Oregon Titling Park Models

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Oregon Clarifies Tilting Park Models

Park Models

Bill Update Effective January 1st, 2020

Allows Optional Titling of Park Model RVs by DMVHouse Bill2333 Effective Date: Jan.1, 2020

“Park Model Recreational Vehicle” (PMRV) is the term for a cabin-like structure, manufactured for temporary or seasonal use, mounted on a trailer, and having an area less than 400 square feet. Most exceed the usual 8.5 foot maximum widthto be considered a “vehicle” under current Oregon statute. They have been existing in a legal gray area for some time, with no state or local agency issuing them an ownership document. Such documents are routinely required for purchasers to secure financing. House Bill2333 codifies a definition of PMRVs, to be further detailedby DMV in rule, and specifies PMRV’s eligibilityfor an ownership document at DMV via the optional titling statute. The bill specifically prohibits DMV from issuing registration ( license plates ) to a PMRV.

Article Source Oregon.Gov

Oregon Update July 3rd, 2019

Article Source Tiny Home Industry Association

In 2017, The Oregon Building Codes Division Changed The Definition Of Park Models

In 2017,  Oregon decided not to allow park models to be titled at the DMV, after the Oregon Building Codes Division changed the definition of  park models.  I am simplifying the story, but it actually turned out to be a mistake. See articles at the end of the blog post for the backstory.

This decision caused an avalanche of problems for consumers, builders, lenders,  zoning and over all anyone involved in this industry in the state, or manufacturers from other states that sold to parties in Oregon.

We actually had an Oregon  customer in the middle of this mess. I spoke with an assessor’s office in the state a year ago and he advised me to have the customer come into the office and they would be given a Home ownership’s document and added to a personal property tax roll. He also told me they would then  appraise the home sometime after Jan. 1st. A title could not be issued.

Spring Forward To Today

I decided to do some research on this today to see if Oregon had changed it’s views on titling park models. I found an article saying it had finally been clarified and they were going to be titling them again.

I called the same assessor’s office and they told me that nothing had changed. I mentioned the article and they were not aware of it. I then googled a Bend builder and he clarified everything for me and in fact was a moving force of changing the ruling. I spoke to Micheal J of 121 Tiny Homes. He was gracious with his time and I was grateful that he cleared it up for me and potential customers.

After speaking to him, I found only about 3 more articles. You would think such an announcement would have been widely covered in the media and celebrated, but the new ruling was barely even
covered and not all parties that needed to know the ruling were notified.

Press Release From The State And DMV

After a lot of research, I found a press release from both the DMV and the State, so I feel confident that I am sharing relevant news, even though it is a year old. Yes park models can be titled in Oregon again!

SALEM – The Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD), in cooperation with Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services (DMV), filed an administrative rule June 1, 2018, to help provide a mechanism for recreational park trailer (tiny houses on wheels) manufacturers to obtain an ownership document from DMV.

The new rule defines a “recreational park trailer” as:

• A single living unit that is primarily designed and completed on a single chassis, mounted on wheels, to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or other seasonal use;

• Is certified by the manufacturer as complying with a nationally recognized standard for the construction of recreational vehicles; and

• Has a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet in the setup mode.

“We believe this rule will help provide clarity for manufacturers and allow an unfettered path to titling these types of recreational vehicles in Oregon,” said Mark Long, Building Codes Division administrator.

BCD filed the rule change after learning its attempt to deregulate this important emerging industry inadvertently affected the eligibility for tiny houses on wheels to apply for a vehicle title.

Under the new rule, DMV will be able to issue a title for recreational park trailers and file the ownership information in its records. Recreational park trailers may be moved in the following ways:

• Shipping by a commercial moving company

• Vehicle trip permit from DMV –http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/vehicle/trippermit.aspx

• Over-dimension permit from the Motor Carrier Transportation Division if the load is more than 8.5 feet wide – http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/MCT/Pages/Over-Dimensio…

DMV is currently informing staff at its 60 field offices and headquarters processing center to start accepting title applications for recreational park trailers.

Any time you need to visit a DMV office, first check www.OregonDMV.com to find office hours and locations, and to make sure you have everything you need before your visit. You also can do some DMV business from home at OregonDMV.com.

The Building Codes Division is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon’s largest business regulatory and consumer protection agency. Visit www.bcd.oregon.gov.

Contact Info:
Brett Salmon, stakeholder outreach/public affairs
Building Codes Division

David House, DMV/Motor Carrier Public Affairs

Article From Oregon.Gov

Article From DMV

Tiny Home Builders Say Rule Keeps Industry Small

This is a little bit of the back story in Oregon. Click Here.

Proposed Oregon Rule May Impact Park Models

Article  Click Here.

Oregon Ends State’s Options For Movable Tiny Houses

Article Click Here

Where The Madness Began

Article Source Click Here

BCD Issues New RV Construction Rule Feb 3th, 2017

The changes were developed because of confusion as to when a building is to be considered a temporarily occupied recreational vehicle and when it falls under the requirements of the building code. Many recreational vehicles can be designed to look like a regular house, such as is common with the so called “Park models.” The rule change will allow the local community to regulate when temporary structures can be occupied and when building permits will be required for those that are deemed to not be temporary.

