Chuck Ballard: Pacific West Associates

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Chuck Ballard: Pacific West Associates

Chuck Ballard is the President of Pacific West Associates ( PWA ) an  agency that inspects and certifies our cabins. Chuck has been an expert in the recreational industry for over 30 years.

Chuck Ballard

 The Certification Label is a statement from the manufacturer or oversight authority that the product is manufactured to the applicable codes and standards. Those standards are the NFPA 1192 2015 Edition, (Recreational Vehicles) the ANSI A119.5 2009 Edition, (Park Models), and the National Electrical Code Sections 551 and 552 respectively. This certification label can be sourced from a Certified Agency such as PWA. or an Industry Association.

PWA’s Clients Include:

Architects, Contractors, Developers, Facility Managers, Real Estate Professionals, Recreational Vehicle Manufactures, Tiny Home Manufacturers, Park Model Manufacturers, Commercial Modular Manufacturers, Pre-Cast Concrete, Manufactured Home/ Multi Unit Manufactured Home Manufacturers, and Private Homeowners With Public And Private Facilities.

Coast To Coast Clientele

PWA’s  recreational vehicle clientele range geographically from coast to coast as well as Canada, Australia and China. 

Chuck Ballard: Director Of Standards For THIA

Chuck is the Director Of Standards for the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA ). At this time, THIA is relaunching and a new board of directors is forming and I have been tasked with breathing new life to their website. It will be a work in progress at this time.

ANSI Standards Developer

The prime objective of the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA ) is to become an ANSI Standards Developer for the tiny home industry.

Committees That Write The Standards For The RV Industry

Chuck is on five Committees that write the codes and standards for the RV Industry.

Principle Member of the NFPA 1192 Standard On Recreational Vehicles
Principle Member of the NFPA 1194 Standard On Recreational Parks And Campgrounds
Principle Member ANSI A119.5 Park Model Recreational Vehicle Standard
Principle Member ANSI UPA (Uniform Plan Approval)
Principle Member ANSI/RVIA Low Voltage Standard

Accredited By Each State

PWA is accredited by each state, which is a requirement for a third party certification agency.

Design Approval Of Structural Analysis Of Chassis And Frames

Pacific West Associates, Inc. is currently the only Design Approval Agency engaged in Structural Analysis of chassis and frames used in the production of Recreational Vehicles. This is a voluntary achievement of their Clientele and not a requirement of the Industry Association.

Northwood’s Aerospace Interference Grid Technology Chassis Testing


Pacific West Tiny Homes

Chuck Balllard

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is a subsidiary of Pacific West Associates, Inc. which is an accredited third party agency that has been recognized in the industry for over 30 years. PWA is composed of licensed electrical, mechanical, structural and forensic engineers.

The  evaluation and certification staff meet the requirements of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) E699-16, which​ is for agencies involved in testing, quality assurance, and evaluating of manufactured building components. ASTM E541-10 is the previous standard that has now been withdrawn.

Services Of Pacific West Tiny Homes

  • Self Build
  • Manufacturer Built
  • Consult Your Build

More Details

Alex Ontiveros is the Vice President Of PWA.

Pacific West Associates

Pacific West Tiny Homes

Elk Meadows Tiny Home Village

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Elk Meadows Tiny Home Village

Elk Meadows Tiny Home Village is located in Clark Fork,  Idaho and is located on 5 and 1/2 acres including a trout filled pond.

There is an opportunity for an investor to buy everything or the owner, Kelly Kearns has 7 individual tiny home lots for sale.

Elk Meadows Investor Opportunity: $ 400,000

Elk Meadows Tiny Home Village

The entire Elk Meadows Village is for sale for $400,000. It includes, 2 cabins, one that is ready to be lived in and one needs to be completed.  The price also includes 7 tiny home lots. There are beautiful common areas, including the trout filled pond and a public laundromat with a bathroom and shower. There are various other business opportunities including providing a space for weddings, concerts or even HipCamp.  

Elk Meadows Tiny Home Lots: $60,000

Elk Meadows

There are 7 individual lots for sale for $60,000. The price  includes septic, electric, phone, cable and water. The water is city water and each lot will have to pay $5000.00  to hook up to city water. There will be additional electric fees. Each lot has its on meter. The lots size is around 35′ X 100′.

Kelly’s Classic Cafe

Elk Meadows

Kelly Kearns just opened his new restaurant called Kelly’s Classic Cafe and it is right next to the village. Kelly can provide all your catering needs to any events for the Elk Meadows Village.

