Portland To Allow Tiny Homes With Conditions

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Portland Oregon Allows Tiny Homes And RVS With Conditions

Statement from Portland commissioner Eudaly “Housing is a basic need and a human right. We have failed to keep up with demand for affordable housing for decades. As the City Commissioner with responsibility for the Bureau of Development Services, which enforces local building codes, I have asked the bureau to de prioritize enforcement against tiny homes and people sleeping in RVs parked on private property effective immediately.” BDS staff will begin work on developing code language to permanently allow tiny homes in conformance with HB 2737 and will continue to de prioritize enforcement against sleeping RVs on private property throughout the housing emergency. HB 2737 passed in 2017.

HB 2737 Guidelines In Portland

Parking lots of non-residential occupied structures (religious institution, place of worship, business, or public entity)

Property owner may grant permission for up to three vehicles (vehicle, motorhome, camper trailer, etc.) for sleeping.

Properties with Single Family Structures or Duplexes

  • Property owner and tenant may grant permission for one vehicle for sleeping.
  • Vehicles must be located in legal parking areas on the property. (meet Zoning Code requirements)

General requirements for all overnight sleeping arrangements


  • Property owner shall make available sanitary facilities.
  • Options include using sanitary facilities within the structure, pumping holding tanks off-site or having vendor pump out holding tank, or permitting and installing a legal sanitary dump station on site.
  • Portable toilets (with ongoing service and maintenance) are only allowed at non-residential properties.


  • Property owner shall make available electrical connections.
  • Options include extension cords from an approved outlet in the home or permitting and installing a pedestal for plug in.
  • No hard connections are allowed.
  • Use of generators is not allowed.
  • Property owner shall subscribe to and pay for garbage, recycling, and composting service.

 Latest Code Amendments For HB 2737 In 2018

  • A sleeping loft is permitted in any size dwelling unit.
  • A limit of one sleeping loft per dwelling unit
  • Dwellings that contain a sleeping loft may not be used for any other purpose other than as a detached one-family dwelling
  • Ladders and alternating tread devicesmay be used as primary means of access and egress from sleeping lofts in dwelling units 600 square feet or less.
  • Standard stairs are required to serve the sleeping loft where the dwelling unit is greater than 600 square feet
  • Specific fire protection requirements for dwelling units with a sleeping loft and wherefire separation distance is reduced

City may enforce Title 29.50.050 if it determines that the camping activity on the property constitutes a nuisance or other threat to the public welfare.

Additional Restrictions

  • Accessory Short Term Rental operations may not be operated out of vehicles (tiny homes, RVs, camper trailers, motor homes, etc.)
  • Tiny homes and RVs continue to be subject to restrictions noted in PCC 24.50.065 Recreational Vehicles located in Areas of Special Flood Hazard or Base Flood Zones.


For more information, please call the Planning and Zoning Hotline at (503) 823-7526

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Tiny Homes On Wheels In San Luis Obispo , Ca.

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San Luis Obispo

 Zoning Laws On Tiny Homes On Wheels In San Luis Obispo, Ca.

The Community Development Department in San Luis Obispo, Ca. updated its Zoning Regulations which included provisions for Tiny Homes on Wheels in the backyard of on a site with an owner-occupied single-family residence. A single-family residence (Single-Unit Dwelling) is defined as a dwelling unit designed for occupancy by one household which is not attached to or located on a lot with commercial uses or other dwelling units.

Tiny Homes on Wheels are also referred to as Recreational Vehicles (RV) according to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), and is required to receive certification from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Pacific West Associates certifies our homes. See certification.

Director’s Action Permit

After March 7th, 2019, you can apply for a Director’s Action Permit to place a tiny home on wheels in your backyard.

Tiny Home On Wheels Application Checklist

Planning Application

Wheels Must Stay On

A Tiny Home on Wheels shall not have its wheels removed, all wheels and leveling/support jacks shall sit on a concrete, paved, or compacted gravel surface sufficient to support its weight. Tiny Homes with wheels removed and placed on a foundation are defined as a Dwelling Unit, or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), subject to additional requirements and California Building Code.

