Tiny Home Parking Available

In Tiny Home Parking by Janet Thome

Tiny Home or RV

I have one more space to complete my tiny home village and it is for someone who all ready has their home. It can be a tiny home or an RV.  Either one has to be insured and in safe, good working order. The community is on 2 acres and is  called The Heart House Tiny Village. There is a lovely story behind the name.  It is a rural location in Marlin, Wa.

The Space

3000 square feet
30 or 50 Amp
The entire space is fenced
Small storage room with dryer
I will provide a portable washer if you do not have one for inside the home
Dog Friendly
Well water with  frost free hydrants
Grey water septic
Shared greenhouse
Shared shop
Shared old barn
Shared old fashion clothesline

Must LOVE LOVE Dogs!

We are super dog friendly as long as dogs have no bite history and are friendly. I cannot guarantee the safey of cats if they wander into other areas. I would love other dog lovers that would be conscious of closing gates and caring to drive in slowly.


Drug free
Non smoker
Must use compost toilet ( I can provide one )
Must manage your own human manure ( we have a compost spot)
Good references
Kind spirit
Clear communicator
No poison allowed on land to kill weeds
No GMO seeds
Must use biodegradable products
Be conscious of wasting water
No factory style raising of animals

Possible Bartering

The space is very barren because it was just cleared and was torn up when we brought water to it, it is like a brown blank canvas that is just waiting for someone to bring their artistic touch to it it. I would be open to bartering for the space for someone who is that artist that would love to plant maybe a clover area, mixed with pavers or a broken cement, patio , raised beds. I just want it to be low water needs. If you are not a garden artist, and want the space, I will be happy to pay someone to make it beautiful! The bartering would be for only a few months, the time , agreed upon us both.

Central Washington Location

My town is called Marlin. The population is fifty people. It is peaceful and healing for the spirit and truly a sanctuary haven from the troubles of this world. It is high desert, 4 seasons, hardly any snow with amazing stars and wildlife.

20 Minutes from Odessa
38 Minutes from Ephrata
40 Minutes from Moses Lake
2 Hours from Spokane
4 Hours from Seattle

Heart House Tiny Village

There are no forced gatherings, just natural friendships that develop.  Gathering a nice group of people that want to live in the country with our dogs !

Call or email me for more details. It is available now.


509 770 1694

509 345 2013