Year Around Access

There is year around access and only ten minutes to town for shopping and your daily needs.

Land Package With Tiny Homes

If you are an investor and you want to buy the entire property and you want to include tiny homes, please contact Janet at 509 345 2013 or email me at Dave can build the perfect vacation rental, Airbnbs or even workforce housing which would include duplexes and triplexes. I can possibly arrange financing.

Examples Of Commercial Cabins Dave Has Built

Stay In Our Cabins

About Clark Fork, Idaho

Elk Meadows Tiny Home Village

Call Kelly Kearns For More Details

208 597 1727

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

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Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

We have just been introduced to the Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet and it is my very favorite! I have tried many different brands for my rentals from the  honey bucket system, an RV toilet, the AirHead and Nature’s Head Compost Toilet. I have been very pleased with the quality of the AirHead and Nature’s Head and they have been the very best so far, there was never a smell if managed correctly and they were somewhat easy to use.

Move Out Time Yikes

My least favorite part about the compost toilets is when I had to do a thorough clean out between renters because the renter left without cleaning it. With the AirHead and Nature’s Head, you have to take it apart to empty the solids and it is was a bit of a hassle.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet: Great Design

The new Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet has only been out for about 6 months and it has a very well thought out design. GTG stands for Good To Go. The design is really good to go. It is water less, compact with a sleek European style that is perfect for a tiny home.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

Please watch the video and you will see how simple this is to use. The urine and solids are diverted into two  chambers and when you want to empty either chamber, you just take the lid off.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

You will have to take out the container for the urine, but for the solids you just lift out the bag ( without taking the chamber out  ) and replace it with a new bag.  This is my favorite part about this, easy to use, less of a mess and NOT taking the entire toilet apart to empty the solids.

Tilted Design

It is so weird and funny talking to people about urine and poo and I had to ask the question, how does everything go to the separate chambers? Joe, the sales manager explained that there is a tilted design to ensure that everything is divided correctly and was especially tested for women. Having the urine and poo divided is very important to eliminate the smell.

Built In 12 Volt Fan

The Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet comes with a built in 12 Volt Fan for ventilation. A 110 to 240 adapter is included.

Pine Shavings

After you do your solid business, you cover with the pine shavings or even a small amount of peat moss.  You can buy a bale of pine shavings  usually at a feed store for under $10.00.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

With  the purchase of the compost toilet, you also get a block of of cocoa fiber that you can add to the composting  process.

Where To Empty Everything?

I set up a boxed area on my property with rocks on the bottom and layers and layers of compost like leaves, egg shells, vegetable left overs and grass clippings where the urine is emptied. At first we had another box for the poo and it took about 2 years to turn into rich soil. It was amazing to see, but I changed the method to emptying the poo into a large 32 gallon trash can. Once a year we take them to the dump, and I just provide a fresh new trash can. It would be easy to just dump the solids in the trash can along with a compostable bag.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet Flyer

Generation Family Properties

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Generation Family Properties

Generation Family Properties

It is my pleasure to introduce a small family business called Generation Family Properties. They are dedicated to fulfilling the dream of land ownership in Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico and Wisconsin. Whether you want to hunt, fish, off-road or spend family time together, they are in the business of helping families create memories for generations to come. Dave and Cyrena Denniston are the owners.

Generation Family Properties: They Buy And Sell Land

Generation Family Properties buys and sells land and offers owner financing.

Do Your Own Due Diligence

What I appreciate about their listings is they include what utilities are there, well availability and if it is more of an off the grid property. Dave  told me he usually buys properties in subdivisions that have road access established and he usually lists if they are tiny home friendly. Even though the property is very well vetted, David recommends everyone to do their own due diligence.

Example Listing  Suitable For A Tiny Home

Generation Family Properties

Baca Grande Chalet 1 Creston, Colorado:  1.8 Acre Mountain View Property Ready To Build

Power, Water, Sewer Available

Zoning: Vacant Residential
Utilities: Power, Sewer, AND Water are ALL available on the property
Housing: Pretty much any type of home is allowed- tiny homes, adobe style home, dome styles homes. Even Mobile homes allowed! However, if there is a next door neighbor- a mobile home would pend neighbor approval. Must get HOA approval and then county approval

Cash Price: $14,999.00 Or Owner Financing

Generation Family Properties

Owner Financing: $5,000.00 Down (includes $249 Document Processing Fee) and $279.00 per month (includes taxes & HOA dues)

Google Map to Property
Size: 1.84 Acres
Access: Dirt road
Conveyance: Warranty Deed
Taxes: Approximately $528 per year

– 3.5 Hours from Denver
– 2.5 Hours from Colorado Springs
– 1.5 Hours from Pueblo
– 30 Minutes from Alamosa

Ten  minute drive from Crestone to restock any supplies or grab a refreshment. Hiking the surrounding mountains that are literally  at your door step. Wild deer grazing and even elk come through the area.

