ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

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ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Sadly, there has been some purposeful disinformation circulating regarding our certification company and  a ANSI standard that if you do a search, it will say  ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn. I want to set the record straight and include a statement from Pacific West Associates and Pacific West Tiny Homes, our inspection and certification company, along with articles from ANSI regarding the standard that is withdrawn and the recommended alternative. I am also referencing and including complete articles from ANSI that explain why standards are withdrawn.

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Withdrawn Rationale:

This specification was initiated to meet the needs of regulatory programs for the certification of manufactured building.

Formerly under the jurisdiction of Committee E36 on Accreditation & Certification, this specification was withdrawn in January 2019 in accordance with section 10.6.3 of the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees, which requires that standards shall be updated by the end of the eighth year since the last approval date.

New Standard ASTM E699-16

Agencies involved in testing, quality assurance and evaluating building components can be evaluated by using Practice E699.

Article Source: Full Article

Update From Pacific West Associates And Pacific West Tiny Homes

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn: Response From Alex With Pacific West Tiny Homes

Hello everyone! We are dropping in to give an update to something some of you might have noticed, and some of you might have missed!

Recently the ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) withdrew their print edition E541-10 standard, which we cite in our references. The new, more widely encompassing standard is ASTM E699-16. We are still qualified under this standard, and as we have had some misinformation spreading about the withdrawal, we felt it was right to inform everyone. The standard references have been updated on our website and marketing materials!

We still meet all requirements for a certification agency as defined by ASTM, through our parent company Pacific West Associates, Inc.

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is an inspection agency, and our parent company is Pacific West Associates, Inc. who certifies the product with over 30 years of qualifications and experience. Our president, Chuck Ballard, sits on the committees that writes the standards for NFPA 1192 and ANSI A119.5! This is the same code that RVIA and PWA certify to.

Please feel free to call Alex at 816-716-6271 or Chuck at 503-970-1474 with any questions you might have!

Very Classy Response

I appreciate the very class response Alex put out. There is way more to the story, but Alex took the high road.

Withdrawn ASTM International Standards

As voting takes place via technical committees, standards may be revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn. Revised standards general keep their existing designation, with the simple alteration of the year of publication. Reaffirmed standards are identical to their predecessors.

Withdrawn standards, which may result from the consolidation of multiple standards into one, or even the decision that the standard document serves little purpose in industry, are no longer active.

With an omnifarious reach through over 12,000 active international standards, a lot of specifications and guidelines once published from ASTM have been withdrawn over time.

Article Source  From The American National Standards Institute ANSI
 Pacific West Associates: Website
Pacific West Tiny Homes: Website


509 345 2013

Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

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Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Hearthouse Tiny Village is my tiny home community in Marlin,  Washington State. It has a population of under 50 people which I love! Marlin is 4 hours from Seattle, 2 hours from Spokane and 40 minutes from Moses Lake, Wa. Moses Lake is a city with around 22,000 people and has many employment opportunities in manufacturing with full benefits.

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Far From The Maddening Roads

I feel so blessed to be here. As I sit here writing, the sun is shining, my dogs are lined up around me, I have  all the windows open and I can hear the peaceful sound of the waterfalls in the pond.

Hearthouse Tiny Village

All the flowers are in bloom and the aroma is mesmerizing. I am surrounded by  exquisite shades of emerald and soft green foliage and trees, some that are 100 feet tall,  that leaves me in awe of the miracles of life and creation. I have a peace of heaven, here on earth. Can you believe this is the desert?

Driving Into Marlin

Hearthouse Tiny Village

I will never forget my last trip moving from Seattle, knowing I never had to be stuck in travel and  I could let go of that feeling of anguish you have in crowds that make you feel unsafe, or worrying if you were going to be robbed.

My Favorite Tree Going Toward Ephrata: Where Eagles Nest

Hearthouse Tiny Village

I have traded the city lights for stars and the hustle and bustle for a life that is more peaceful, calm and about simple joys.

Trading Traffic For A Quiet Road With Gorgeous Nature Everywhere You Look!