Article Source Oregon Home Builders Association

More Backstory: Public Comments On Reddit

Article Click Here

Down Payment Assistance: Nedco

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Down Payment Assistance: Nedco


Nedco which stands for Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit community development corporation in Oregon City, Oregon. Nedco services the entire state of Oregon.

They Have Openings Now

One of the reasons I want to share this non profit is because they have an IDA program and they have some openings now! Oregon is one of the top states for IDAs. Many of the programs are full with a waiting list or funding through a lottery, so I was thrilled to find one with some openings! Zach Janousek, an Asset Building Specialist in charge of this program told me that they are often full, but then they begin again the next year.

First I want to let everyone know about the services of Nedco and their IDA program and at the end of the blog post, I will share how this fits into buying a tiny home. There is also an up and coming grant for a down payment assistance for a home purchase coming soon! Keep reading. If you are not an Oregon  resident, I have a link for the National Directory Of IDAs below. Also check out Operation Tiny Home to see if you are eligible for their Nationwide down payment assistance grant. The link is below.

What Is An IDA: Matching Savings Account 3:1

An IDA account is designed  to help build assets through a matched saving account called a Individual Development Account. IDAs provide financial skills needed to save for life-changing economic transformations such as home ownership or going to school to get a better job or to prepare for a purchase.

Please Note: Every non profit that offers an IDA program has different requirements and stipulations of what the money can be used for. Nedco has a vast list of uses.

IDA Funds Is A Grant: You Do Not Pay It Back!

Nedco obtains state funds to make the IDA program possible. The match money is a grant to you; it is not a loan and does not need to be paid back. Learn more here.

IDAs Can Be Used For

  • Home Purchase
  • Post Secondary Education For Account Holder
  • Small Business Start Up
  • Business Expansion
  • Car Purchase
  • Home Repair

General Eligibility Requirements 

You must meet the following general eligibility requirements to participate in the program:

  1. Be an Oregon Resident
  2. Have a household adjusted gross income, according to household size, at or below 80% of the median for your county. Check here for details.
  3. Have a household net worth at or below $20,000. Please see the attached IDA Net Worth Calculation Worksheet.

How Does the Program Work?

As an IDA participant, you have several responsibilities:

  • Complete a total of 16 hours of education – 8 hours of financial education (Financial Foundations) and 8 hours of education specific to the asset you are saving for.. You must complete Financial Foundations prior to enrollment. Click here to find a class in Lane, Marion or Clackamas counties.
  • Demonstrate your ability to save by saving at least $25 in your own savings account for two consecutive months before applying for the IDA program (you can do this while you are completing the Financial Foundations course).
  • Work with a NEDCO Asset Building Specialist to create a budget based on 30 days of tracked expenses, reflecting your ability to save on a monthly basis to reach your savings goal.
  • Establish a savings goal and timeline for completion including making regular monthly deposits toward your goal in a joint/custodial account with NEDCO.
  • There is a $ 75.00 application fee collected at the time of enrollment into the program.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to enroll in our Financial Foundations Education Series (required 8 hours of financial education).

See the current class listing and fees here.

Full Details Of The IDA Program: Click Here

Additional Services Nedco Provides

  • Financial Stability Services
  • Foreclosure Intervention
  • Microentreprise Services
  • Homeownership

Save For Your Down Payment For Your Tiny Home!

I was first introduced to the IDA program by one of our customers who had all ready been saving in the program for a few years and he was able to use the funds for down payment assistance on the tiny home that Dave built for him. He had a 3: 1 matched savings account and $ 6000 was contributed to his account and he did not have to pay it back. See story.

Saving and planning for your tiny home purchase often takes years and I know to some it seems fruitless. I hear everyone’s stories and dreams and I love to help make it happen. Having an IDA savings account could help cut your wait time substantially.

Tiny Homes In Nedco’s Program Accepted With Conditions

I spoke with Zach Janousek, an Asset Building Specialist with Nedco today and he was very open minded regarding using the IDA funds for a down payment for a tiny home with conditions case by case.

1) A Tiny Home that is placed on the account holders own land or land that is in a trust or a community trust- will be in the housing program. In the housing program, it has to be proven that the home will be on stable owned property, not rented. Zach can clarify this.

2) A Tiny Home that is placed in an RV Park or Resort- will be in the vehicle program.

Down Payment Assistance: Nedco

Zach also told me about a new program that is going to be offered soon hopefully by the end of July or August. The down payment assistance will be immediate and does not require matched funds or time. The criteria is the same as for the IDA. The amount of the grant for a down payment of your home will be up to $10,000!

Are You Ready To Buy Now?

This down payment assistance could be a miracle for many. You will have to have this all ready planned and thought out, where you are going to live legally, loan approval, funds for insurance, transport,  set up cost and more…………….

This could be the perfect help someone needs! Reminder- we have Nationwide Financing. Read the details. With A+ credit, the bank requires 10 to 20% down and case by case- they can do land purchases as well. They consider A+ credit a 760 credit score. They do do loans with a lower score.

Zach is not sure how many grants will be given, I hope this helps someone reading this!