Flexible With Any Budget

After every listing, Generation Family Properties states they are flexible and can make it fit any budget. If paying by cash, they can transfer with a warranty deed and guarantee a clean title.

How To Make A Land Deal With Generation Family Properties

Details Click Here

 Contact Dave And Cyrena For More Details

 Generation Family Properties

5270 W 84th St, Suite 310.
Bloomington, MN 55437



AirCrete Tiny Homes

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AirCrete Tiny Homes

Are you a homesteader longing to be off grid? Would you like to have a mentor and learn to build an AirCrete tiny home? Would you like to spend the summer at the Oregon coast? Learn how to build with AirCrete and live off the grid while working on the Siletz River at the Sustainable Living Centers.

Sustainable Living Centers

The Sustainable Living Centers is a living and learning laboratory. All the material costs, tools, and instructions for sustainable projects are provided. Only people who are interested in learning how to have a Sustainable Lifestyle should apply if you want to live at the center for the summer. You will need to bring your own RV.

Free Air Crete Workshop in August


The center also offers free workshops. In July there is going to be a free AirCrete workshop. Details below.


The goal of the Center is to equip and educate aspiring “Off the Landers,” “Permaculture Enthusiasts,” or “Homesteaders” with the tools and knowledge to live sustainably.
Working can be completed according to mutually agreed upon schedule. You may have a full-time job

Do You Have An RV?

For full hook ups- the rent is $400 a month-You can reduce your monthly rent to $100.00 a month for 300 hours of work at the center.

• Thirty (30) day minimum commitment,
• Internet, phone service, cable or internet not provided. Free Internet is available at Center, but not at Hook up location
• No smoking in the Center’s buildings. Smoking is OK at the full hookup location.
• Absolutely no drugs (legal or illegal) of any kind anywhere
•Pets and children allowed at full hook up location only, but not at Center
• Off-street parking

Application: Click Here

Sustainable Living Centers Has Free Work Shops

  • Food, Water, Shelter
  • Personal Relationship Happiness
  • How To Have Financial Freedom

Free Aircrete Work Shop: August 10th and 11th, 2019 ( Canceled At This Time)

  • You will learn how to build a bug out tiny home off grid
  • It will be built on skids- it is movable
  • Tiny- 8 X 12 – usually this size does not require a building permit
  • AirCrete Heat Storage
  • Super Insulated Floor

Details Of AirCrete Workshop Click Here

What Is AirCrete

AirCrete is a lightweight cementitious material that contains stable air cells uniformly distributed throughout the mixture. It is a concrete which utilizes a stable air cell rather than traditional aggregate. It is also called cellular concrete, foam concrete, light weight concrete, aerated concrete, etc.

Advantages Of AirCrete

It is inexpensive to produce, it has good compressive strength, it bonds well, is easy to work with, self compacting, self leveling, uses less material, offers  enhanced sound and heat insulating properties.  AirCrete is very easy to clean up and can be removed with only hand tools. 

Domegaia FAQ

Visit The Sustainable Living  Centers

You may visit any anytime between 10 AM and 6 PM any day, but if you come unannounced, the gate may be closed or locked.

Sustainable Living Centers Oregon

82 Siletz Hwy
Lincoln City, OR 97267

541 765 2109


Facebook Page

40L Ranch Tiny Home Village

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40L Ranch Tiny Home Village

40L Ranch

40L Ranch in Jasper, Florida is a tiny home village for single women over 55 years of age. 40L affectionately stands for four old ladies. The tiny home village is an agricultural community who love horses!

Tiny Home Lots For Sale

Denise has several lots for sale from 1 and 1/2 to 2 acres. The 1 and 1/2 acre lot is $15,000 and a 2 acre lot is $20,000. The new owner would need to put in a well, septic and electric, but the cost is pretty affordable. Estimates are $4000 for the well, $1800 for the sewer and $2000 for electric.

