Major TV Network Casting Call

In Tiny House Community by Janet Thome

Production Company Behind Tiny House Nation

I was contacted by Rachel Galperin who is a producer with Loud Television which is a division of Leftfield Pictures. They are looking for someone who wants to open a business in the next 3 to 6 months that are going to do a business in a tiny space. It needs to be under 500 square feet.

Loud Television is behind the hit show, Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunting and others on the FYI Network.

Design Show For A Business

They are  searching for a wide variety of businesses being built in tiny spaces.  A few examples could be: a tiny mobile dog groomer, a tiny pop-up restaurant, or a converted bus bed and breakfast, etc.

This is a design show and they  would follow the process of building the business and seeing how business owners are using creativity and innovation to operate in small spaces.

Contact Rachel directly

212.564.2607 ext. 2430