Please Call Zach Janousek Regarding The Details Of The IDA Accounts And Down Payment Assistance

503 655 8974


421 High St Ste 110

Oregon City, OR 97045

Oregon Sources For IDAs

Casa Of Oregon
Oregon IDA Initiative

National IDA Directory

Prosperity Now

Operation Tiny Home: Dave is an approved builder


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What Is Hipcamp?

Hipcamp partners with property owners to create new places for people to get outside—whether that’s pitching a tent on land, or staying in an existing structure like a small cabin.

Hosts sign up with Hipcamp and create a listing that shows the area(s) available to Hipcampers.



Hipcampers book and pay for their stay directly through Hipcamp, and hosts keep 90% of the payment. Hosts set their own prices and are covered by Hipcamp’s $1 million liability insurance.

Do You All Ready Have A Tiny Home Village?


Hipcamp could be the perfect fit if you al ready allow camping and have an outdoor shower and bathroom set up outside or even a porta potty for extra income.

Is Your Land A Fit?



Hipcamp properties range from two acres to thousands, from developed campgrounds to raw land, from rustic cabins to glamping tents, from working farms to remote forests. Campers can book primitive tent camping with no official “amenities,” to glamping setups with every modern comfort included.

The diversity of options is what makes Hipcamp special, and we bet your land has something great to offer the community.

What knits all Hipcamp hosts together is simple: an interest in sharing your slice of heaven with others, and the desire to protect your land for future generations.

Invitation To Become A Host: Make A $100.00

Want to become a Host? Join with my referral code and we each make $100.00 after you book your first camper. Please use my code.

Earn Money


Host our community of nature lovers to earn extra income for your dream projects, property management, home expenses, and more—all while enjoying the security of our $1 million safety guarantee.

One Million Dollar Safety Guarantee: Wow!!

We are thrilled to provide hosts with our full support and the peace of mind that they will be taken care of in the rare event of a camper injury or property damage. Hipcamp currently has two ways to protect you: The Hipcamp Insurance Policy and the Property Protection Plan.

Hipcamp Insurance Policy

In order to have a live listing on Hipcamp and receive bookings, it is required you have the proper insurance in place. There are two ways to be covered:

  1. Leverage your own commercial insurance policy. If you have one, this will be your best bet!
  2. Qualify to be covered under Hipcamp’s own Insurance Policy. Qualified hosts will be protected for up to $1 million for general liability claims per occurrence. This policy would be in excess to your homeowner’s insurance, and in the event you do not have coverage under a homeowner’s insurance, this would act as your primary coverage.

In order to qualify to be covered under Hipcamp’s Insurance Policy, you must:

  • Never have been convicted of a felony;
  • Have no homeowner’s or renter’s liability claims against you in the past 3 years;
  • Not be a Commercial Campground;

To list your land and see if you qualify for our Insurance Policy.

How does the Hipcamp Insurance Policy work?

Hipcamp provides Registered Hosts insurance for third party claims through the Hipcamp Host Protection Plan. The Insurance Policy covers both Hipcamp and its registered Hosts as insureds. This insurance does not replace a Host’s homeowners policy, but rather is designed to provide liability protection not typically afforded by a homeowners policy. Insurance is provided at no additional charge, for all bookings processed on the Hipcamp platform. Insurance is only available to valid, uncancelled bookings made through hipcamp.com. It is the responsibility of the host to confirm any changes to their eligibility under the requirements listed above.

Full Details

 How Much Money Can I Make?

Put in your zipcode and you will be give an estimate. Click Here.

What Should I Charge?


For tent camping, we recommend pricing similar to local public campgrounds in your area, generally $10 – $40/night.

For structures such as cabins, glamping tents, etc.—the range is broader, from $40 – $250/night, depending on the amenities offered, location, etc.

What we’ve learned is that it’s best to start on more affordable side to get your first few bookings in, then if you want, move to a higher price as you get the experience ironed out.

Learn more about maximizing your earnings on Hipcamp.

Most Desirable Amenities


1) Fire Rings/ Grills
2) Drinking Water
3) Toilets And Showers
4) Pets Allowed
5) Signage


Bonus: Access To Local Foods

Details Click Here

Discover Camps


Are you looking for cool hipcamp sites yourself or want to discover how the other hosts are doing this, Click Here

Invitation To Become A Host: Make A $100.00

Want to become a Host? Join with my referral code and we each make $100.00 after you book your first camper. Please use my code. 

Check Out Harvest Hosts as well, especially if you have goods to sell like crafts, produce, wine, have a farmer’s market, etc….. Details Click Here.

Tiny Home Lots: Oldtown, Idaho

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Tiny Home Lots: Oldtown, Idaho


River Terrace Mobile Home Park is on 25 acres in a quiet setting outside of Oldtown, Idaho. The park is only 2 miles to Newport, 19 miles to Spirit Lake, 30 minutes to Sandpoint and Spokane. The park is suitable for all ages and they prefer long term tenants. Huge lot sizes, the largest in the city.

Do all your shopping in nearby Newport/Oldtown. Enjoy the beautiful views, peaceful days, and fresh Northwest air. Fishing, hunting, and shopping are just minutes away.