Hearthouse Tiny Village

No Crime Here

There is no crime here. I guess the worst thing that happened was when were forwarded  a letter from our internet company that they received from Los Angeles because someone on the property downloaded a Game Of Thrones episode and warned us not to do it again. When they mailed the letter they probably thought where in the world is Marlin?

About Marlin

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Beautiful Creek Nearby

Hearthouse Tiny Village

About Marlin

Marlin is the smallest incorporated town in Washington. Our mayor raises free range cattle and there is an amazing array of wild life roaming free here like deer, wild turkeys, adorable little beavers, eagle sightings  and twice I have seen a gorgeous blue heron. The sunsets with take your breath away.

Most of the town is deserted and there are  some possible buying opportunities here that are not listed. There is not much going on here, but that is how I like it.

Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

Hearthouse Tiny Village is on 2 acres and consists of two tiny home rentals, a darling little yellow home, the cabin Dave built for me called the Nostalgia Cottage, a space for a Tiny Home or RV and my home. I am blessed to have a shop, greenhouse and an old barn. Both of my tiny homes are rented, but I can put you on a list if there is an opening. We all have our own space, privacy with our own fenced area.

Little Yellow Tiny Home

Hearthouse Tiny Village

The Nostalgia Cottage

Tiny Home Parking Available Now

I have a large fenced area, around 3000 square feet  for a tiny home or an RV. Please give me a call if you are interested.  I have it set up for 30 or 50 Amps. It needs some landscaping love and I would give the first month free if you want to invest in some trees or a clover lawn or in some way help to make it gorgeous.

Who Would Be A Good Fit

Open to all ages that love a rural lifestyle
Drug free, addiction free
Open Communicator
Must LOVE Dogs!
More dogs allowed: case by case
Must use compost toilet
Must use biodegradable products
Participate in recycling
Social but respectful of privacy
No forced gatherings
Home Must Be Insured
Would love someone who gardened!
Just That Right Amount Of Good Crazy


Please Contact Me If You Want To Know More

509 345 2013

Discovery Culture Seeks Caretaker Couple

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Discovery Culture Permaculture Farm

Discovery Culture is a collective permaculture forestry farm, HipCamp Host and Tiny Home Village in the quaint town of Discovery Bay, WA. They have a gorgeous 10 acre property. Their friend and neighbor shares the driveway with them and they are doing a lot  of similar work like natural houses, orchards, and parties right next to them  on their 20 acre parcel.

Discovery Culture


It is  only a 3 minute walk to Salmon Creek, the Discovery Bay estuary, the Discovery Bay store Complex, and the Olympic Discovery Trail. The community of Discovery Bay is an area near the intersection of U.S. Route 101 and State Route 20, at the foot of Discovery Bay – roughly midway between the larger communities of Port Townsend to the northeast and Sequim to the northwest.

Discovery Culture

Discovery Bay Store Complex:  Only A 3 Minute Walk

The store complex is amazing with a natural food store, an outdoor gear exchange, a cannabis store, and a pub/coffees shop. It is a thriving hub of activity.

Discovery Culture has a year round stream, nursery, orchards, gardens, ducks, and cats.

They have a small community living and working here. Discovery Culture is  comprised of young adults who have immense passion and entrepreneurship for life and projects. Healthy living and personal empowerment are their modus operandi. They  use permaculture design as a lens on how to live and interact with the landscape.

They  are seeking a caretaker couple and more community members to both live as renters and to buy into the land and help with projects. Profit sharing is available  to community members who wish to engage in their projects.

Please review their mission, values, personality types. age group and  goals to see if you are a fit for the community.

Discovery Culture

Seeking A Caretaker Couple With A Tiny Home

  • Prefer A Couple With A Small Family : Kids Are Welcome!
  • Will Consider A Simple Person ( Feel free to contact them- there might be another opportunity )
  • Must Bring Your Own Tiny Home or RV ( Must Be Insured )
  • Lot Rent Discounted To $ 250.00 + Work Trade
  • Desire Healthy People
  • Desire People Who Want To Engage Socially And As A Community
  • Work trade Is Their Preference

Seeking Airbnb Partnership

Discovery Culture would love to create a partnership with someone who owns a Tiny Home that would either want to share in the revenue and have all of the profit go toward them purchasing the home. Contact Steve for details.

