Tiny Home Homeless Solutions

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The Triplex

Tiny Home Homeless Solutions

Tiny Home Homeless Solutions

Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins has a variety of tiny home homeless solutions. All the cabins Dave builds are custom built to order and 100% customized to the needs of the client. The cabins are built from 144 to 400 square feet. The square footage does not include lofts are decks. Whether you need a cluster of individual homes that are just sleeping rooms or completely turnkey, we can create a solution for your needs. All cabins are built on wheels.

Tiny Home Homeless Solutions Ideas

Individual One Room Cabin
Duplex- Two Separate Living Spaces
Triplex- Three Separate Living Spaces
One Room – Bathroom And Shower Facilities
Kitchen Facilities
Community Center

Tiny Home Homeless Village

Many cities across the country are creating Tiny Home Homeless Villages for the ever increasing homeless problem with tent cities cropping up. Dave can build cabins to tastefully blend seamlessly into urban neighborhoods. We offer cedar, metal, hardie plank, vinyl and pine siding and roof lines can range from gable, shed or low pitch roofs. Off the grid is available.


Multiple Units

If you are needing multiple units, a duplex or a triplex is a very smart choice. It will save not only on the delivery charge, but taxes as well when the cabin is registered. Dave also offers a discount on multiple units. The Triplex is 400 square feet and has 3 divided areas that can be as built for 3 sleeping rooms or if lofts are allowed, a triplex could sleep 6. The Duplex is 400 square feet and has  2 divided 200 square foot tiny homes on each side. The Duplex is for 2 to 4 people. There would be room enough to add a bathroom, small kitchen and living area and closet. Adding lofts would double the sleeping capacity.

400 Square Feet:  Tiny Home Homeless Solutions

A 400 square foot cabin can be built with multiple showers, sinks and toilets for a village if they are not provided individually in each cabin. A large kitchen can also be designed that is a cost effective solution instead of adding one individually to each cabin, the savings could provide even more needed housing. 400 square feet can be built in dimensions of 10′ wide X 40′ in length, 12′ wide X 33′ in length or 14′ wide X 28′ in length. 10 X 40 would be the most affordable delivery.

Nationwide Financing Available

We have established an amazing opportunity with a lender that has given us the green light to lend nationwide for our customers. The loan will be either a 10 or 15 year RV loan. They will also be able to loan on  commercial projects and possible home land packages. This loan will require 10% to 20% down. The best loans will be for credit scores over 720, have a low debt to income ratio and of course the income to pay.

A 12 X 33 Duplex With One Door On Each Side

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