Barter for Brand New Tiny Home

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I had caretakers set up for my property in Marlin, Wa, but they are not coming now, so it is back to the drawing board. The bartering starts this year on July 1st. Posting the details again.

Building A New Cottage  For My Caretaker: Position One

I am building a new cottage  for my caretaker. It is going to be 10.6 X 24.  It is large enough for no more than 2 people. I do not feel it will work if you have children because there is no room. I love children, they just deserve their own space too.

The lofts are only for storage and not for sleeping and because I am a land owner with safety always on my mind, I cannot make an exception for anyone sleeping in the loft of my new cabin.  It is called The Nostalgia  Cottage. I am creating a cottage with warmth and am old world feel.

The Nostalgia Cottage Features

  • 10.6 X 24
  • 1 bedroom on the ground floor
  • 2 Storage Lofts
  • Cedar Siding
  • Pine Interior
  • 50 Amp Electrical Panel
  • Lots of windows
  • Radiant floor heat
  • On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater
  • Small kitchen with rustic shelves and cabinets
  • Butcher block counter tops
  • Mason Jar Pantry
  • Closet
  • Built in 2 burner propane cook top
  • Small refrigerator
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Small bedroom that will fit a double bed
  • Bathroom with bathtub!
  • Air Head Compost Toilet
  • Brand New Stack-able Washer/ Propane Dryer
  • Sliding Barn Door For Bedroom And Bathroom
  • Solid Wood Door Painted Blue 
  • Forged metal on door from Teton Iron 
  • Corrugated Metal Roof with an aged metallic look called Vintage
  • Grey Trim
  • Laminate Flooring
  • AC

I have a huge shop very near where the cottage is going to be and it will have a large refrigerator and extra storage. The shop will also be available for my caretaker to use.


I am in Marlin, Wa. It is in the middle of nowhere with a population of a very spread out 50. It is 2 hours from Spokane, 40 minutes from Moses Lake, 20 minutes from Odessa in a valley, surrounded by 1000’s acres of wheat fields. The most news worthy events have been crop circles that appeared in the wheat fields an hour from here in a sleepy town called Wilbur.

You can see stars at night instead of city lights, the air is clean and there is peace………….. I love to see the wild life as I am driving into to town. I see a sweet bald eagle couple, lots of sweet deer, the occasional coyote running across the road and for years, I would see an adorable little animal that would sun bath through a hole in the road.  There are so many kinds of  birds and blue herons  that have the most beautiful wing span and I love the sound of owls and the sound of frogs from the creek in summer.

If the above does not thrill you, I might not have the right location for you. Nature is the main attraction. I have 2 acres in this sweet place on earth.

What I Am Looking For

I desire to find a person or a couple that are longing for home and want to put roots down and that would enjoy being in a mutually supportive environment. I am creating a small tiny house community called The Heart House Tiny Village.

My vision is a free flowing community where there are no forced gatherings , but with a natural coming together when we desire to, with great respect for cherished alone time and privacy. All homes will be required to be self sufficient with their own washer/dryer, kitchens and bathrooms. I have one tiny home that is a rental and it is rented, I have room for someone that has their own tiny home or RV for parking and then there will be the cottage for my caretakers.

Requirements And Skills For My Caretaker

At first. I was dreaming of only one person because the cabin was so small, but now I have a vision for a couple, because the cottage will have enough room for a couple.  I met the perfect couple last weekend. I talked to them on the phone and after we hung up, they called me right back and said this may sound crazy, but can we come now! WOW! I loved that.

They drove more than 4 hours to meet me. I love people who open doors when it is standing in front of them and leap for new adventures.  Their visit was a sweet gift and it really gave me the feeling of what I want here. In  order for them to come and be my caretakers by May, so much would have to happen, moving, closing a business, etc…. etc…. So in my heart, I do not think they are my caretakers, but  my land will always be open if they want to come here and hang out for a few years or a couple of decades.  He was a master craftsman and she wanted to do a food forest, plus she sings and they were both so kind, I could go on and on about them………..

Requirements, Skills, Traits For My Caretaker Available May 1st , 2015

  • Drug free
  • No smoking ( sorry not even ouside)
  • Must LOVE dogs
  • Must be willing to use biodegradeable products
  • Compost human manure
  • No poison allowed on my land
  • No GMO seeds
  • If you raise animals on my property: They must be humanely treated
  • Clean background
  • Handy man skills
  • Gardening
  • Landscaping: weeding , mowing
  • Trouble shooting
  • Light electrical
  • Light Plumbing
  • Light building
  • People who love the earth, cherish water
  • Open communicators
  • References

Plus But Not Required

  • Masters craftsman desired/ but not required : Someone who would love to make custom doors and tiny house furniture
  • Aquaponics a plus, but not required
  • Lovers of Chocolate
  • Musicians

Barterting For 6 Months

I am offering the cottage for bartering from July  1st ( Normally May  1st) to Oct 31. The bartering will require 10  hours a week around your schedule, various duties as they come up. The other 6 months, I will require very reasonable rent.  This is not a paid position. I would really love to find someone that would love to continue this bartering/ rent cycle for years. If you are a builder and  you want to make furniture , it is not a paid position, it would be your own business, but I would be happy to feature you on my website.

Must Love Dogs !!!!

I will allow non aggressive dogs case by case. I also want to attract others who really LOVE dogs and would be careful to close the gates after they drive up, be aware if they are out and treat them with the love and kindness they deserve.

Please contact me Janet Thome

509 770 1694

509 345 2013