The Caretaker’s Cabin: Pricing and Options

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The Caretaker’s Cabin

The Caretaker’s Cabin is the model I am having built to use as a model to show on my property in Marlin, Wa.  Please review my previous posts under The Caretaker’s Cabin posts. I am still searching for my caretaker. . Each cabin is custom built on a steel trailer on wheels.  The interior is pine and the exterior is cedar siding. If you want to travel a lot, choosing a cabin that is 8.6 wide is perfect, because it will not need any special permit to travel down the road. The cabin is 8′.6 X 24′ and starts at $42,000.


Standard Base Prices

Includes  the following:

Custom Built Steel Trailer
Metal Roof ( Your Choice Of Color )
8” Cedar lap siding ( Siding Options )
T&G 3/4 Sub floor
7/16 OSB sheet vapor wrap
2 X 6 walls 16” 0/C
2 X  6 floor joist16” O/C
One 32 ” Steel door
Laminate Flooring
Linoleum Flooring in bathroom
Pine Interior on walls and ceiling
Pine trim
Ceiling fan and light kit
32” Shower
20 Gallon hot water heater
Stainless steel kitchen sink
Kitchen base cabinets
Rustic shelves above kitchen sinks
Base board heat or wall mounted heat
2 Burner built in electric or propane cook top
Under the counter frig

50 amp electrical panel
Porch Light
Light and fan in bathroom
Sconce lighting in loft
25 Foot RV Cord
R21 insulation in the walls, ceiling and flooring

Various Windows Are Included In The Base Price

Additional Upgrade Options

Radiant Floor Heat / $1500.00
EPA Certified Wood or Pellet Stove/From $1500.00 to $ 1800.00  : Includes Slate or Stone
Dickinson’s Propane Marine Heater: Installation and inverter $ 1100.00
Propane OR Natural Gas Log Fireplace With TV Mantle 30” or 36”-$2200.00  to $2400.00
Washer & Dryer / $1250.00 ( $ 200.00 extra to convert gas dryer to propane)
Washer Dryer In One $1800.00 ( Includes Installation )
Propane on demand hot water heater / $950.00
10′ Cubic Refrigerator $599.00
17′ Cubic Refrigerator $799.00
20” 4 Gas Burner Stove And Oven $800.00
24” 4 Gas Burner Stove And Oven $950.00
30″ 4 Gas Burner Stove And Oven $1050.00
Dishwasher $ 600.00
AC / $550.00
Sliding Barn Door $ 600.00
French Doors 6′ $ 800.00
Sliding Patio Door 6′ $ 500.00
Nature’s Head Compost Toilet $960.00
Two 5 Gallon Propane Tanks with gauge and regulator $ 250.00 ( propane not included )
Utility Shed for propane tanks $ 800.00
Stairs with storage $ 1000.00
Built In Desk $ 250.00
Breaks and lights on trailer $350.00

Additional Upgrade Options: Add To Your Quote Notes

10 Foot Wide : Add $ 2000.00

Add $2000.00 if you want to extend your cabin to 10′. This additional feet will open up a whole new world of possibilities for space. The price would include the option of having a bath/shower combination instead of just a shower.

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Radiant Floor Heating

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Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is the option I chose for The Nostalgia Cottage. The picture above shows the heat films of the radiant flooring heating before the floor is installed over it. I love it because you cannot see it, it doesn’t take up any  room and it comes with a thermostat. The manufacturer Dave uses and recommends is Warm Wave. Warm Waves generates heat through an electric current, creating natural far infrared heat rays that distribute heat safely and evenly. UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) has tested Warm Waves extensively and the product is certified under Standard UL 1683.

Advantages of using Warm Wave

  • The cost is 31-63% less to operate than traditional heating method
  • Easily installed under any type of flooring
  • It is ductless and maintenance free
  • The infrared heating technology does not waste energy heating the air in the room, but directly heats the objects in the room, including you.
  • With no moving parts, it provides a healthy atmosphere by not circulating dust or air pollutants.
  • Warm Waves allows for lower -thermostat settings and ceiling height does not affect the heating performance. Heat rises so the lofts will be very cozy
  • There is the option to have multiple thermostats to have the control of heating different rooms with different temperatures
  • Warm Waves is manufactured under strict ISO quality controls and inspected quarterly by third parties.
  • Human safety and comfort is their number one priority

Warm Waves


Manual For Thermostat

My own experience with radiant floor heat

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An Alternative To Assisted Living: Portable Cedar Cabin

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Portable Cedar Cabin is the perfect alternative to assisted living

A Portable Cedar Cabin would be an incredible alternative to  assisted living. There are so many aging seniors that are quite independent still and just need to be close to their family or loved one. I am a Holistic caregiver for the elderly and I see first  hand, how lonely they can be. So often, they have lost their spouse and often most of their peers.