Caretaker And Member Benefits

  • Possibility To Buy Into The Community
  • Profit Sharing For Those Who Engage In Their Projects
  • Share In The Harvest For Those Who Participate

Three Tiny Home Lots Available Now

  • One Space For The Caretaker
  • One Short Term Rental
  • One Long Term Rental

Discovery Culture Values:

  • Community/Friendship
  • Healthy Living (Clean Living, Green Living)
  • Nature/Environment
  • Water/Food Security
  • Soil Building/Regeneration
  • Social engagement
  • Diverse Culture
  • Education
  • Adventure
  • Strong work ethic
  • Comprehensive stewardship
  • Dog Friendly: Case By Case

Discovery Culture Vision:

A farm and forestry collective designed to maintain food, water, and resource security for long term health of its members and of our region. We aim to use mostly perennial agriculture and silviculture to establish an economically viable and low maintenance permaculture system.

Discovery Culture Mission:

We are here in life and on this land to steward our natural resources for our community, guests, and the region. We aim to increase the abundance of soil health, water quality, food and medicine production, carbon, forest vigor, and human resiliency through our design and performance. We believe land nurtures people and plants. We host both here in harmony to synchronize the unity that nature arouses. We value work and play as the core tenants to enjoying this life and land. To tend the land and soak in its offerings is our joy in life.

Personality Types:

Intelligence Types: Kinesthetic, Naturalistic

Value Languages: Experience, Relationship

Love Languages: Acts of service, quality time
All Ages Welcome!


Family/Relationship Status: Singles, Couples, Married with young children

What Makes Discovery Culture Special:


Shower inside a citrus filled glasshouse, with heated floors

An outdoor firepit, cooking hub

A centralized social zone decorated beautifully and complete with sound system, water, and power.

Gardens and orchards to harvest from

Fresh duck eggs and ducks to visit with

Camping platforms for your tent complete with a personal firepit

Trails through the property

Opportunities to learn about farming and forestry

Some outbuildings for temporary storage of gear

3 Year Goals:

  • Design and Build a Community bathhouse. Complete with full bathroom, laundry, and sauna. A spacious mixed used building that the whole community can use and enjoy. Hosting frequent sauna gatherings will be our goal and pleasure. Our goal is to create this building to the highest quality with natural building approache.
  • Creation of many orchards totaling 4 acres
  • Building a storage and boat shed building
  • Building a  treehouse
  • Creation of more trails
  • Planting hundred of trees/plants
  • Create a social corporation for the ownership of this land spurring the development of land based businesses and a community ownership status
  • Design and install a pond and swale system in the lower orchard

10 Year Goals:

  • Build a strawbale house as the primary residence for the land
  • Build a natural swimming pool with a fountain sourced from our perennial stream
  • Build an amazing ADU building overlooking the orchards for a community member
  • Be a thriving host for HipCamp
  • Have a huge network of people and fame across the region and world because of our work
  • Harvest 10,000lb of fruit, herbs, and nuts for community use and regional sales
  • Design and Build a commercial cidery on the land
  • Design and install a 10 acres fruit and nut orchard on the neighbors property adjoining our land


Discovery Culture

HipCamp empowers people to share their land with campers. Ask Steve For More Details.

 What To Do In Discovery Bay

Discovery Culture Farm And Tiny Home Village

W Uncas Rd

Port Townsend, WA 98368

Steve Baker


Tiny Home Lots: Salado, Texas

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Tiny Home Lots In Salado, Texas

Eight tiny home lots in Salado , Texas are available now in a brand new developing community called Lakeside Park RV and Tiny Homes. Salado is only a 45 minute drive to Austin. The community backs up to Stillhouse Hollow Lake for great fishing , boating and natural wildlife sighting. The community is only minutes away from shopping, dining, employment opportunities and a public boat launch.

29 Total Tiny Home Lots

The total amount of lots that will be available will be 29. The rest of the lots will be completed by July.  RVs and Tiny Homes are welcome !