40L Ranch Mission

The misson is to create a safe, harmonious self-managed and governed lifestyle community for cost-effective tiny homes for 55+ single women who love or own horses, dogs, cats, and/or  chickens. There is no mortgage against the 16-acres.  There are 3 available 2-acre $20K lots and 3 available 1.5-acre $15K lots zoned for +/- 480 SF (under roof) tiny homes. When the community horse pasture is complete, it will be a safely fenced sloping pasture. There is now a community laundry building and shareable large chicken coop.   This private and quiet farm  is located 3 blocks from the Withlacoochee River and a public boat ramp.   It is on a high and dry knoll and has lovely oak trees.   Fifty miles of horse trails into three tracts of the Twin Rivers State Forest are easily accessible.

40L Ranch Allows:

Tiny Homes On Wheels
Tiny Homes On Foundation
Park Models


Boat Docks
Fire Pit
Walking/ Biking Trail
Horse Pasture
Trail Riding

Two Miles From 40L Ranch

40L Ranch

40L Ranch Backs Up To These Trails

Jasper, Florida

What to do in Jasper, Florida

40L Ranch

Denise Shirey Owner

Denise Shirey Facebook Page

4620 NW 24th Avenue
Jasper, Florida  32052

Denise Shirey

386 717 9191

Building Off The Grid: Casting Again!

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Building Off The Grid: Casting Again!

Megan Littlefield is a casting director with Warm Springs Production and DIY Network and they are in their 4th season and casting again for their Building Off The Grid Show!

Megan emailed me and I want to share this because it is such an opportunity for someone to be on the show and also receive compensation. Sadly our homes are not a fit because we do not build on site and our maximum size is 400 square feet.

I still wanted to get the word out for Megan, because she is a sweetheart.

Up To $10,000 Compensation!

If you’re selected for the show, you will receive compensation of up to $10k upon completion of building and filming, in addition to a $1k appearance fee for each person who appears on-camera.


  • Must Be Off Grid
  • Site Built
  • No Other Buildings Showing On Property
  • 500 Square Foot Minimum
  • Cannot All Ready Be Started
  • Completed  Build By November 2019

Megan is  looking throughout the United States for folks who will soon start to build an off grid home and plan to complete the build by November 2019. They  cannot consider builds that are already well underway.

Please feel free to forward this email or share via social media, etc if you’d like. Megan  also welcome suggestions if you have people in mind who you think we should reach out to about this opportunity.

Share with anyone you know that would appreciate having their off the grid project being filmed and compensated.

Authentic Show

What I appreciate about the show is the stories are real, not contrived and I really like that.

 Sneak  Peak Of More Building Off The Grid  Episodes

 Click Here


Please email Megan  at if interested and she will  email you an application to apply to the show.

Warm Springs Productions



Tiny Home Lot For Sale: Plains, Montana

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Tiny Home Lot For Sale: Plains, Montana

Plains, Montana

I want to share a beautiful tiny home lot for sale in Plains, Montana. The lot is a 150′ Clark Fork River front lot, with all city services. The water and hook up fees are all ready paid and would be a perfect spot for a tiny home vacation rental or Airbnb. You can live in an RV or tiny home up to 3 months per calendar year or up to a year while you are building.

The lot is 16,760 square feet. You can build a home with a minimum of 1200 square feet.There is enough room to add a shop or a garage as long as it will match the main home.

Owner Will Carry The Loan: $ 112,000

The lot is $112,000 and the owner will carry the loan with $10,000 down and 5% interest. The payment should be around $600.00 a month. Ten year balloon payment.

Shared Deck And Dock

Also included is a 160′ shared deck and dock. It has it’s own natural eddy and makes for a great spot for leaving a boat.

 Festivals In Montana

Outdoor Activities In Plains, Montana:

Plains, Montana

Plains, Montana is sometimes called Wild Horse Plains or Horse Plains. The local Native Americans would  winter their horses there. There are plenty of outdoor activities including fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking and golf.

The Plains- Paradise area has over 2500 miles of trails in the Lolo National Forest.

Weather In Plains

In Plains, the summers are short, warm, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are freezing and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 21°F to 85°F and is rarely below 4°F or above 93°F.

he hot season lasts for 2.7 months, from June 19 to September 9, with an average daily high temperature above 74°F. The hottest day of the year is July 31, with an average high of 85°F and low of 57°F.

The cold season lasts for 3.4 months, from November 13 to February 25, with an average daily high temperature below 42°F. The coldest day of the year is January 1, with an average low of 21°F and high of 31°F.