Entire List Of  Requirements And Limitations: 17.86.210 Use as Dwelling; Parked on a Private Lot

E. Recreational Vehicles as Tiny Houses in Residential Zones

Moveable tiny houses shall be considered an additional type of accessory dwelling unit, allowed as an accessory use to single-unit residential dwelling unit, consistent with Government Code, Section 65852.2, subdivision (g) which allows cities to adopt less restrictive requirements than the State-mandated minimums for accessory dwelling units. A moveable tiny house that meets the definition in this subsection may be built and occupied as a new detached accessory dwelling unit, subject to the Director’s review and approval of a Director’s Action application if it complies with the standards of this subsection.

1 – Development Standards

Moveable tiny houses shall conform with the requirements for new detached accessory dwelling units, including but not limited to setbacks, height, and other applicable zoning requirements of the zone in which the site of the proposed moveable tiny house is located,  as except as modified by this subsection.

  • A- Number: No parcel may be approved for more than one moveable tiny house in a 12-month period. No parcel may contain more than one moveable tiny house at a time. No parcel may contain both a moveable tiny house and a conventional accessory dwelling unit.
  • B-Renewal: The Director shall renew the approval of a movable tiny home for a period of three to five years upon receipt of a complete application and  inspection by the City to confirm continued compliance with the standards in this section.
  • C-Maintenance: The site shall be maintained as set forth in Chapter 17.76 (Property Maintenance Standards )
  • D-Location: The moveable tiny house shall be located toward the rear of the property.
  • E-Size: The maximum square footage or habitable floor space for a moveable tiny house shall be 400 square feet,  as measured by exterior wall dimensions (lofts shall not be counted toward the maximum square footage. The moveable tiny house shall have at least 100 square feet of first floor interior living space.
  • F- Replacement Parking: Where a moveable tiny house occupies a required parking space, a replacement parking space is required. A replacement parking space may be located in any configuration on the same lot as the moveable tiny house, including but not limited to covered spaces, uncovered spaces, or tandem spaces. Parking shall be permitted only in those locations specified in these Zoning Regulations.
  • G-Design:The design of a tiny house shall resemble the general appearance, siding, and roofing of a traditional home.
  • H-Energy Efficiency: Applications submitted for tiny houses shall demonstrate that the tiny home has been constructed to exceed ANSI energy standards through one of the following methods:i.Include insulation with values of R13 for the walls and R19 for the floor and ceiling; Ensure that the stud/joist/rafter space in the walls, floors and ceiling are completely filled with insulation.

2 Parking Spaces: Moveable tiny houses shall not require additional parking.

3 Mechanical Equipment: All mechanical equipment for a moveable tiny house shall be incorporated into the structure and shall not be located on the roof.

4 Utility Connections and Requirements.Moveable tiny houses shall not require separate utility meters from the primary unit. Moveable tiny houses may be off-grid and not connected to one or more utility systems, but only if the applicant provides sufficient proof, to the satisfaction of the Director and the Building Official, that the moveable tiny house has adequate, safe, and sanitary utility systems providing water, sewer, heating, cooling, and electric po

5 Addresses. Moveable tiny houses shall not have separate street addresses from the primary unit

6 Foundation Requirements. Once sited on the parcel ofthe primary unit, moveable tiny houses shall meet the following foundation requirements:a.The moveable tiny house shall not have its wheels removed, and all wheels and leveling/support jacks shall sit on a concrete, paved, or compacted gravel surface sufficient to support its weight.

7 Emergency and Rescue Openings. Moveable tiny houses shall meet the requirements of Section R310 of the California Building Code for emergency escape and rescue openings. Egress roof access windows in lofts used as sleeping rooms shall be deemed to meet this requirement if installed such that the bottom of the opening is not more than 44 inches above the loft floor, provided the egress roof access window complies with the minimum opening area requirements of California Building Code Section R310.2.1.

