Air Head Compost Toilet: Update

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I wrote about the Air Head compost toilet when I had ordered a couple, one for the cabin I was having built and one for my tiny house rental. Please read the previous post to understand how it works.

The Air Head  pictured in the video is not installed, because the cabin was sold and was changed to a standard toilet.

Air Head installed in my tiny house rental

My tiny house is now rented and the Air Head compost toilet is installed in the tiny bathroom and I am very pleased. There is no odor as advertised. It comes with a very handy crank that you use to mix the solids with the saw dust. My favorite part is that the little lever flushes the solids below and the urine goes to a container through a few holes on top. You only flush if you are engaging in a solid activity.

Empty into a trash can on wheels

The urine container needs to be emptied often, because there are 2 people and I have provided them with a trash can on wheels. They can also add their coffee grinds, tea bags and veggie scraps to the trash can and the solids from the compost toilet.

Compost Bin

We are building a compost bin on my property that my renters can then dump the compost into from the trash can . We are going to building a simple bin, built from used palettes illustrated  in the humanure handbook.

Love Not Wasting Water

I love the Air Head compost toilet and I am so impressed with the toilet, I will be changing my standard toilet to an Air Head very soon. I love the fact that you do not waste water.

Perfect Size For A Tiny House

The Air Head compost toilet is the perfect size for a tiny house and especially for our cabins. They were originally created for boats and that is an ideal size for tiny spaces.