Delivery Of Your New Cabin

December 24, 2014 by Janet Thome

The Hitch Is A 2 And 5/16 Bumper Pull

Cabins will need to be professionally delivered unless you choose a cabin that is 8.6′ wide. You will be able to pickup an 8.6′ wide cabin with either a 3/4 or 1 ton truck depending on the length of the cabin. The Hitch Is A 2 And 5/16 Bumper Pull.

Dave suggests a 3/4 ton truck for a cabin that is no longer than 24′ in length. A 1 ton is a truck need for 25 to 30′ in length.

Picking Up Your Cabin

If you decide you want to pick up your cabin and especially if you are going to be moving the cabin often,  you will need to have Dave add breaks and lights to the trailer.  Cabins wider than 8.6′ will need need a wide load permit.

Deliver For $ 1. 55  to $1.90  A Mile For Cabins Up to 10′

We are very happy to announce we have a transport company   that has  their own  liability and cargo insurance that will deliver for $1.55 to $1.90 a mile plus the cost of permits or added expenses such as a ferry ride. The insurance factor is very important because most insurance companies do not cover the transport of your cabin.

At the time of purchase, you will be given a solid quote by the transport company for your delivery that will be honored up until the time the cabin  is built if you sign their contract and book a delivery date. It is no problem to change the delivery date with proper notice.

I recommend RV Transport Service LLC for cabins no wider than 10′. I have personally used them twice and so have many of our customers without any problems. The drivers are vetted and the company has cargo and liability insurance. Ask for Leah and call her at 800-456-2455 X 1.

Payment Due On Delivery

The payment for the delivery will be due when it is delivered. RV Transport does not  require half down. You will pay the  transport company directly.

Address From Transport

241 Industrial Park Ave. Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Dave Bates : Builder of Portable Cedar Cabins 208 255 9640

Cabins Over 10′  Will Require A Semi Truck to Deliver : Starts at $5.00 a mile.

For the added safety of the cabins, Dave has decided all cabins wider than 10′ will be delivered by a semi truck. The professional transport company has cargo and liability insurance and will arrange all permits and pilot cars, if needed. Dave has confidently used them for years.  We cannot quote the price exactly for the cabins delivered by a semi truck, because there are many factors that are involved, including longer routes because of construction or road closures and the added cost of permits and often pilot cars. Dave can only give a rough estimate for delivery.

Prices Are Subject To Change

You Are Welcome To Arrange Your Own Delivery Through UShip

Make sure the driver you chose has cargo and liability insurance.  

Delivery is available  anywhere in the US, including Alaska and to Canada

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