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Cedar Siding: Standard Choice

Cedar is the standard siding choice that Dave uses to build his beautiful cabins. You can have the choice of clear or darker stains that can be discussed at the time of your quote. Pictured are different examples of various stain colors. You will need to re-stain yearly, depending on your exposure to the weather, especially the sun.

Clear Stain

Red Stain

Dark Stain

Cedar Maintenance

Vinyl Siding: Standard Choice

Vinyl siding is a very good choice if you are looking for longevity and very low maintenance. Available in most colors. The cabin featured has grey siding.

Metal Siding: Standard Choice

Metal Siding Has Less Maintenance

The latest cabin that was delivered is stunning with corrugated metal siding. It was a great choice because the cabin is going to be a vacation home in Friday Harbor, Wa. and will not need the maintenance that cedar requires. Our very gracious customer shared some pictures with me and I am expecting more soon. Once again the pictures do not do the cabins justice that Dave builds. Pick your metal siding color. 

Rusted Metal: Upgrade Choice

The metal siding is the siding that intentionally rusts to give it an aged worn look that is pictured above and is an upgrade price that can be discussed at the time of the quote.

Hardie  Plank Siding : Upgrade Choice

Hardie  plank is an upgrade choice and the price can be discussed with Dave at the time of the quote. Hardie  plank is fiber cement siding.

Advantages of Hardie Plank Siding

  • Resists damage from moisture
  • Resists cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling
  • Resists termites and insects
  • Superior performance in high wind and hurricane areas
  • Resists flame spread
  • Complete exterior available in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim and soffit
  • Paint lasts longer than on wood

Hardie Plank Siding Painted Grey

Cedar Board And Bat: One Inch Planks: Upgrade Choice


Blue Pine Siding AKA The Flintsone: Upgrade Choice

If you are after a rustic look , you might want to go with a blue pine siding that is 1/1/4 inch thick, affectionately called The Flintstone.

Stained Pine Siding: Upgrade Choice

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