Types Of Homes Allowed

Models 2005 Or Later:
Tiny Homes
Park Models
Mobile Homes

Features And Requirements

Huge Lot Sizes: 80 X 80
Space Rent is $295.00 A Month
Security Deposit$400.00
Water And Sewer Included
Credit And Criminal Background Check: $ 40 Fee
Must Have An Income Of $1500.00 Monthly
Proof Of Insurance And Liability On Your Home

Tenant Is Required To Pay Electric And Trash

Each lot has their own electric meter and you can take your trash to the dump or set up trash pickup for yourself.

Zero Tolerance For Drugs

For the safety of the community, there is a zero tolerance for drugs or addictive behaviors.


Pet Policy


Small dog ok with deposit. No cats, pitbulls or large attack dogs allowed

Amazing Location On The Outskirts Of Oldtown

I am so happy to share this park because it is so needed in this particular area and is so conveniently located to all your daily needs including hospitals, shopping, employment, outdoor activities, the mountains, lakes with gorgeous views.

About Oldtown, Idaho


Oldtown is a town in Bonner County, Idaho and suburb of Newport, Washington, with a population of 184 at the 2010 census. It is located on the Pend Oreille River, just east of Newport.

What To Do In Newport

Newport is known for music and arts festivals, farmers markets, movies in the park, car shows, golf tournaments and for the whole family. Click Here

Please Note

The park is being converted from am older mobile home park and Walt is in the process of tearing older mobiles down and it is a work in progress.

Call Walt Today And Get Your Pick Of The Best Lots!

River Terrace Mobile Home Park

635 Silver Birch Lane,

Oldtown, ID 83822

Call Walt 626 241 5305




Working Capital Loan

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Working  Capital Loan

Business Capital

Financing A Commercial Project

Business Capital

If you are an established business such as a Mobile Home Park, RV Park, Cabin Resort, Airbnb business, Tiny Home Village or you want to provide workforce housing for your employees, I can refer you to a lender that does our commercial financing.

There is a trend of mobile home and RV parks, updating their homes and turning their communities into tiny home villages.

If you are interested in obtaining financing, please give me a call and I will direct you to the right lender. In the past we could not help a new start up because of all the traditional requirements such as two years of  tax returns, so I have branched out to other means of financing such as a working capital loan.

Dave Offers A Multiple Unit Discount

Dave often offers a multiple unit discount if they are all built at the same time.

Stay In Our Cabins

Business Capital

Please review my Stay In Our Cabins page, I am adding businesses that  clients  are using our cabins for Airbnbs, vacation rentals and long term rentals. If you want to try before you buy, you can stay in our cabins to admire the craftsmanship, get a feel for the size and enjoy the smell of the pine interior. You will never be limited to what you see, all cabins are custom built to your dreams.

Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan is a short term loan  for businesses that need funds for their day to day operations such as equipment financing, payroll, a cash cushion, expansion or new business opportunity and accounts receivable as examples.

Business Capital

A Working Capital Loan Is For Both A+ And Borrowers With Poor Credit

Funding is usually in 24 to 48 hours and no personal collateral is required.

Business Capital

Working Capital Loan Examples: Up To $ 5,000,000

We have had customers finance our cabins as an Equipment Loan

Equipment Upgrades
Business Expansion
Marketing Campaigns
Taxes And Payroll
Equipment Leasing
Equipment Financing
Accounts Receivable
Purchase Agreements

Business Capital

Top 6 Small Business Working Capital Loans 2019

FitSmallBusiness.com has researched the best small business working capital loans for borrowers with the best to the poorest credit, including the pros and cons and reviews from customers. FitSmallBusiness includes providers that loan on Start Ups and for those needing longer terms, up to 10 years.

On Deck: Loans up to $500,000 for borrowers with good credit.

Loan Builder: Loans up $500,000 for businesses that need fast funding for startups and is fast and affordable

Blue Vine: Loans up to $5,000,000 for businesses that need to borrow against their invoices

Funding Circle: Loans up to $500,000 for creditworthy businesses needing medium-term loans (up to 5 years) with low rates.

National Funding: Loans up to $250,000 for borrowers who frequently get paid by credit cards

Smartbiz: Loans up to $ 350,000 for businesses that need working capital up to 10 years with low rates.

Please give me a call for more details about financing your commercial or personal project.

Personal Nationwide Financing


509 345 2013

Tiny Home Villages

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Tiny Home Villages

Tiny Home Villages

I have been writing about tiny home villages for a couple of years and I just love it! Every time I write about a new location, I feel transported there for awhile. I love connecting people! It makes me very happy when I have connected a new village that is seeking members to a person that is trying to find long term parking for their tiny home, because that is one of the greatest challenges.

I only write about tiny home villages that I have personally spoken with and have confirmed that they do take tiny homes and park models. I like to do complete blog posts on each community instead of just sharing a link because I feel it is helpful to share their amenities, benefits, vision, mission, animal policies and ideas on community to connect the right people.