8.Procedure Requirements. A Director’s Action application shall be required to establish a moveable tiny house including the application materials and information required by Section 17.86.020 (Accessory Dwelling Units and Guest Quarters) for an accessory dwelling unit, an applicant fora moveable tiny house shall submit proof that:

A- The proposed moveable tiny house is licensed and registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles;

B- The proposed moveable tiny house has been certified by a qualified third-party inspector as meeting ANSI, 119.2 or 119.5 requirements or comparable standards, or was built to meet ANSI 119.2 or 119.5 requirements as demonstrated by sufficient evidence satisfactory to the Director; at a minimum this inspection shall verify that the unit is in good working order for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation, including the absence of any exterior shell water leaks;

C-The applicant is the property owner, or has sufficient written permission from the property owner, of the intended location of the proposed moveable tiny house

D-Prior to the issuance of building permits, a covenant agreement shall be recorded which discloses the structure’s approved floor plan and status as a movable tiny home and agreeing that the property will be owner-occupied. This agreement shall be recorded in the office of the County Recorder to provide constructive notice to all future owners of the property. The covenant agreement also may contain authorization for annual inspections for compliance with the agreement and to verify continued compliance with requirements of this Section and health and safety codes. If a property can no longer be occupied as the owner’s primary place of residence, the movable tiny home shall no longer be used as overnight sleeping quarters.

City Of San Luis Obispo, California

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Amazon CamperForce

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Amazon Camperforce is now open for applications!

Ready to start your next RV adventure? Join Amazon CamperForce! We’re now hiring for seasonal assignments in a variety of locations. Applications are open now, learn more and apply at: bit.ly/Amzn_Camperforce

Posted by Amazon Fulfillment Jobs on Friday, February 8, 2019

What Is Amazon CampForce?

Amazon CampForce is a program offered by Amazon in a variety of locations for RV’ers.  Amazon hires campers for a variety of seasonal jobs.  The jobs range from picking, packing, stowing and receiving. All Amazon warehouse employees earn at least $15 an hour with a lot of generous  benefits.

Amazon CampForce Benefits

Along with the chance to build lasting relationships with your coworkers, the CamperForce Program also provides the following benefits:

  • Up to $550 a month per campsite
  • Assignment Completion Bonus: $.50 for each regular hour worked and $1.00 for each overtime hour worked after assignment ends
  • Medical and Prescription coverage available after 90 days
  • Overtime pay
  • Weekly pay schedule
  • 401(k)

 2019 Schedule And Location: It is better to plan ahead, looks like the spots get filled out fast

Click HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Campground Contribution

Is the campground contribution paid directly to the camper or the campground?

Amazon will pay the campground directly.

Can I choose to stay wherever I want?

No, you must stay at a participating campground during your assignment.

Is the campground contribution considered taxable income?


Is the $550 offered by Amazon to cover campground costs per person or campsite?

The campground contribution is paid per campsite.

Are all expenses included in the campground price list?

Every campground handles utilities, guest and pet fees differently. Please contact the campgrounds for their policies on additional expenses.

When can I check in and out of my campground?

The CamperForce campground contribution will include a period of 2 days prior to your start date and 2 days after your last shift ends.

Assignment Details

Are there any other start date options available?

The dates listed are the only ones available at this time. An announcement will be made to applicants if additional dates are offered.

Can I transfer from one assignment to another mid-assignment?

No, buildings need your support for the full duration of the listed assignment. If there are alternative end dates offered for your chosen assignment, we will let you know.

Amazon CampForce Is Great For Retired Seniors

Amazon CampForce is a great way for seniors to supplement their social security and work for several months and hit the road for their next adventure. If you love traveling to different locations, workcamping is a great way never to pay lot rent again, meet new people and never get bored!



Amazon CampForce’s Website Click HERE

Bayview Marina’s Resort Has Monthly Parking

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Bayview Marina Resort Has Monthly RV Parking In Bayview, Idaho

Bayview Marina Resort

Bayview Marina Resort in Bayview, Idaho is a vacation destination that also offers short and long term RV parking and are park model friendly. Bayview Resort has a southern exposure to enjoy almost every day of the year. The office is open 7 days of the week to see the resort. Bayview Marine  Resort is located in a prime spot in the bay with slips  that offer some of the best views of Lake Pend Oreille and the adjoining mountains and is accessible all year around. Lake Pend Oreille has over 200 miles of shoreline that streches over 32 miles from Bayview to Sandpoint, Idaho.

