GravityLight: Rocks That Power An Led Light

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GravityLight : Available To Buy Now!

GravityLight is finally available to buy now! I wrote it about it a couple of years ago when it was in it’s fundraising stage and they are doing currently on a 50 day roadshow tour in Kenya, introducing and selling the first lights. Seven million people live without electricity in the world and the solutions some have are making them ill, keep them in poverty and take too much of their time.

How can rocks power an Led light? In the first video, co-inventor Jim Reeves explains.

Breathing Kerosene Fumes Is Equivalent To Smoking 40 Cigarettes A Day

It is so exciting to find a safe replacement for kerosene and candles. It is heartwarming to see how this invention can transform so many lives. In the US, our need is not immediate as it is in so many countries where this is not only a Godsend financially, but will eliminate the long treks to buy supplies. GravityLight will also create a lot of needed jobs and long term careers, which will bring greater economic growth. Breathing kerosene fumes is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes a day and of course is a fire danger as well.

I have a great passion for any invention like this that can be put away for simple emergencies or real life disasters. I am one to plan for the worst, but expect the best outcome.

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GravityLight : Why We Need In The US

Our power grid is vulnerable to cyber attack or failure, warns Ted Koppel in his book Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving The Aftermath.

One Second After by William R. Forstchen is written in novel form that describes our world after an Emp attack. I recommend both books.

Why Family Matters: 50 Nights In Kenya

Where To Buy A GravityLight:

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I just purchased mine on Amazon, though they are temporally out of stock.

GravityLight has career opportunities, distributors, and you can donate to a family in need. Details

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