Tiny Home Villages

If you have a village, resort, RV Park, Mobile Home Park that allows tiny homes, or even a  spot in your backyard or whatever kind of community you are, I would LOVE to write about it. You can see examples I have written about in the categories in my blog under quite a few categories such as Texas RV Rental lots, tiny home communities, etc……. Please contact me and even if you get full fast, you can create a waiting list and it will be a permanent link.

I want to address some very helpful ideas to protect tiny home villages to create a safe environment and prevent problems that can easily be prevented from my own experience and others that I have personally known.

I want to share my heart a lot in this blog post. I am going to touch on a lot of subjects from insurance, fire safety, to our longing for community, Round Up and the importance of not wasting and loving and blessing our water and more. This is my village in Washington state.

Seventh Generation Principle

Tiny Home Villages

Tiny Home Villages founded with the Seventh Generation Principle and added to a part of our culture is so important at this time. The Seventh Generation Principle was taught by the Native Americans. To sum it up in a few words is you have to ask yourself in every decision you make whether it be personal, as a community, governmental or corporate, we must consider how it will effect our descendants seven generations into the future. I love this! Think about a world we could have if everyone stopped a moment and asked this of our self and others.


Insurance For Tiny Home Villages

Tiny Home Villages

For anyone that has a tiny home village or is going to start one and you are going to be have  people come to your property with their own tiny home, I would suggest you speak with your own insurance company and get their advice on where your coverage  and liability begins and ends and tell them the types of homes you are going to allow, to make sure their are  no conflicts if there is a claim. A good example is if you allow someone to construct a tiny home on your property. You might suggest they have insurance for a tiny home under construction.

Require That A Tenant Has Insurance Including Liability On Their Own Home

I have been surprised at the amount of new or even formed tiny home villages that have not thought to require that their tenants have insurance and liability. I lost everything in a fire because of someone else’s negligence, so this is a subject close to my heart. A good example, I had someone that was going to move to my property and they had  a DIY Skoolie conversion with a wood stove as their primary heating source.

I had to turn him down because he had insurance, but it was for being on the road and the company did not  know he had a wood stove for heat. I knew if there was a claim, the company would not pay because had not revealed everything truthfully to them. If something happened on my property, who would pay to remove any damage if the tenant had no money, lost their home and the claim was refused?

Tiny Home Insurance: Resources For Every Need For Park Models And Tiny Homes

You Might Consider An HOA For Your Tiny Home Village

Excellent article from Fitsmallbusiness

Fire Safety Requirements

  • Proof Of Insurance And An Understanding Of What It Covers
  • Requirement For Working Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Periodic Inspections ( I Change My Batteries In My Rentals Every Six Months )
  • Establish Rules For Fire Pits, BBQ Grills
  • If You Allow Smoking On The Grounds: Establish Rules And Sand Pots For Butts
  • Establish Rules On Handing  Fire Pits Before You Retire For The Night
  • Keep All Weeds And Brush Mowed Down
  • When Using Propane: Example: Torching Weeds-Have A Hose Nearby
  • Establish Protocol For Storage And Disposal Of Flammable Items And Products
  • Christmas Tree Safety
  • Firework Safety

Extra Fire Precautions

  • If You Leave A Senior That Is Wheelchair Bound-Do They Have A Phone, Life Alert Or Some Way They Can Get Help
  • Educate Your Tenants On Fire Safety When Their Are Children In Your Community
  • Pet Stickers On Your Windows
  • What Is Their Heating Source?
  • What Codes Or Certification Was Used When Home Was Built Addressing Safety Issues
  • What Is The Condition Of Their Wiring In Their Home?
  • Condition Of A/C – Do They Know To Clean The Filter- Does The A/C Have An Economy Switch That Turns It Off Periodically?
  • Egress Exits  Especially In The Lofts To Escape In Case Of Fire
  • Deep Cleaning Of Dryer Vents- Huge Cause Of Fires : Special Tool To Get Deep Into The Dryer

Top Causes Of Fires: Source: National Fire Protection Association

  • Candles : Top Three Days: Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day
  • Cooking: Pots, Microwaves, Turkey Fryer, Cooking Oil, Leaving Burners On
  • Electrical: Extension Cords Are A Huge Source Of Fires
  • Heating: Peak Months For Home Fires December, January, February: Cause Space Heaters
  • Smoking: One Of The Leading Causes Of Fire Deaths In The US

Article Source From NFPA

Tiny Home Villages: Have Periodic Fire Safety Meetings

I suggest to have periodic fire safety meetings  periodically. Make it fun over and have it with a pot lock. Prevention is key. Besides my own experience, there have numerous total losses from fires from people that live close to me, perhaps that could have been prevented.

  • A Family Near By Had A Total Loss Of Their Home Because Of Old Faulty Wire. They Were Not Insured Because Of The Old Wiring
  • The Family Also Lost Their Large Dog That Was Too Big To Escape The Dog Door: Hurts My Heart To Share This One
  • A Family Had A Total Loss Of Their Home Nearby: The Owner Proudly Had Just Finished Staining  His Deck And He Left Rags With Stains On Them On A Stack Of Wood  On A Hot Summer Day And They Spontaneously Combusted

Do Not Plug In A 220 Appliance Into A 110 Outlet

I recently saw this in a restaurant where a window heating element for food started smoking because it was a 220 appliance plugged into a 110 outlet.