Lakeside Park RV and Tiny Homes Allows:

Tiny Homes
DIY Tiny Homes ( With Conditions)
Park Models
All Age Community

There Are No Year Limitations: The Condition Of The Home Is What They Go By

Features And Amenities For The Tiny Home Lots:

Generous Lot Sizes: From 40 to 45 Wide X 45 In Length
Safe, Clean Neighborhood Surrounded By Upper Scale Homes
30/50/110  Available
Reasonable Space Rent: $375.00 A Month : Tenant Pays Own Electric
Space Rents Includes Water, Sewer And Garbage
Landscaping Included In Lot Rent
Private Locked Mailboxes
Limited Boat Site And Craft Storage For $35.00 A Month

Requirements For The Tiny Home Lots

Application Is Required
Pass Background And Credit Check
Long term Monthly Agreements Only
$100.00 Electric Deposit
Insurance With Liability On Your Home Required
Quiet Time After 10pm

Pet Policy For The Tiny Home Lots

Tiny Home Lots

Prefer Non Aggressive Breeds
35 Pound Limit
Pets Must Be Leashed
Owners Must Clean Up After Them

Sheds And Fencing

Needs to be approved by Walt. He prefers a similar design flow  and look to keep the park looking clean and cohesive

Future Plans For The Community

Grassy, gathering area for the community with seating, Gazebo and Vintage BBQ Smoker Grill
Gated Front

Salado, Texas

Salado is a village in Bell County, Texas with a population of a little under 2200 with a lot to offer.

What To Do In Salado

Barrows Brewery Company


Tiny Home Lots

Barrow Brewing Company was founded in 2014 after a petition, an election to change the laws in the village, and basically moving a few mountains. They spent the better portion of 2014 scheming and finally settled on the old Silver Spur Theater as our prime location for Bell County’s first microbrewery. Barrow Brewing has music every Saturday night as well as some Fridays and Sundays. There is a Summer Lecture Series that begins in May and a few festivals throughout the year.

Chupacabra Craft Beer And  Salado Lone Star Winery:

Serving 60 Varieties of Beer 100 varieties of wine. Awesome family place that welcomes kids and your dog! Mine kind of place. There is also live music over the weekend.

Magnolia’s On The Square:

Magnolia’s is your one stop shopping experience. Home decor,furniture, jewelry, antiques, ladies apparel and much more all under one roof.

Chalk Ridge Falls Park Trails

Chalk Ridge Falls Park Trail is a 3.1 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Belton, Texas that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Mill Creek Golf Course

Tiny Home Lots

The Mill Creek Golf Course  has 27 holes, suitable for players of all levels.

Salado Events

Salado will give you a Texas welcome and hosts many events throughout the year including arts, crafts, culinary and music festivals, The Scottish Clan  Gathering, Chocolate and wine weekends and more.

Click Here For the schedule.

What A Beautiful Place To Live!

For More Details And To Reserve Your Tiny Home Lot

Lakeside Park RV and Tiny Homes

Call Walt at (512) 661-8763

























































































































































Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC

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Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC


A private owner has two tiny home sites in Leicester, NC available for rent. The home sites  will available for RVs or a tiny home for long term renting or a minimum stay of one week.  The lots are wooded and secluded and backs up to a small organic farm called ThreeGreenFields owned and operated by Eric Tamila.

Leicester is an unincorporated community in Buncombe County, North Carolina with a population of 12,514 residents. Leicester is part of the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area. Leicester has a host of dining choices, shopping, banking, employment opportunities and outdoor activities.

Asheville Is Less Than Ten Miles From Leicester

Asheville is a city in western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains with  a population of 91,902.


Downtown Asheville is known for its craft breweries, local designs, wearable art , boutiques, independent bookstores, art galleries  and an array of the best dining choices in the area.

Asheville Outdoor Activities

Biking, visiting waterfalls, bird watching, fishing , tubing down to the French Broad River, golfing and exploring the Botanical Gardens of Asheville are among the outdoor activities in Asheville.

Greatest Music Cities

 Asheville’s is  known as one of the greatest music cities with cozy music halls, neighborhood bars, and even the streets of downtown play host to some of the best in local and national touring musicians. The music scene is a blend of contemporary, classical and old-time traditions.