Bayview Marina Resort Offers:

Condo Sites For Sale
Boat Slips
Float Homes
Watercraft Rentals
Cabin Rentals
RV Parking

Hillside RV Monthly Parking

Bayview Marina Resort offers short and long term parking, with a discount for longer terms. The monthly rate includes water, sewer and garbage. Electricity is extra. The parking area is beautifully landscaped with lots of trees. The sites overlook the lake and  vary from 30 to 50 amps. Wifi is available at an extra cost.

3 Month Lease

$675.00 A Month

6 Month Lease

$ 625.00 A Month  

One Year Lease

$600.00 A Month

Gallery Of Hillside RV Monthly Rental Parking : Click HERE

Farragut State Park

Bayview Marina Resort

Farragut State Park is a public recreation area located at the southern tip of Lake Pend Oreille in the Coeur d’Alene Mountains of the Idaho Panhandle in the northwest United States. The 4,000-acre state park is five miles east of Athol in Kootenai County, about thirty miles northeast of Coeur d’Alene.

Bayview Scenic Apartments And RV

Bayview Marina Resort

Bayview Resort also owns Bayview Scenic Apartments and RV located in Bayview, Idaho. They also offer monthly RV rental spaces. Their address is  34297 N Main Ave, Bayview, ID 83803. You can reach them at 208  683-2243. Website: Facebook Click HERE 


 For More Details Contact Kristine at Bayview Marina Resort
17173 E. Pier Rd, Bayview, ID, United States
208 683 2243

Website: Click HERE

Eagle Ford Estates RV Park

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Eagle Ford Estates RV Park In San Antonio, Texas

Eagle Ford RV Estates

Eagle Ford Estates RV Park Offers Both Short And Long Term Rentals

Eagle Ford Estates RV Park offers both short and long term lot rentals, nestled  among 200 beautiful oak trees in San Antonia, Texas. They are park model friendly, have large lots that are not crammed together and have a lot to  offer. Eagle Ford Estates is locally owned and operated and they take pride in the upkeep of the RV resort and treat their guests like family.

Eagle Ford Estates offers the best of both worlds, tucked away in the country with an easy access to downtown San Antonio. San Antonio is the most exciting city in Texas known for the best Tex-Mex food, the River Walk,  the Alamo, the San Antonio Spurs, state of the art medical facilities and more!


Famous River Walk  In San Antonio

Eagle Estates RV Resort

Monthly Costs

Monthly lot rent is $465.00 A Month – Generously includes Water, Sewer, Trash, Internet
Deposit – $80.00

Eagle Ford Estates RV Park Amenities

Eagle Ford Estates RV Resort

Free High Speed Wi-Fi
Oversized Lots Available
All Inclusive Pricing
Extended Stay Welcome
Heavily Shaded Lots
Delivery Laundry Service Available
Pet Friendly (No Dangerous Breeds)
Family Friendly
Quiet Country Setting
Community Picnic Area
Community BBQ Pits & Fire Pits
Hiking Trails – Bird Watching
30 And 50 Amps Available
Outdoor Storage Available

Outdoor Activities

On Sight Hiking Trails, Shooting, Lakes-Shooting-Golf 5-15mi Away

Victor Braunig Lake: Fishing And Boating Only 8 miles Away

Eagle Ford Estates

Victor Braunig Lake :  Details Here

After You Are Rested Head Out To A Robust Night Life In San Antonio !

Eagle Fords Estates: Lots Available

Check out # 47, it backs up to a 100 acre pasture

Details Click Here



For More Details Call Eagle Ford Estates RV Park For More Details And Availability

685 Engelhart Road San Antonio, TX 78264

210 570 3729

Website: Click Here

Beaver Dam Tiny House And RV Resort

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 Beaver Dam

Tiny House And RV Resort Near Austin, Texas

Beaver Dam Tiny House and RV resort has openings for many types of RV’S and tiny homes. Beaver Dam s conveniently located about 25 miles from Austin and around 8 miles from Lockhart on Hwy 183. Beaver Dam has 100 lots designated for RV’s, tiny homes, and short or long term residents. Airbnbs are also allowed.

Short Term Or Long Term Residents Welcome!