A cabin can be parked in a driveway and it comes with a 25 foot RV Cord that can be plugged in and ready to go.  If you are having this built for your aging parent, Dave can build it where the doors would be wide enough for a wheelchair and even a ramp if needed. It is good to plan ahead , even if your parent was mobile. I have used a lot of equipment like Hoyer lifts and they can take a lot of room, so keep this in mind.

Step In Shower

Dave can put in a step in shower that is very easy to step into that can also fit a shower chair. The shower is usually 3 sides with a bar across, where you would put a shower curtain. This gives the bathroom more room, eliminating a shower door that opens. I have taken care of seniors that had showers and bath tubs, too high for them to reach, and we were stuck with sponge baths which are not ideal.

Privacy and Freedom

The benefit of having your parent close and living on your property is a way where everyone still can maintain their privacy and freedom to live how they choose without imposing on each other. If your dad’s greatest joy is to watch sports all day, that is his choice and no one will be asking him to turn it down.

Can be built with or without a kitchen

When you decide to have your Portable Cedar Built, it can be a extra guest room with a living space and bathroom or add a kitchen. Dave utilizes space very well and knows how to design a compact kitchen. It might be smart to have one included, especially if your parents  has a caregiver that cooks for them or both of your parents are blessed to still be together and cook for themselves.

Lofts and Stairs

You can have the choice of one, two or no lofts and with a ladder or stairs.

Caregivers Quarters

A Portable Cedar Cabin would be an excellent choice for an aging senior that wants to stay in their own home and needs a caregiver  nearby.  So often it is the children that arrange for the parent or parents to have a caregiver and it would be a perfect way for the caregiver to come and go as they prepare the  meals, do vitals, etc….. without imposing themselves all day, once again honoring freedom and privacy.  A lot of seniors need the care, but are not crazy about having a caregiver live with them, so having a cabin for caregiver is ideal. Monitors can be easily be installed for emergencies.

Living In Community

I grew up watching the Waltons and I loved their sweet stories and how close they were and to see so many generations together.  On my own property, I am setting it up where everyone has their own sovereign units with their own kitchen, washer-dryer and shower so we can all maintain our privacy, enjoy our cherished alone time, but still come together as a community.  It is a beautiful way to live.

I hope you will consider a Portable Cedar Cabin as an alternative to assisted living. If you have lots of family to visit, you can keep it mobile and travel and see your loved ones and always have your home with you.

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Portable Cedar Cabins: Tips When Ordering

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Tips When Ordering

I made one mistake when I ordered my cabin, so I will pass along my wisdom. The mistake was completely my fault. Dave gave me the option of having the hitch on the front or back. I just naturally said the back, because I thought it would look better. The mistake I made was not thinking it through because when he delivers it, he will be able to drive in and place it where I want it, but for him to unhitch his truck and leave by property, we might have to temporarily remove a fence section.

Where Are You Views?

When you order your cabin, you want to think carefully ahead of time where you will put it. I always love a window above a kitchen sink and you want to make sure you have your best view there. Dave will give you a layout of the design you choose. You will have the option to have the kitchen on either side of the cabin. He can do one, two or no lofts and I feel views are very important here. Dave usually puts two windows in the loft for cross ventilation.

Mobile Or Permanent 

I love the idea of keeping the cabin mobile. For years it might serve one purpose and then you might have another use for it decades later. You will have the option to have your cabin built on a custom made steel frame or skids.


There are two options for using propane. One is having 2 tanks in the back or getting the propane delivered and having a permanent large tank on the property close to the cabin.

At first, I was going to get a large  tank, but it would have been quite a process. I was originally going to use a propane heater that was going to be  professionally installed and the large  tank  would have cost a yearly rental fee. If you decide on using the delivered propane with a large tank, it just makes it more permanent. Think this one through because, once again, where are your views and where would the tank likely be placed?

I changed from the propane fireplace to radiant floor heating. It comes with a thermostat and I love it because you cannot see it and it is efficient, using only 15 amps and most importantly, it is safe.

I will have two 5  gallon propane tanks on the back for the dryer and the on demand hot water heater.

Dave will be setting up the tanks and testing  the lines for me. That gives me great confidence.


Check with your preferred insurance agent on their preferences for heating. Some companies say no base board heaters, some say no wood stoves, but the one thing they all usually have in common is to have it professionally installed. They also usually prefer that you have electric heat as your primary heat source.

