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In Custom upgrades by Janet Thome

Custom Tile With Tiny Bath Tub And Shower

Stained Glass Window

Custom stained glass windows are available for your cabin, created by Cheryl Bates. Cheryl is married to Dave Bates the builder and she is a very talented artist. The window that is featured is from my cabin, The Nostalgia Cottage and I feel it really completed my cabin.

Stairs With Storage

Dave does a variety of different stairs with storage.

Stairs For You And Your Dog

Butcher Block Counter Top

Built In Desk

Dave tucked a built in desk in this cabin that had an office.

Built In Desk Or Small Dining Table

Blue Pine Armoire Closet With Drawers

The armoire  another beautiful example of the custom work that is available as you plan your dream cabin.

Barn Door

The custom barn door that is featured is a combination of pine and blue pine. Love the blue pine. It has black sturdy hardware, for easy sliding and the photo is from my cabin, The Nostalgia Cottage.

Storage Chest

The storage chest is a nice addition for the loft.


Wainscotting is a really lovely way of breaking up the pine, with metal accents.

Blue Pine Wainscotting


Utility Shed

Dave builds a custom utility shed for storage or it can house propane tanks or batteries. It can be locked which is important in some locations.

Cedar Walls

Cedar walls are very beneficial in the bathroom of the cabin, because cedar loves moisture.

Painted Interior

A painted interior is available if you like more of a modern look.

Side Table

This table can be pulled out or folded away

Vertical  Shelves

Mason Jar Pantry

Siding Choices : There Are Upgrade Choices For Siding Besides Cedar

Custom Blue Pine Floors


Custom Kitchen Bars

Cedar Shower Walls, Double Barn Door, Blue Pine Floor


Granite Counter Top

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