Monthly Lot Rent : $410.00 a month with water, sewer and trash included

Nightly Rental: $35.00 No term commitment required

Deposit: $100.00


Spacious lots
Shared Community Garden Coming Soon
Laundry Facilities
Compost toilets allowed
20/30/50 Amps

Type Of Homes Allowed

Tiny Homes
Park Models
Travel Trailers
Bus Conversions
Cargo Container Homes

Insurance Must Be Provided For Your Home

Dogs Welcome

Beaver Dam

Must be leashed


Call James For More Details 512 227 4845

Beaver Dam Tiny House And RV Resort
Hwy North 4889, US-183, Lockhart, TX
Lockhart, Texas 78644

Nationwide Financing

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Nationwide Financing

Nationwide Financing

We have just been given the green light from a lender that is offering nationwide financing. The best rates and terms will be for those with a credit score over 760 and can put down a minimum of 10 to 20%. The rate starts at 5.49%  and it is a 10 year term. They can extend the term to fifteen years, the payment will be lower, but the interest rate would be higher. The lender will work with lower  credit scores as well and views the whole picture of a client and their ability to pay.

Nationwide Financing Loan Options

We will take each customer, case by case and the lender can do consumer loans, commercial and possible home and land packages. They will not loan on shells.

Equity Line Of Credit

An equity line of credit is often one of the best ways to finance your cabin. I have several banks and credit unions that keep in touch with me and let me know when they have specials on their rates that often start as low as 3.50% . It is always best to check with your own bank that you have an ongoing relationship with to get the best rate.

Tips To Improve Your Credit

Do not use more than 30% of your credit limit
Monitor your credit with Credit Karma ( though score is not accurate) Website
Do not close unused cards
Pay your bills on time
Avoid too many inquiries
Apply for new credit only when you have to
Dispute any inaccuracies ( Credit Karma is a great resource)
Keep a low debt to income ratio

I am happy to discuss financing options when you are ready to get started on your custom cabin. To get started, read the Start Here page.

Quote Form


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Off The Grid Options

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off grid

Off The Grid Options

We are now offering off the grid options for our custom cabins. I would like to introduce our solar expert, Thomas Quinlin who will design whatever you require to be off the grid. He will work with your budget and create a plug and play system that even includes a generator that will go on automatically when the batteries need to be charged. You will  have the option to choose your batteries including lead acid, AGM, ( absorbant glass mat) or Lithium batteries. You can also choose US or China manufacturers.

Dave and Thomas can create a system as simple as just running your lights and charging your phone and using you computer or to running your whole home, including an air conditioner.  The larger system can be built on the trailer or on a skid.

Propane Appliances

When you want to go off grid, propane appliances will be the best choice, so remember this as you fill out the quote form.


2 Burner Propane Cook top or 4 Burner stove with oven
Stack able Washer With A Propane Dryer
Propane Fireplace For Heat
On Demand Propane Water Heater


Led lights. Please specify on the quote form.


For insurance purposes, I feel it is wise to have the cabin wired normally and pick either a wall mounted or baseboard heater because insurance companies prefer wired heat as the primary heat source. It is included in the standard price of the cabin.  You can talk to the insurance experts ahead of time. I have great resources. Click Here.

Off The Grid Systems

When you consult with Dave regarding your cabin, Dave will be able to determine if you need a simple system or a complete plug and play system.


509 345 2013


Tiny Home Lots For Rent In Grove, Oklahoma

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Grove Oklahoma

Tiny Home Or RV Lot For Rent In Grove, Oklahoma

Grove Oklahoma

Iron Horse  has two side by side lots available for rent in Grove, Oklahoma  which is the premiere retirement and recreational destination on Grand Lake.

Iron Horse is a 55 and older resort ( One person has to be 55 years of age or older). There is a three month minimum lease required. Each lots starts at an amazing low price of $200.00 a month which includes full hook ups: City water, private septic and yard care. Lots are behind iron pipe fencing on a paved road and blacktop driveway. Tenants pay their own electric with REC. Iron Horse has 20, 30 and 50 amps available. Iron Horse is in there 20th year of business and take pride in the upkeep of the community. Sorry, no pets.

