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Pacific West Associates

A Compliance Label Is Recognized In All Fifty States

In the US, the requirement for a compliance certification label  on an RV is recognized in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. There are also a few states that maintain their own oversight programs and issue their own unique state certifications labels as well. Certification labels can be sourced from several certified agencies, including  Pacific West Associates or RVIA an industry association. The RVIA industry association labels require a membership.  Pacific West Associates is not an industry association, they are part of the committee that writes the codes and designs that the industry association complies with.

 The Manufacturer Abides By The Standard Codes

The application of a certification label is a statement from the manufacturer and oversight authority that the product is manufactured to the applicable codes and standards. The standards
are the NFPA 1192 2015 edition for recreational vehicles. The ANSI A119.5 2009 edition ( park models/tiny homes) and the national electrical code sections, 551 and 552 respectively.

Pacific West Associates INC

Pacific West Associates Inc. (PWA) is composed of Multi-Disciplinary Registered Engineers. These registrations include Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Forensic Engineering fields. PWA does not spend money for lobbyists or promote Industry de-regulation. PWA inspects Recreational Vehicle/Park Model/Tiny Home Products both at the Point of Manufacture as well as at retail sites.

Pacific West Associates INC Requirements

PWA  requires all Clientele to provide Design plans/documentation and Quality Assurance documentation for every unit produced. PWA is certified and regulated/audited by Several State Administrative Agencies that maintain Oversight Authority to the Recreational Vehicle/Park Model/Tiny Home Industries. PWA operates as a third party Regulatory Agency in those Capacities.

The Pacific West Associates Label

The Pacific West Associates Label is not only a recognized certification mark but a part of a more stringent , voluntary  program on the part of the manufacturer.

Portable Cedar Cabins Is Inspected by Pacific West Associates

Portable Cedar Cabins is inspected by Pacific West Associates and is in strict compliance with the codes they require on every cabin he custom builds. Each custom cabin will have a certification label from PWA, the insignia mark that is required to show that the manufacturer has complied to the applicable codes. The PWA is recognized in the US and abroad and applied to thousands of recreational vehicles, trailers and tiny homes every year.

Industry Trade Association

The Pacific West label is used by many manufacturers that are members of RVIA an industry trade association who are looking for extensive engineering services that are offered by Pacific West Associates. In those instances, both the Pacific West label and the label of the industry association are present on the product. The certification label or mark is an insignia mark that is the manufacturer has complied with the applicable codes

Design Approval Of Structural Analysis Of Chassis And Frames

Pacific West Associates, Inc. is currently the only Design Approval Agency engaged in Structural Analysis of chassis and frames used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. This is a voluntary achievement of their Clientele and not a requirement of the Industry Association.

For Certification Questions Regarding Portable Cedar Cabins

Contact Pacific West Associates INC

 Chuck Ballard

503 970 1474

The Hamptons Cabin $ 40,000

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The Hamptons Cabin is a new model that Dave has just completed. The Hamptons is 8.6 X 20 which includes a 3′ overhang. You will have your choice of roof and trim colors and an option with a door with or without a window.  The colors featured in the photos are a blue roof and a pale yellow trim which is a beautiful combination.

It has an L shaped kitchen and upper cabinets.

Dave usually offers the kitchen in an L shape, straight across or on the side of your choice. The photos show a wood stove and also a propane on demand hot water heater which are not included in the standard price. There will be an upgrade price for both.

The standard heat choice included in the $40,000   is baseboard heat or wall mounted heat.

Standard Base Price Includes:

Custom Built Steel Trailer
Metal Roof: Choice of color
8” Cedar lap siding ( Siding Choices)
T&G 3/4 Sub floor
7/16 OSB sheet vapor wrap
2 X 6 walls 16” 0/C
2 X  6 floor joist16” O/C
One 32 ” Steel door
Laminate Flooring
Linoleum Flooring in bathroom
Pine Interior on walls and ceiling
Pine trim
Ceiling fan and light kit
Standard Toilet
32” Shower
20 Gallon hot water heater
Stainless steel kitchen sink
Kitchen base cabinets
Upper kitchen cabinets
2 Burner built in electric or propane cook top
Under the counter frig
50 amp electrical panel
Lighting above kitchen sink
Porch Light
Light and fan in bathroom
Sconce lighting in loft
25 Foot RV Cord
R21 insulation in the walls, ceiling and flooring