Explore Asheville’s Music Festivals

Wide Range of music festivals.

Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC :

Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC

Yearly Camping Available

Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC


$300 A Week With Electricity Included
$600 A Month With Electricity  Paid By Tenant
Refundable Deposit Of $100 : Toward Last Month Electricity

Tiny Home Sites In Leicester, NC: Features

Gravel Pads
30 / 50 Amp Hookups
Water Included
Permanent Septic
Free High Speed Wifi
120V Receptacles Included
Cell Service With SOME Carriers
Prior Permission For Pets

No laundry, restrooms or showers. Satellite reception MAY possible with your dish


Contact Eric Tamila

Owner And Operator Of ThreeGreenFields


Facebook Page


Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

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Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls


Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls in Spencer,  Tennessee is an all age  community that is an hour drive from Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville. What a great location! I have had so much interest from people looking for a tiny home community in Tennessee, so I am very excited to share what Path To Peace has to offer. The village is beautifully situated on 26.7 acres bordering the Falls Creek State Park. Fall Creek Falls State Park is one of Tennessee’s largest and most visited state parks.

The park encompasses more than 26,000 acres sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau. Laced with cascades, gorges, waterfalls, streams and lush stands of virgin hardwood timber, the park beckons those who enjoy nature at her finest. Fall Creek Falls, at 256 feet, is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States.

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

Shelter From The Storm

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls desires to be a community that is a shelter from the storm and their goal is to provide a peaceful and loving atmosphere. They invite you to spend and hour or a month there and leave with a healthier attitude and ideas to make your daily path more peaceful.

Space Rental For Tiny Homes: $300 To $500 A Month

Space rental will be from $300.00 to $500.00 a month depending if your home is off the grid or with utilities.

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls


Tiny Homes On Wheels Or Foundation
Park Models
Tree houses
Earth ships


Features: All Age Community

Music And Entertainment
Sharing Food And Creative Activities
Fun Arts And Crafts
Tai Chi
A Course In Miracles
Diverse Spiritual Paths
Group Discussion
Dump Station

Common Buildings

Art Studio
Game And Gathering House
Meeting House
Kitchen And Pavillion
Tiki  Bar

Food and Self Sufficiency

Permaculture Food Forest
Chicken Coop
Barn And Greenhouse

Future Buildings

24 Stationary Tiny Homes
20 Tiny Homes On Wheels
3 Tree Houses
Wedding Meeting Hall
Party House
Summer Kitchen
Meditation Garden
Chicken Coop
Power And Rain Collection
Pole Barn
Artist Studio
Fishing Pond
Playground Are With A Tree House, Teepee And Play House

Rules On Animals

Dogs, cats, chickens and small farm animals are allowed. Beekeepers welcomed!

 Seeking Partners: It Takes A Village!

Details Click Here


Tiny House Village at Fall Creek Falls

895 Gulf Rd. Spencer, Tennessee, United States

Contact Ron

Website Click Here

561 543 3492

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park

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Kings Canyon Mobile Home And RV Park Welcomes Tiny Homes!

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park is RV and Tiny Home friendly. The park is located in Dunlap, California, 30 minutes from Fresno, located in the beautiful foothills close to Kings Canyon National Park, quiet and close to nature. It is only a 30 minute drive to Yosemite International Airport, located right on the 180 frontage.

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park

Kings Canyon National Park is adjacent to Sequoia National Park in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s known for its huge sequoia trees, notably the gigantic General Grant Tree in Grant Grove.

King Canyon Moblie Home Park

The park welcomes all ages and they even have a separate senior only section. Short term and long term parking is available. Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park also owns Sequoia RV Park, located right next door.

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park Allows:

Kings Mobile Home Park

Park Models
Tiny Homes
Single Wide
Double Wide
Pop Ups
Travel Trailers

They Go By The Condition Of The Home Instead Of The Age

Features And Amenities

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park

Large lots: 40 X 60
Affordable Space Rent: $350 A Month
Water/Sewer/Trash Included
30 or 50 Amps
Local Propane Service Available
School Bus Stops In Front
Laundry Facilities
Common Gathering Area
BBQ Grill
Fire Pit
Walking Trails
Locked Mail Boxes
Warm Welcoming Reviews!