Leave Phone Chargers Away From Children And Use Outlets Away From Their Reach

Sadly, I saw that a child died because she put the other end of the phone charger in her mouth while it was plugged in. So sad to share, but sharing saves lives. Article Source.

Pet Safety

Tiny Home Villages

I am such a lover of animals, especially dogs and we have to think ahead for their safety. I suggest the following and what I ask for in my own community.

Seeds Of Death: By Gary Null

Stop Using Round Up: Causes Cancer

I urge everyone to stop using Cancer causing Round Up.  It is not safe for humans or our dogs and cats. There are too many great alternatives. Lawsuits have been won and that is just the beginning. They are not being sued because it causes cancer, they are being sued because they KNEW it caused cancer and kept it hidden.

I have been on my property for 9 years and I absolutely do not allow it. The previous owner used it for 7 years and sadly died of cancer. Costco has taken it off the shelves. I also do not allow seeds that are GMO and I request that everyone use biodegradable products. The power is in OUR HANDS. We simply do NOT have to buy what kills us and the earth.

Alternatives To Round Up

  • Solarization – Smothering Weeds With Dark Cloths, Tarps, Carpets
  • Propane Blow Torch
  • Mix Vinegar, Dawn And Epsom Salt
  • Create Clover Lawns To Smother Weeds
  • Goats

Longing For Their Tribe

What I have encountered since being involved in the tiny home culture, is a beautiful, educated, spiritual, kind group of folks that are longing for their tribe, their people. They are looking to get out of the rat race, get out of debt and find a deeper meaning.  I listen to everyone’s individual dreams from as simple as just a cabin nestled in the woods, to someone who wants their aging parent on their property offering sovereignty, individual privacy and as a great alternative to the high cost of assisted living.

Others are creating Airbnbs for their retirement income and I have helped  people who thought they could never own a home of their own to having one custom built with an affordable loan. It is a great feeling at the end of the day. Pride of ownership is spreading in the tiny home world! Have you ever noticed the amazing smiles in all the tiny home videos as people are showing their incredible, unique creations. I will never forget the joy of seeing my cabin coming down the road behind the semi truck. I was in pure bliss!

Love And Bless Our Water

I have a thing about water being wasted. I have studied a lot about water and it responds to all emotions. Water responds to hate and love and is conscious and it records. I want to share the most amazing documentary on water.

The 11th Hour

Tiny Home Villages

This is a Hopi Prayer and very fitting and speaks to our longing to find our people and is very fitting when you gather your members for a tiny home village.

A Hopi Elder Speaks

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.  And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, “This could be a good time!”

    “There is a river flowing now very fast.  It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.  They will try to hold on to the shore.   They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

    “Know the river has its destination.  The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water.   And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.  At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves.  For the moment that we do,  our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

    “The time for the lone wolf is over.  Gather yourselves!  Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

— attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

Gathering Your Tribe

It is very helpful to think carefully about who you want in your village and create a vision, mission and put out the call that resonates with your lifestyle. It is very crucial to describe in detail what you want. Are you wanting members to be social and work together on projects? What are your thoughts? Are you a retirement community, all age, vegan, artists, musicians, spiritual as examples, how do you see the members interacting? You could even be complete home bodies that want to attract others that are just content at home.

If you are looking for your tribe, please look in the categories in the blog, hopefully to find the perfect fit for you.



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ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

In ANSI, ASTM E541-10, Certification by Janet Thome

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Sadly, there has been some purposeful disinformation circulating regarding our certification company and  a ANSI standard that if you do a search, it will say  ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn. I want to set the record straight and include a statement from Pacific West Associates and Pacific West Tiny Homes, our inspection and certification company, along with articles from ANSI regarding the standard that is withdrawn and the recommended alternative. I am also referencing and including complete articles from ANSI that explain why standards are withdrawn.

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Withdrawn Rationale:

This specification was initiated to meet the needs of regulatory programs for the certification of manufactured building.

Formerly under the jurisdiction of Committee E36 on Accreditation & Certification, this specification was withdrawn in January 2019 in accordance with section 10.6.3 of the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees, which requires that standards shall be updated by the end of the eighth year since the last approval date.

New Standard ASTM E699-16

Agencies involved in testing, quality assurance and evaluating building components can be evaluated by using Practice E699.

Article Source: Full Article

Update From Pacific West Associates And Pacific West Tiny Homes

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn: Response From Alex With Pacific West Tiny Homes

Hello everyone! We are dropping in to give an update to something some of you might have noticed, and some of you might have missed!

Recently the ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) withdrew their print edition E541-10 standard, which we cite in our references. The new, more widely encompassing standard is ASTM E699-16. We are still qualified under this standard, and as we have had some misinformation spreading about the withdrawal, we felt it was right to inform everyone. The standard references have been updated on our website and marketing materials!

We still meet all requirements for a certification agency as defined by ASTM, through our parent company Pacific West Associates, Inc.