Additional Upgrade Options

Radiant Floor Heat / $1500.00
EPA Certified Wood or Pellet Stove/From $1500.00 to $ 1800.00  : Includes Slate or Stone
Dickinson’s Propane Marine Heater: Installation and inverter $ 1100.00
Propane OR Natural Gas Log Fireplace With TV Mantle 30” or 36”
Washer & Dryer / $1250.00 ( $ 200.00 extra to convert gas dryer to propane)
Washer Dryer In One $1800.00 ( Includes Installation )
Propane on demand hot water heater / $950.00
10′ Cubic Refrigerator $599.00
17′ Cubic Refrigerator $799.00
Dishwasher $ 600.00
AC / $550.00
Sliding Barn Door $ 600.00
French Doors 6′ $ 800.00
Sliding Patio Door 6′ $ 500.00
Nature’s Head Compost Toilet $960.00
Two 5 Gallon Propane Tanks with gauge and regulator $ 250.00 ( propane not included )
Utility Shed for propane tanks $ 800.00
Stairs with storage $ 1000.00
Built In Desk $ 250.00
Breaks and lights on trailer $350.00

Additional Upgrades: Add To Your Notes

  • Decks
  • Lofts
  • One Inch Foam Insulation
  • Granite Counter tops
  • Wainscotting

Custom Upgrades

Blue Pine Accents

10 Foot Wide : Add $ 2000.00

Add $2000.00   if you want to extend your cabin to 10′. This additional feet will open up a whole new world of possibilities for space. The price would include the option of having a bath/shower combination instead of just a shower.

Request A Quote

Video Showing Our Custom Models






Video Featuring Custom Built Models

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Featuring Dave Bates: Builder and Proprietor of Portable Cedar Cabins

Corbin Mendenhall has put together an informative video that includes Dave Bates describing the models,  sizes, siding choices , certification,  heating options, toilet choices, certification and more.

You Are Never Limited To Our Models 

You are never limited to our floor plans and models. They are just a guide and we are very open to your ideas and desires while you are creating the cabin of your dreams.

Affordable Delivery 

We offer very affordable delivery to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Canada.


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Heating Options

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Heating Options For Your Portable Cedar Cabin

Wired baseboard or wall mounted heat are the standard heating options  in our cabins. It is also always wise to have electric heat as your primary heat source for insurance purposes.  Insurance companies usually require a wood stove or propane to be a back up heat source and installed professionally and to be inspected.  Our certification process requires this. A wall mounted heater has been added as a standard choice for heat. The benefit of a wall mounted heater is especially wise in a smaller cabin because you do not have to worry about where your furniture goes.

A Wall Mounted Heater : Standard Choice For Heat

 Heating options

Upgrade Heating  Options

We offer  radiant floor heat, a propane fireplace and a wood or pellet stove for optional heat choices with an upgrade price. We can also install the very popular Dickinson Marine Heater, though it comes with a warning, not to leave it unattended. My absolute favorite heating choice is radiant floor heat. Please read the links below for my personal story and the details of the radiant floor heat.

Surviving Winter In A Tiny Home With Radiant Floor Heat

Prices For Upgrade Heating Choices

Radiant Floor Heat $ 1500.00

Wood or Pellet Stove $ 1500.00   Includes stone or slate

Heating Options


Heating options wood stove

Heating options

Dave is now building a cabinet and TV Mantle Around The Gas/ Propane Fireplace

Heating options

Propane Log Fireplace With A TV Mantle 30”  $ 2000.00
Propane Log Fireplace With A TV Mantle 36”  $ 2200.00
Natural Gas Log Fireplace With A TV Mantle 30” $ 2000.00
Natural Gas Log Fireplace With A TV Mantle 36” $ 2200.00

Dave Bates, the builder and owner  of Portable Cedar Cabins is featured in  the video explaining the heat options.


Cell 509 770 1694

509 345 2013















Air Head Compost Toilet: Update

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Previous Post Air Head Toilet

I wrote about the Air Head compost toilet when I had ordered a couple, one for the cabin I was having built and one for my tiny house rental. Please read the previous post to understand how it works.

The Air Head  pictured in the video is not installed, because the cabin was sold and was changed to a standard toilet.

Air Head installed in my tiny house rental

My tiny house is now rented and the Air Head compost toilet is installed in the tiny bathroom and I am very pleased. There is no odor as advertised. It comes with a very handy crank that you use to mix the solids with the saw dust. My favorite part is that the little lever flushes the solids below and the urine goes to a container through a few holes on top. You only flush if you are engaging in a solid activity.

Empty into a trash can on wheels

The urine container needs to be emptied often, because there are 2 people and I have provided them with a trash can on wheels. They can also add their coffee grinds, tea bags and veggie scraps to the trash can and the solids from the compost toilet.

Compost Bin

We are building a compost bin on my property that my renters can then dump the compost into from the trash can . We are going to building a simple bin, built from used palettes illustrated  in the humanure handbook.

Love Not Wasting Water

I love the Air Head compost toilet and I am so impressed with the toilet, I will be changing my standard toilet to an Air Head very soon. I love the fact that you do not waste water.

