Cedar Maintenance

In Cedar Maintenance by Janet Thome

Cedar : The Standard Siding

Cedar maintenance will be required depending on the elements the cabin is subjected to. Cedar is the standard siding that comes with all the cabins and is included in the base prices. Cedar will require re staining yearly or up to six years.

The featured cabin is my cabin, The Nostalgia Cottage and I am showing a before and after photo of the stain. I have almost had my cabin for a year and I want to protect my cabin because it is in very direct sun, without any shade at all.

The original stain was holding up very well, without cracking and very little fading, but I decided to go ahead and have it re stained before the heat of the summer comes.

BEHR Stain

The brand of stain that Dave Bates, the builder uses is a water base stain by BEHR sold at Home Depot. The stain can be used on raw cedar or a cabin that all ready has been stained. The color I chose was Cedar Naturaltone 501, transparent. The color ended up being a little darker and redder than the original color. There is another stain color by BEHR that is closer to my original color called Natural 500, transparent, it has more gold in it.

If you choose to re stain your cabin, make sure you pick a brand that is water based as well. An oil based stain on top of a water based stain could cause peeling.

BEHR Stain Benefits

Mildew Resistant
Protects Against UV Rays
Water Propellant
Six Year Warranty

Siding Choices

I love the beauty of cedar and it is worth the maintenance to me, but Dave offers many other siding choices. Metal is a beautiful choice for siding and also is included in the base price. Metal requires less maintenance.

Stained Hardie Plank

If you like the look of cedar, but do not want the maintenance, you can choose hardie plank siding and have it stained instead of painted.

Hardie  plank is an upgrade choice and the price can be discussed with Dave at the time of the quote. Hardie  plank is fiber cement siding.

Advantages of Hardie Plank Siding

  • Resists damage from moisture
  • Resists cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling
  • Resists termites and insects
  • Superior performance in high wind and hurricane areas
  • Resists flame spread
  • Complete exterior available in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim and soffit
  • Paint lasts longer than on wood

See the siding choices HERE.