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is an inspection agency, and our parent company is Pacific West Associates, Inc. who certifies the product with over 30 years of qualifications and experience. Our president, Chuck Ballard, sits on the committees that writes the standards for NFPA 1192 and ANSI A119.5! This is the same code that RVIA and PWA certify to.

Please feel free to call Alex at 816-716-6271 or Chuck at 503-970-1474 with any questions you might have!

Very Classy Response

I appreciate the very class response Alex put out. There is way more to the story, but Alex took the high road.

Withdrawn ASTM International Standards

As voting takes place via technical committees, standards may be revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn. Revised standards general keep their existing designation, with the simple alteration of the year of publication. Reaffirmed standards are identical to their predecessors.

Withdrawn standards, which may result from the consolidation of multiple standards into one, or even the decision that the standard document serves little purpose in industry, are no longer active.

With an omnifarious reach through over 12,000 active international standards, a lot of specifications and guidelines once published from ASTM have been withdrawn over time.

Article Source  From The American National Standards Institute ANSI
 Pacific West Associates: Website
Pacific West Tiny Homes: Website


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Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

In Tiny Home Parking, Tiny House Community, Wa RV Lot Rentals by Janet Thome

Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Hearthouse Tiny Village is my tiny home community in Marlin,  Washington State. It has a population of under 50 people which I love! Marlin is 4 hours from Seattle, 2 hours from Spokane and 40 minutes from Moses Lake, Wa. Moses Lake is a city with around 22,000 people and has many employment opportunities in manufacturing with full benefits.

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Far From The Maddening Roads

I feel so blessed to be here. As I sit here writing, the sun is shining, my dogs are lined up around me, I have  all the windows open and I can hear the peaceful sound of the waterfalls in the pond.

Hearthouse Tiny Village

All the flowers are in bloom and the aroma is mesmerizing. I am surrounded by  exquisite shades of emerald and soft green foliage and trees, some that are 100 feet tall,  that leaves me in awe of the miracles of life and creation. I have a peace of heaven, here on earth. Can you believe this is the desert?

Driving Into Marlin

Hearthouse Tiny Village

I will never forget my last trip moving from Seattle, knowing I never had to be stuck in travel and  I could let go of that feeling of anguish you have in crowds that make you feel unsafe, or worrying if you were going to be robbed.

My Favorite Tree Going Toward Ephrata: Where Eagles Nest

Hearthouse Tiny Village

I have traded the city lights for stars and the hustle and bustle for a life that is more peaceful, calm and about simple joys.

Trading Traffic For A Quiet Road With Gorgeous Nature Everywhere You Look!

Hearthouse Tiny Village

No Crime Here

There is no crime here. I guess the worst thing that happened was when were forwarded  a letter from our internet company that they received from Los Angeles because someone on the property downloaded a Game Of Thrones episode and warned us not to do it again. When they mailed the letter they probably thought where in the world is Marlin?

About Marlin

Hearthouse Tiny Village

Beautiful Creek Nearby

Hearthouse Tiny Village

About Marlin

Marlin is the smallest incorporated town in Washington. Our mayor raises free range cattle and there is an amazing array of wild life roaming free here like deer, wild turkeys, adorable little beavers, eagle sightings  and twice I have seen a gorgeous blue heron. The sunsets with take your breath away.

Most of the town is deserted and there are  some possible buying opportunities here that are not listed. There is not much going on here, but that is how I like it.

Hearthouse Tiny Village: Wa. State

Hearthouse Tiny Village is on 2 acres and consists of two tiny home rentals, a darling little yellow home, the cabin Dave built for me called the Nostalgia Cottage, a space for a Tiny Home or RV and my home. I am blessed to have a shop, greenhouse and an old barn. Both of my tiny homes are rented, but I can put you on a list if there is an opening. We all have our own space, privacy with our own fenced area.

Little Yellow Tiny Home

Hearthouse Tiny Village

The Nostalgia Cottage

Tiny Home Parking Available Now

I have a large fenced area, around 3000 square feet  for a tiny home or an RV. Please give me a call if you are interested.  I have it set up for 30 or 50 Amps. It needs some landscaping love and I would give the first month free if you want to invest in some trees or a clover lawn or in some way help to make it gorgeous.

Who Would Be A Good Fit

Open to all ages that love a rural lifestyle
Drug free, addiction free
Open Communicator
Must LOVE Dogs!
More dogs allowed: case by case
Must use compost toilet
Must use biodegradable products
Participate in recycling
Social but respectful of privacy
No forced gatherings
Home Must Be Insured
Would love someone who gardened!


Please Contact Me If You Want To Know More


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Discovery Culture Seeks Caretaker Couple

In Caretaker Wanted, Tiny Home Parking, Tiny House Community, Wa RV Lot Rentals by Janet Thome

Discovery Culture Permaculture Farm

Discovery Culture is a collective permaculture forestry farm, HipCamp Host and Tiny Home Village in the quaint town of Discovery Bay, WA. They have a gorgeous 10 acre property. Their friend and neighbor shares the driveway with them and they are doing a lot  of similar work like natural houses, orchards, and parties right next to them  on their 20 acre parcel.