Features And Added Benefits

Grove Oklahoma

Only long term renters ( They offer no nightly or campground rentals)
All tenants are 55 and older
Affordable rent
Landlord lives on site
Each lot has gravel pad and picnic table
Landscaping for privacy and a nice green space
Room for your boat
Iron Horse is one block from a public boat launch ramp, fishing and picnic area on Grand Lake O’Cherokees
Storm Cellar
Near shopping, restaurants and hospitals

Convenient Location

Grove Oklahoma

Iron Horse is only 7 miles northeast of Grove, Oklahoma which is the premiere retirement and recreational destination on Grand Lake. Grove has a new $56 million dollar state of the art hospital called Integris. Grove has a population of a little over 7000 and has a Lowe’s, Walmart, Harp’s Grocery and more. Grove is 30 miles from Joplin, Missouri, a major medial and shopping destination.

Grove Oklahoma

Iron Horse is located one half mile from the historic 1895 Cayuga Mission Church, a major tourist attraction. The church has Sunday morning services and is a beautiful walking destination. Iron Horse is located 3 miles from from Grand Lake Casino and 20 minutes from Seneca, Missouri Indigo Sky Casino which has a two tower luxury hotel, gaming and entertainment.

Grove Oklahoma Is A Premier Retirement City

Grove, Oklahoma, is a perfect market for Tiny Homes, being the premiere retirement City on Grand Lake O’Cherokees, the most popular lake in the 3-State area of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri, and the best fishing lake, around. With the Boomers retiring at a clip of 10,000 per day, and Grove’s median age being 45, it is a perfect place to downsize into an affordable retirement lifestyle.

For More Information Contact

Christina L. Forrest


More Information On Grand Lake

Grand Lake Living

Here you will find everything ranging from all the places to stay at Grand Lake to info on upcoming events to all the places to eat in the area, plus you’ll find the Grand Lake regions most complete business directory, and details on all kinds of Grand Lake real estate.

Our Borrowed Water

Our Borrowed Water, a new documentary detailing the importance of the Grand and Illinois River watersheds, is set to “premiere” to the public on February 19th at teh GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center in Langley.

The event is free and open to the public.

Following the premiere, there will also be time for a short Q&A session about the film.

Additional premier events are being planned at other locations in the GRDA lakes and river areas.

With roughly 70,000 surface acres of lake waters under its control, as well as the waters of the scenic Illinois River, GRDA is second only to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) in terms of jurisdiction over state waters.

GRDA’s ongoing efforts to protect and preserve these waters is evident in many ways, including the work conducted in its water research laboratories, its public outreach programs and ongoing partnerships with other resource agencies across a four-state region.



Buy A Deeded Lot At Lost Lake Resort In Olympia, Wa.

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Buy A Deeded Lot At Lost Lake Resort In Olympia, Wa.

If you are looking for a place to legally live year on the West side in Washington state, I have a recommendation for you. You can buy your own deeded lot at Lost Lake Resort in Olympia, Wa. It is a great option instead of throwing your money away on renting a lot. Lots start at 1400 square feet.

Lost Lake Resort is  50 miles from Seattle off of Interstate 5 and is nestled in a secluded, wooded area in the Nisqually Valley. You will have the best of both worlds to live in a forest and be conveniently close to the Amtrak, Tacoma Mall, Fort Lewis Public Golf Course, restaurants, hospitals and all the pleasures of city life.

There have a lot of amenities and are offering introductory reductions and possible financing. They are park model friendly. See restrictions. FAQ. They do require that park models have a natural cedar siding look with a green roof.

Lost Lake Resort Amenities

Lost Lake Resort


Security office visitor registration, mail service
Equipment checkout, propane purchases
Men’s/women’s locker rooms with showers and sauna
Coin-operated laundry
Game rooms
Exercise room
Lake clubhouse with kitchen and fireplace
Two public restrooms with showers


Lost Lake Resort

11-acre private lake stocked with Rainbow Trout and other fish
Paved roads for walking and bike riding
Lake swimming area
Paddle boat rental
Basketball/ tennis/pickle ball court
Miniature golf Course
Picnic areas
Community sites
Large, heated indoor/outdoor pool open Memorial Day to Labor Day

 For A Tour And More Info On Site Sales

Call Tammy Thompson,  (360) 878-1588

Website Lost Lake Resort





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