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Great Buys On Amazon

I am a huge Amazon shopper and I wanted to share some great buys that I am using for my cabin rental. My cabin is The Nostalgia Cottage and we are busy adding the final touches to make it a beautiful rental for the lady who is own her way here.

Slim Fridge 18 1/2 ” wide

We took out the small fridge and replaced it with a larger fridge that fit perfectly in the spot. It is by Summit and it had a nice slim design. It is 18 and 1/2” wide. This fridge was kind of expensive for the size, but I was in a pinch and could not go wider than 19”, because the space was all ready there. Dave has much better sources for fridges that are more affordable with a greater capacity.

What I have learned after planning two cabins, is to think beyond the current need you are building it for. Originally my cabin was for a caretaker for my property and I thought it was probably going to be a male who would not mind having a small fridge inside the cabin and a larger one in my shop. I ended up turning my cabin into a rental and I decided one fridge would be better.  The fridge might come in handy for someone who is trying to fit a lot in a 8.6 cabin, because every inch counts.

Summit Frost Free Fridge 

Ikea Stainless Steel Shelf

This is the second time I have purchased this stainless steel shelf. I have this in my other rental. You can store plates, hang pots and pans and store a lot of kitchen gadgets. It looks nice  with the cook top.

Ikea Kitchen Shelf 

Wood Accordion Dryer Rack

I love this a multi- functional dryer rack that can be tucked away when not in use. There is a shelf on top, hooks to hang clothes on and a rack that folds out and can hold a lot of clothes. The wood is unfinished pine.

Wood Dryer Rack 

Suncast Vertical Storage Shed

The cabin only has one closet inside, so I thought my renter would appreciate an outside storage shed for brooms, mops and gardening tools. The Suncast Vertical Storage Shed had great reviews and can withstand the heat. I have placed it under a covered area for greater longevity.

Suncast Vertical Utility Shed 

Rubbermaid Trash Can On Wheels

My cabin has an Air Head Compost Toilet, so we have to compost the urine and human manure. We have an area where we are composting everything, but because it is not that close to the cabin, I am providing a trash can that is on wheels that can be easily rolled to the compost bin. It also has a  lockable lid which is very important to keep the contents secure from high winds. Once a week it can be emptied into the compost bin.

Trash Can On Wheels: 32 Gallons 

Stainless Steel Glass Shelf

I purchased this glass, stainless steel shelf at Lowe’s that is placed in front on the on demand propane hot water heater. The bottom shelf has a container of saw dust that is used after bowel movements and the coffee filters are used for a bowel movement to keep it cleaner. The shelf is a perfect size for extra fluffy towels and bath items. I would share a link but I do not see it online.

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