Perfect Size For A Tiny House

The Air Head compost toilet is the perfect size for a tiny house and especially for our cabins. They were originally created for boats and that is an ideal size for tiny spaces.

Video Of The Caretaker’s Cabin

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Today I am debuting  the first video of a series of videos of The Caretaker’ Cabin. This cabin is an 8.6 X 18 cabin on wheels and it was originally built for my care taker, but has now been purchased by Dirk Dole, the owner of The Lemon Cove Village. The Lemon Cove Village is a brand new tiny house community that is having their grand opening today. They are located in California in a town called Lemon Cove.

This model will be for sale for anyone who wants to live in The Lemon Cove Village. It will be purchased through Dirk. It will be eligible for 100% bank financing , if you are interested , I can set you up with the lender.

The Caretaker’s Cabin can be built longer and wider and with or without a deck, to extend the living space inside.

The original music was composed by my friend Fulvio Pietramala, an Italian professor and composer. The music is called Gianna’s Dream. Fulvio composed this most fitting music just for my  video. Thank you Fulvio!

Fulvio Pietramala 

The Caretaker’s Cabin 

The Lemon Cove Village

Color Choices For Your Roof and Siding

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Pick Your Roof Color

When you are creating your Tiny Portable Cedar Cabin with us, the standard roof color is usually green or red. We are happy to offer other choices.  The color charts above all come with our standard models.

The standard for our siding is cedar, though we do offer other siding choices for an extra cost.

Corrugated Steel As An Upgrade

We will also offer corrugated and additional types of metal roofs and siding through Bridgersteel that will not be standard in our models. It will be an upgrade, though the price will be well worth it with the beauty Bridgersteel has to offer. Their panels can be used on roofs, exterior walls and interior projects, from modern to a rustic finish.

Bridgersteel offers a 30 year fade and chalk warranty. All panels are manufactured in the Northwest.

Color Chart And Finishes 


Delivery Of Your New Tiny Portable Cedar Cabin

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Our Trailers Come With Lights And Brakes

Most of our models can be hauled with a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup. The custom trailers come equipped with lights and brakes. We will discuss this at the time of your quote.

Deliver For $ 1. 25  A Mile

We are very happy to announce we have a new  independent driver  that has  their own  liability and cargo insurance that will deliver for $1.25 a mile, the fuel cost it takes to get him back home and any  permits that are required. Our driver has all new equipment and great references. This is an incredible price for delivery.

The permits are very reasonable and are not required if you keep the cabin no wider than 8.6.  A permit  is usually only $20.00 to $ 30.00. If the driver is crossing many states , each state has different laws and may require a permit for each state.

At the time of purchase, you will be given a solid quote for your delivery that will be honored up until the time it is built.

Payment Due On Delivery

The payment for the delivery will be due when it is delivered. Our driver does not require half down. You will pay our driver directly, he is not an employee of Portable Cedar Cabins.

Delivery Not Changed By Gas Prices

The driver has assured us he will keep his delivery prices the same even if gas prices fluctuate. WOW!

Address From Transport

120 Walnut Lane Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Portable Cedar Cabins

We deliver anywhere in the US, including Alaska and we deliver to Canada 

Janet Thome

Cell 509 770 1694

509 345 2013


The Caretaker’s Cabin is SOLD!

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My Cabin Is Sold!

My beautiful cabin that I was having built for my new caretaker has been sold! Dirk, the owner of The Lemon Cove Tiny House Village is purchasing the cabin for his community in California. Dirk will be featuring The Caretaker’s Cabin model at the community and is going to be available for sale for someone who wants to join his beautiful community. I will refer you to a previous post regarding the details of his community. This is a great opportunity for someone who is ready to buy and does not want to wait to have it built! Remember we also have 100% bank financing in every state. If you buy the cabin from Dirk, I can refer you to our lender.

The Lemon Cove Tiny House Village 

Videos Coming Soon

We are actually shooting a video of this model today, so stay tuned for the videos to be posted very soon. Corbin, my web guy extraordinare is meeting Dave today, the builder in Spirit Lake, Idaho for an interview to feature the cabins.

Arriving Jan 3rd to Jan 4th

Dave will be putting the finishing touches on The Caretaker’s Cabin and it will be arriving at The Lemon Cove Tiny House Village around the first week of January.

Update On The Search For My Caretaker

I am still searching for my caretaker for my community in Marlin, Wa. I have received a lot of interest, but I am still trying to contact everyone that has contacted me. It is a bitter sweet feeling to sell my cabin that was going to be for my caretaker, because a lot of beautiful energy has come out of it, but Dave and I are creating an exciting new model for my caretaker! Stay tuned, I will be writing about it soon.

Caretaker Wanted