King Canyon Mobile Home Park Is Dog Friendly!!!

Kings Canyon Mobile Home Park

Doggies allowed with  responsible pet owners who leash and clean up after their dogs.

Kings Mobile Home Park Is Conveniently Located

Kings Mobile Home Park is conveniently located near medical facilities, shopping, banking and outdoor activities. Dunlap, California is a peaceful little town with a population of under 200 people and is 38 miles to Fresno.

Fresno is home to the CSU Campus and is a metropolitan city  of over 527,000 people, surrounded by organic farms, a bustling nightlife scene, employment opportunities, medical facilities, amazing dining choices, film, art festivals and more….

Ask Luz About Their Special For Long Term Renters

Ask For Luz or Carlos

King Canyon Mobile And RV Park
Sequoia RV Park

Facebook Page

559 338 2350

35671 E Kings Canyon Rd
Dunlap, California 93621-9205

Country Cabins: Saint Maries, Idaho

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Country Cabins: Saint Maries, Idaho

Country Cabins

Country Cabins in Saint Marie’s, Idaho offers short term vacation rentals and two spaces for  long term rentals for a Tiny Home or an RV.

The cabin featured was built by Dave Bates. It is 12′ wide X 33′ in length. The cabin is 400 square feet and is actually a duplex. Each side has 200 square feet and I love how the Michelle, the owner designed it where the doors are on opposite sides for more privacy. If you would love to stay in one of our cabins  and you are visiting the build site, it is only a 2 hour beautiful drive.

Duplex Features

12′ Wide X 33′ In Length
400 Square Feet: Each Side Has 400 Square Feet
Bathroom With Shower, Toilet And Sink With Vanity
Large Sleeping Room / Sitting Room
Kitchen With Under Counter Fridge
2 Burner Cook Top
Built In Table
Custom Closet
Doors On Opposite Ends For Privacy

Book All Year Around: Easy Access To The Highway

Country Cabins is available to book all year around, located on a picturesque 25 acre ranch. The ranch has farm animals and is rich in wildlife. Great destination for hunters and fishermen. The cabins have great reviews!

Country Cabins Amenities

Queen Size Bed
Cable With 250 Channels
Air Conditioner
BBQ Grill
Kitchen With Pots And Pans
Coffee Pot
Deck With Seating
Community Fire Pit
Walking Trails

Tiny Home Or RV Space Rental

Michelle offers long term rental spaces for someone who has their own tiny home or RV and one space is available now. The  space rent is only $300 a month and includes a 10 X 20 shed. The rent includes water, sewer and garbage. Tenant pays for their own electricity that has a separate meter. Call Michelle for availability.

About Saint Maries, Idaho

Saint Maries has a population of around 2800 and is located in the lush valley of the St. Joe River, a 120 mile river offering the best in outdoor activities, including water sports,winter sports,  boat races, whitewater rafting, bike trails

St. Maries is located 2.5 hours from the Canadian Border in the county seat of Benewah County.

To find out more about Saint Maries, the chamber of commerce has a lot of helpful information about the activities and business in the area. Click Here.


 Call Michelle Directly To Book Your Stay
208 582 1723

1277 Riverdale Dr.
Saint Maries, Idaho 83861

Country Cabins Facebook Page

Cloverleaf RV Village Welcomes Tiny Homes!

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Cloverleaf RV Village Welcomes Tiny Homes in Camp Verde, AZ.

Cloverleaf RV Village

Cloverleaf RV Village is an adult only community on 15 acres in Camp Verde, Arizona. The village is on the Verde River by the Yavapai Apache Ag Ranch ( Cloverleaf Ranch). There are 10 spaces that overlook the Verde and are above the flood zone but close enough to hear the mesmerizing sounds of the river, 24 hours a day. Camp Verde has a population of less than 12,000 residents, has state of the art medical facilities, authentic Mexican cuisine, shopping and outdoor activities from bird watching, kayaking, hiking, hot springs, fishing , scenic horseback riding and the Out Of Africa Wildlife Park.

