Tiny Homes: Additional Income Stream

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Building Codes Amended in New York

Tiny homes are in the news all across the country with the unanimous discovery that it is a great investment!  I got a call from an adorable man yesterday from New York that wants to build a ‘Cigar Den’ just for himself so he can sit and relax with his cigar and grab abeer from his own personal frig. He wants to put it in his back yard, so he does not bother his beloved wife with cigar smoke.

Leroyalerted me to the fact that channel 5 in New York City were featuring tiny homes and that is how he found me. I watched the newscast and it featured developers building 55 micro homes, the first ever in New York City. The finished units will be in Kips Bay in Manhattan.  The micro homes will beseveral stories high and are between 260 to 360 square feet. The building codes were actually amended to allow for this pilot project.  That is incredible news for the future of tiny homes everywhere. There is a bill in Wa state working on changing the minimum requirements of homes if the population of the city is less than 125,000 and I am hearing other states are making changes as well.

New York City’s Micro Apartment Movement In The News

Great Rental Property

Tiny homes make excellentrental properties and are a great way to add another income stream to your finances. I have a small community myself, so I have 2 tiny homes and one space for tiny home parking. The extra income is a great help and in general ”tiny house lovers” are a beautiful class of people. I am so blessed to haveexcellent people onmy property.

10 X 40 Duplex Cabin: Starting at $ 45,000

Dave builds a cabin that is 10 X 40 that is a duplex which is a great way to either have the owner live on one side and rent out the other side or have the duplex have two renters in them.  The cabin is so affordable starting at $ 45,000. Each side is 200 square feet with a loft. The duplex is on one trailer, shares the same hot water heater and each side has it’s own small kitchen and bathroom.

 Investment AdviserMarko Rubel Says Yes To Tiny Homes : Thanks for the article, Sally!

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