Discovery Culture


It is  only a 3 minute walk to Salmon Creek, the Discovery Bay estuary, the Discovery Bay store Complex, and the Olympic Discovery Trail. The community of Discovery Bay is an area near the intersection of U.S. Route 101 and State Route 20, at the foot of Discovery Bay – roughly midway between the larger communities of Port Townsend to the northeast and Sequim to the northwest.

Discovery Culture

Discovery Bay Store Complex:  Only A 3 Minute Walk

The store complex is amazing with a natural food store, an outdoor gear exchange, a cannabis store, and a pub/coffees shop. It is a thriving hub of activity.

Discovery Culture has a year round stream, nursery, orchards, gardens, ducks, and cats.

They have a small community living and working here. Discovery Culture is  comprised of young adults who have immense passion and entrepreneurship for life and projects. Healthy living and personal empowerment are their modus operandi. They  use permaculture design as a lens on how to live and interact with the landscape.

They  are seeking a caretaker couple and more community members to both live as renters and to buy into the land and help with projects. Profit sharing is available  to community members who wish to engage in their projects.

Please review their mission, values, personality types. age group and  goals to see if you are a fit for the community.

Discovery Culture

Seeking A Caretaker Couple With A Tiny Home

  • Prefer A Couple With A Small Family : Kids Are Welcome!
  • Will Consider A Simple Person ( Feel free to contact them- there might be another opportunity )
  • Must Bring Your Own Tiny Home or RV ( Must Be Insured )
  • Lot Rent Discounted To $ 250.00 + Work Trade
  • Desire Healthy People
  • Desire People Who Want To Engage Socially And As A Community
  • Work trade Is Their Preference

Seeking Airbnb Partnership

Discovery Culture would love to create a partnership with someone who owns a Tiny Home that would either want to share in the revenue and have all of the profit go toward them purchasing the home. Contact Steve for details.

Caretaker And Member Benefits

  • Possibility To Buy Into The Community
  • Profit Sharing For Those Who Engage In Their Projects
  • Share In The Harvest For Those Who Participate

Three Tiny Home Lots Available Now

  • One Space For The Caretaker
  • One Short Term Rental
  • One Long Term Rental

Discovery Culture Values:

  • Community/Friendship
  • Healthy Living (Clean Living, Green Living)
  • Nature/Environment
  • Water/Food Security
  • Soil Building/Regeneration
  • Social engagement
  • Diverse Culture
  • Education
  • Adventure
  • Strong work ethic
  • Comprehensive stewardship
  • Dog Friendly: Case By Case

Discovery Culture Vision:

A farm and forestry collective designed to maintain food, water, and resource security for long term health of its members and of our region. We aim to use mostly perennial agriculture and silviculture to establish an economically viable and low maintenance permaculture system.

Discovery Culture Mission:

We are here in life and on this land to steward our natural resources for our community, guests, and the region. We aim to increase the abundance of soil health, water quality, food and medicine production, carbon, forest vigor, and human resiliency through our design and performance. We believe land nurtures people and plants. We host both here in harmony to synchronize the unity that nature arouses. We value work and play as the core tenants to enjoying this life and land. To tend the land and soak in its offerings is our joy in life.

Personality Types:

Intelligence Types: Kinesthetic, Naturalistic

Value Languages: Experience, Relationship

Love Languages: Acts of service, quality time
All Ages Welcome!


Family/Relationship Status: Singles, Couples, Married with young children

What Makes Discovery Culture Special:


Shower inside a citrus filled glasshouse, with heated floors

An outdoor firepit, cooking hub

A centralized social zone decorated beautifully and complete with sound system, water, and power.

Gardens and orchards to harvest from

Fresh duck eggs and ducks to visit with

Camping platforms for your tent complete with a personal firepit

Trails through the property

Opportunities to learn about farming and forestry

Some outbuildings for temporary storage of gear

3 Year Goals:

  • Design and Build a Community bathhouse. Complete with full bathroom, laundry, and sauna. A spacious mixed used building that the whole community can use and enjoy. Hosting frequent sauna gatherings will be our goal and pleasure. Our goal is to create this building to the highest quality with natural building approache.
  • Creation of many orchards totaling 4 acres
  • Building a storage and boat shed building
  • Building a  treehouse
  • Creation of more trails
  • Planting hundred of trees/plants
  • Create a social corporation for the ownership of this land spurring the development of land based businesses and a community ownership status
  • Design and install a pond and swale system in the lower orchard

10 Year Goals:

  • Build a strawbale house as the primary residence for the land
  • Build a natural swimming pool with a fountain sourced from our perennial stream
  • Build an amazing ADU building overlooking the orchards for a community member
  • Be a thriving host for HipCamp
  • Have a huge network of people and fame across the region and world because of our work
  • Harvest 10,000lb of fruit, herbs, and nuts for community use and regional sales
  • Design and Build a commercial cidery on the land
  • Design and install a 10 acres fruit and nut orchard on the neighbors property adjoining our land


Discovery Culture

HipCamp empowers people to share their land with campers. Ask Steve For More Details.

 What To Do In Discovery Bay

Discovery Culture Farm And Tiny Home Village

W Uncas Rd

Port Townsend, WA 98368

Steve Baker