Model options

The Portable Cedar Cabins are custom built to order ranging from 144 sq feet to 400 sq feet on skids are a custom built superior, steel frame on wheels. We have models that are basic shells, standard shells, standard turnkey and also turnkey with additional upgrades. Review our different models in my blog categories. You are never limited to our designs. The models can be made longer, wider, with an extra loft and bedrooms. We also have off grid options.

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Portable Cedar Cabins 

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Dreaming Of A Caretaker For The Caretaker’s Cabin

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Dreaming Of A Caretaker 

I am dreaming of a caretaker for my property in central, Wa. The town is called Marlin, Wa. It is a tiny rural town surrounded by wheat fields. We have clean air and amazing stars at night, with beautiful wildlife.

I am having the cabin built for my incredible caretaker that I know will be coming into my life. My first post describes the details of the cabin.

Need Someone By May 1st 

I do not need anyone until May 1st, but I am putting it out there now. It will be a combination of bartering from May to Oct and then for 6 months, very reasonable rent. Looking for someone long term. I do not want to look every year for someone. The bartering hours will be around your own schedule.

Caretaker Skills and Qualities 

  • Landscaping and Gardening ( No GMO allowed)
  • Irrigation
  • Light Mechanical
  • Painting
  • Building
  • Drug and Addiction Free
  • No Smoking ( sorry not even outside )
  • Trustworthy
  • Someone who loves the earth, does not waste water
  • Will only use biodegradable products
  • Clean Background
  • Good References

A Craftsman That Can Build Tiny House Furniture 

I am looking for someone that loves to build furniture, like kitchen islands and small tables. You will have the opportunity to make them for the cabins I sell and you will keep all the profit. I will feature them on my website for you. I have a huge shop to share with you.

The cabin is really only a fit for 1 person, but I might make an exception for a couple with great skills. Dogs are very welcome, case by case.

This would be a great opportunity for someone that is retiring.

We have a greenhouse and we are doing Aquaponics. We are raising blue Tilapia. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

We also have a brand new 200 square foot Tiny house that is available for rent if you love the idea of living in a Tiny House Community. Please email for details.

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Why I chose Portable Cedar Cabins

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Portable Cedar Cabins on wheels

I am hopefully going to get my new Portable Cedar Cabin  by Thanksgiving. Dave is amazingly fast. He has sent me pictures throughout the construction stage. You can see the different stages on the gallery pages. The cabin will be a model I show by appointment and a living space.

The Caretaker’s Cabin

Dave, the owner of Portable Cedar Cabins  is building a cabin for me that is actually going to be for a caretaker on my property in Marlin, Wa. My next post will be about my dream of finding an incredible caretaker that will take care of my property and who will also have the opportunity of creating tiny house furniture. The cabin is 18 by 8 and is built on a custom made steel frame on wheels.

It will have one loft for sleeping, a brand new stack-able washer and dryer, lots of windows, a small deck, a shower and a compost toilet. The interior has  rustic tongue and groove and the exterior is cedar. There is a small kitchen with a rustic counter top, two burner electric stove and track lighting. The heating source will be radiant floor heating.

There is a sink, a small frig in the cabin and a larger frig in the shop. There is an on demand propane hot water heater for endless hot water. The counter top is large enough for a convection oven. Dave is also building rustic shelves in the kitchen for me.

The cabin will come wired and plumbed with a 25 foot RV cord to safely plug into a 4 prong RV outlet.

Why I Chose Portable Cedar Cabins

I chose Portable Cedar Cabins for many reasons, but mainly because they are certified and inspected just like an RV and built by a credible  contractor. Because I am a homeowner, I want to make sure that it is safe if I put someone in there and up to code. Dave is experienced  in electrical, gas and all aspects of construction.

At first, I was thinking about getting a used RV for my caretaker, but I felt concerned about safety, not knowing the history of it, so I started looking at tiny houses. I have loved tiny houses for years, in fact, we just finished one as a rental house on my property.

The greatest advantage of buying a Portable Cedar Cabin instead of a standard RV is that it is the quality of a log home that will not only hold it’s value, but increase in value.

I talked to many dealers and some seemed way over priced, they would not customize.

I appreciate the fact Dave goes the extra mile and does everything to code which is not actually required because of the size, but to me gives him great credibility. Dave is also so pleasant to work with and is  passionate about his work. Even though he is busy, he takes the time for questions and is so flexible on the design.

The Spokesman- Review Interview with Dave Bates

The Spokes-man Review interviewed Dave, the owner of Portable Cedar Cabins this last April


Made In The Northwest

Portable Cedar Cabins was just featured on the news and actually shows my cabin being built. It is a very exciting process.

Watch Here