100% Bank Financing

100% Bank Financing is an opportunity to offer to our customers who are ready to purchase a cabin that have excellent credit and are willing to follow a few steps. Time and time again, exceptional customers were not able to purchase a cabin even though they had a great income to show, because of their lack of a down payment. Dave and I have been working hard to establish financing for our customers and I want to share an amazing offer. The loan is up to 50K unsecured. The starting interest rate is a little higher at 8%  because you are getting 100% bank financing and it is unsecured line of credit.

The process is very fast and if you have a credit score over 700, you often do not have to verify income.

Criteria For 100% Bank Financing

You must be credit worthy: Know your own credit score: 620 and up
Have low debt to income ratio: under 45%
Have stable, steady income with the ability to pay
You know the cabin and all the details you want
Fill out a Quote Form
Speak to Dave regarding all the details of your cabin
Sign a contract with Dave to purchase your cabin

Purchase Order

After these steps have been followed, Dave and I will research the best loan for your needs and we will send the purchase order to the bank. After the approval, the lender will send half of the funds directly to Dave, to start the building process. The balance will be due after the cabin is completed, before the delivery of your cabin. At this time, Dave is 24 weeks out and the beauty of this particular loan is you will not have to pay the principal and interest on the second half of the loan until the funds are used. This is a great plus if you are renting or have a mortgage.

Roll In Your Delivery Charge And Sales Tax

There are even more benefits to this new lending opportunity and that is you can budget for your sales tax, delivery or even furniture.

Loan Over 50K

Are you planning on building a cabin with your spouse, companion, relative or friend and you need more than 50K? If both of you are credit worthy, you can each take out your loan up to 50K and because Dave’s prices are so affordable, you could not only purchase a cabin, budget for your taxes, delivery, setting the cabin up and buy all you need for landscaping, adding a deck, etc…… Are you building a cabin with a friend and still desiring privacy? Why not plan on a 400 square foot duplex where each side has 200 square feet of living on each side. You would have one cost for the custom trailer, delivery and insurance cost.

Washington State Residents

If you are a Washington state resident and have at least 40% down to start building your cabin, we do have a lender that is doing mobile home loans on our cabins up to 10 years at an interest rate between 4 to 6%. You must have excellent credit. The bank actually loans only 80%, but Dave will need another 20% to cover the cost of materials.

Private Lending

If you are rebuilding your credit and you are not quite there, but have a good income to show, we do have some private lenders that are available. The interest rate will be a lot higher, but if you have the ability to pay, it might be very much worth it.

Loans Over 100K

We have one lender that offers an unsecured line a credit up to 100K for those with exceptional credit and income.

Commercial Loans

Please contact me if you are planning a tiny house community and you need a business loan.

Are you an Oregon resident and planning on buying a cabin in a year or two? Check out this incredible grant that you do not have to pay back.

Oregon Tiny Home Grant

IDA Matching Savings Account: Available Nationwide

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