Camp Verde hosts an annual corn festival in July, sponsored and organized by Hauser and Hauser Farms. Other annual festivals include Fort Verde Days in October,  the Pecan, Wine and Antiques Festival are in February  and the Crawdad Festival is in June.

Camp Verde is located 86 miles north of Phoenix in Yavapai County.

Cloverleaf RV Village

Cloverleaf RV Village Desires To Build An Agricultural/ Artist Community

Cloverleaf RV Village

Cloverleaf RV Village is putting out the call for creative people who would love to build an agricultural/ artist community. They have a agri-tourism use permit which allows them to create various activities on the property. They want  to encourage an agricultural community and will help put on small events if the residents are interested, such as farm stands, pumpkin patches, farm to table events, food trucks, etc., They will allow small farm animals such as goats and chickens.

Cloverleaf RV Village Allows: Must Have Insurance

Tiny Homes
DIY Tiny Homes
Park Models
Vintage Trailers

Cloverleaf RV Village Amenities And Cost

Cloverleaf RV Village

$600 A Month: Includes Water, Sewer, Garbage And Electric
Generous Lot Sizes: 25′ Wide: Can Accommodate Almost Any Length
Shared Community Garden Area
Gathering Area And Fire Pit
Community Sharing In Agr-tourism Businesses

Dog Friendly For Responsible Pet Owners

Cloverleaf RV Village

Camp Verde Town Council Approves Tiny Houses

On Oct. 24, 2018,  the Camp Verde Town Council approved an agri-tourism  use permit for a community of tiny houses on wheels, vintage recreational vehicles and agri-tourism events. The 15-acre parcel that would house the complex is owned by Camp Verde residents Carmen Howard and her husband David.

Article In Camp Verde Community News Click Here

What To Do In Camp Verde

Cloverleaf RV Village

To learn more about outdoor activities and this beautiful area in Arizona, check out VisitCampVerde.

Cloverleaf RV Village
An Adult Community

3380 West Cloverleaf Ranch Road,

Camp Verde, Arizona 86322

928 853 3553

Website Click Here

Abiel Mobile Home Community

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Abiel Mobile Home Community Is Tiny Home Friendly!

Abiel Mobile Home Community

Abiel Mobile Home Community is located in Moscow, Idaho and welcomes tiny homes. They have a few sites available with pretty affordable space rent. They welcome short and long term occupancy, however, there is a one month minimum. The space rent is $350.00 a month. Mosts of the spaces are between 35′ wide X 55 ‘ in length. I have been contacted by several people who had a tiny home in the area and could not find one place to park it, so it is great to find a friendly place that allows them. Gary T. Lester is the owner and offers Affordable Housing Solutions to the area.

Abiel Mobile Home Community Offers

Abiel Mobile Home Community

Water, Garbage And Sewer Included In Space Rent
Laundry Facilities
Pet Friendly: Some Conditions Apply
Open Year Around
Nice Trees And Landscaping

Tenant Pays Own Electric, Phone, Internet And Cable


Abiel Mobile Home Community is located in Moscow, Idaho with a population under 24,000 people. Moscow is in northern Idaho and is the home of the University of Idaho. Moscow is part of the Palouse, a region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of North Idaho, SW Washington and parts of NE Oregon. The Palouse is a major agricultural area, primarily wheat and legumes. I found a nice little video tour of Moscow.

Tour Of Moscow, Idaho

The Palouse

Abiel Mobile Home Community

Seven Miles To Pullman

Abiel  Mobile Home Community is only 7 miles to Pullman. Pullman has a population of a little over 31,000 residents and is the site of the largest original campus of Washington State University, well known for medicine, business, architecture, engineering, agriculture, pharmacy and communications schools.

WSU Is Famously Known For Their Exceptional Veterinary Medicine

I have known several people who have taken their dogs to WSU for their exceptional knowledge and had great results.

Washington State University

Call For More Details

Abiel Mobile Home Community

603 West Palouse River Drive
Moscow, ID 83843
(208) 301-1446