The Ford Oregon Ranch: Tiny House Living

In Ford Oregon Ranch, Tiny House Community by Janet Thome

Live Off The Grid In Your Tiny Home

Are you looking for parking for your tiny house or a vacation getaway and do you desire to be off grid? I would like to share a unique and beautiful place with multiple opportunities. The Ford Ranch in southern Oregon is an organic cattle ranch with over 5500 thousand acres.

This ranch is an outdoors person dream.   Hiking and riding trails go for miles through meadows, up on cliffs and hills of over 5800 ft in elevation.  The property encompasses a Lake, ponds, streams, springs, irrigated pasture and meadow lands.   Peaks and valleys contain Ponderosa Pine stands and Juniper.   Native wildlife include Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Wild

The Property is about 12 miles west of Lakeview in Lake County.   Lakeview is 14 miles north of the California boarder on highway 395.   The extreme north western corner of Nevada is just over the Warner Mountains about 20 miles SE of Lakeview as the crow flies.   To get to the property, take Dog Lake Rd (all season paved county road) 10 miles to the ranch entrance.  The parcel is 1.5 miles down a private dirt/gravel road.  The property can also be accessed by boat from the public boat launch at Drews Reservoir.  The Lake County Airport (about 8 miles east) has facilities for private planes.

Lakeview , Oregon

Lakeview, Oregon is 12 miles away and has restaurants, motels, emergency services, hospitals and resorts. Lakeview is famous for outdoor recreation, hang gliding and hunting. Lakeview has an elevaion from 4900 to 5200 feet. The population is around 2300 .

Lakeview has a typical continental Mediterranean climate  on the leeward side of the Cascades. Summers are hotter than coastal western Oregon during the daytime, but the nights are cool.  On average, there are 211 sunny days per year in Lake County.. The July high is around 85 degrees. The January low is 20. Little rainfall occurs during the summers, whilst the winters are cold if not severe given the latitude and elevation.  Annual precipitation averaged 15.49 inches between 1971 and 2000.  The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 77.

Contact Peter at 510 219 7735 ( Pacific Standard Time) and email at Peter@MCN.ORG to learn more about the opportunities he and his wife Terri, are  offering. I am also sharing a link to Peter and Terri’s son’s blog, The Running Mafia. Marshall is a runner and is also an incredible person who  works with resilient high school students and supports them through career readiness and college access. Social justice and living an intentional life are very important to him.

Ford Oregon Ranch


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