brand new and I only had renters in there a few months and they have now found a larger home in town near their work. The pine interior still has a delicious new smell. Dave Bates built the cabin and it is called The Nostalgia Cottage.

Pine Interior
Cedar Siding
Huge Storage Loft ( not for sleeping)
Smaller loft for storage or plants
1 Bedroom
Full Size Bathroom with tub/shower
Radiant Floor Heat
Small kitchen and living area
Good storage in the kitchen
Large deck and pergola
Picket fence
Area for gardening
2 Parking next to cabin
Extra storage if needed

Check out my posts and adventures of getting my cabin

Email or call for more details

Prefer long term renters, thanks

2 People Max


509 770 1694

509 345 2013