Accessible All Year Around

The lot is accessible all year around and the owner says the winters are somewhat mild.

Call Troy For More Details

406 531 2259

MCDADE Tiny Home Park : Texas

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MCDADE Tiny Home Park: Texas

MCDADE Tiny Home Park

MCDADE Tiny Home Park is located in Bastrop County in Mcdade, Texas. The park is situated on 8 acres and they are participants in the “Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan.” MCDADE Tiny Home Park maintains  the property to insure endangered wildlife are protected and supply feeders to attract varied species of bird and deer.

They encourage gardening, as the soil is optimal for cultivation.

Enjoy A Peaceful Setting With Hilltop Views

MCDADE Tiny Home Park  is a small community with 10 lots for long term renters. The park is surrounded by 400 acres of protected land and was designed to be a restful oasis from the hustle and bustle of Austin, which is only 30 minutes away.

MCDADE Tiny Home Park Features

  • Only 10 pads
  • Larger than normal pad sites (15 x 60)
  • Each pad site has its own 911 address
  • Two  separate entrances & exits
  • Solid Caliche pads & roads
  • 30 or 50 Amps : Separate Meters
  • Water Connection
  • Sewer Connection
  • Community Gazebo
  • Community Mailbox
  • Great cell reception
  • Dog And Cat Friendly

Water And Sewer Included In Lot Rent

McDade, Texas What You Need To Know


Despite being surrounded by 400 acres of protected land, you are just blocks from historic downtown McDade, with a riveting “Wild West” history, its own school, post office, volunteer fire department, and corner store. A quick, 10-15 minute jaunt to Elgin or Bastrop, provides shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and medical conveniences. Ready to be front and center at Austin’s famed, SXSW or ACL events, or maybe you work along the Tech Corridor, you’re a short 30 minute drive from the City, making this a convenient location to experience the best of both worlds.


Things To Do In Austin

Explore Bastrop County

MCDADE Tiny Home Park


271 Independence St.

McDade, TX 78650

Tiny Home Fire No Insurance

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Tiny Home Fire No Insurance

Tiny Home Fire No Insurance

I need to share some sad news today, a young family is facing a devastating loss because of a fire that burnt down their tiny home and they had NO  insurance.

The saddest part is that they were not given the correct information and they did not think their home was insurable. She expresses why in their story of what happened.

Their Story

Wonder Renna and Damian is a small family of artists and activists that started building in the tiny house movement in February of this year. They’re first step of action started with the community education project called Abundance Build.

This community project pulled the family from housing insecurity into a future of stability and a hopeful path of helping others out of the housing crisis through empowerment and housing provisions.

Propane Refrigerator Caught On Fire

In June the family installed a propane refrigerator to provide fresh food in their recent off grid lifestyle. The first refrigerator had an immediate problem. After Renna carefully installed the refrigerator and went to light it, the refrigerator caught fire. Luckily Renna put the fire out and called Amazon to return the unit.

Days later a new new refrigerator was sent and it was installed and lit successfully. Renna watched the refrigerator closely for 24 hours. Luckily no one was home, when there was an explosion the next day that burnt the family’s home to the ground.

Wrong Information On Insurance

Not only was this a 25,000 investment they made with nearly everything they had, it was not insured because of tiny house legislation that restricts these units from being considered houses. This does not account for the months of labor and love the entire community put into building it.

Fire Under Investigation

At this point, there is a lot of help needed to get the site cleaned up, pay dump fees, and especially get a roof over the heads of Renna, Wonder and Damian. There is an investigation pending with the refrigerator company and these things can take years to settle.

Go Fund Me Page

They could use a lot of help if anyone can donate their time or materials and they have started a Go Fund Me Page.  

Another Fire While A Tiny Home Was Under Construction

Full story Click Here

Insurance For Tiny Homes

Insurance for tiny homes is actually a buyers market now and every need can be covered from, while it is being constructed,  DIY, vacation rentals, Airbnbs, full time living, traveling down the road and more. Please review my resource page and share so this loss could be prevented in the future.

Insurance For Tiny Homes

Are You Creating A Tiny Home Village?

I wrote a blog post on lots of tips  and advice on many topics, including insurance and fire safety for those who are creating a tiny home village. For your protection and the community, make it a requirement that they have insurance on their home and liability if they cause a fire on another’s home or damage an outbuilding on your property.

Click Here