Off The Grid Options

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Off The Grid Options

We are now offering off the grid options for our custom cabins. I would like to introduce our solar expert, Thomas Quinlin who will design whatever you require to be off the grid. He will work with your budget and create a plug and play system that even includes a generator that will go on automatically when the batteries need to be charged. You will  have the option to choose your batteries including lead acid, AGM, ( absorbant glass mat) or Lithium batteries. You can also choose US or China manufacturers.

Dave and Thomas can create a system as simple as just running your lights and charging your phone and using you computer or to running your whole home, including an air conditioner.  The larger system can be built on the trailer or on a skid.

Propane Appliances

When you want to go off grid, propane appliances will be the best choice, so remember this as you fill out the quote form.


2 Burner Propane Cook top or 4 Burner stove with oven
Stack able Washer With A Propane Dryer
Propane Fireplace For Heat
On Demand Propane Water Heater


Led lights. Please specify on the quote form.


For insurance purposes, I feel it is wise to have the cabin wired normally and pick either a wall mounted or baseboard heater because insurance companies prefer wired heat as the primary heat source. It is included in the standard price of the cabin.  You can talk to the insurance experts ahead of time. I have great resources. Click Here.

Off The Grid Systems

When you consult with Dave regarding your cabin, Dave will be able to determine if you need a simple system or a complete plug and play system.

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