Will Appendix Q Be Adopted? Wa. State ESSB 5383

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Building Code Standards For Tiny Houses Wa. State ESSB 5383

ESSB 5383

Update Meeting Notes July 31, 2019

TAG Appendix Q Meeting

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Tiny Houses ESSB  5383 Effective: July 28th, 2019

Senate Bill ESSB  5383- Tiny Houses bill went into effect July 28th, 2019, sponsored by Senate Housing Stability & Affordability. It was originally sponsored by Senators Zeiger, Palumbo, Nguyen, Short, Van De Wege, Wilson, C., and Wilson L. First read 2/14/2019.

Focusing On Section One And Section Six Of ESSB 5383

Note: There has been some confusion regarding  ESSB 5383. Many have assumed that this bill meant that Appendix Q, which was added to the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) relating to tiny homes on a  foundation under 400 square feet was adopted in Washington state. If you get a copy of the original bill, 2/14/2019, it actually was going to be adopted.

Section One: Tiny House Villages

Individual cities and counties may allow tiny houses with wheels to be collected together as tiny house villages using the binding site10plan method articulated in chapter 58.17 RCW.

Appendix Q Can Provide A Basis For The Standards Requested In The Act

The legislature recognizes that the International Code Council in 2018 has issued tiny house building code standards in Appendix Q of the International Residential Code, which can provide a basis for the standards requested within this act.

Section Six: By December 31st, 2019 Adopt Building Code Standards Specific For Tiny Houses

Sec. 6. RCW 19.27.035 and 2018 c 207 s 2 are each amended to read as follows: The building code council shall:

(1) ( A )   By July 1, 2019, adopt a revised process for the review of proposed statewide amendments to the codes enumerated in RCW ; 19.27.031 and ;

(B) Adopt a process for the review of proposed or enacted local amendments to the codes enumerated in RCW 19.27.031 as amended and adopted by the state building code council.

(2) By December 31st, 2019 Adopt Building Code Standards Specific For Tiny Houses


After reviewing ESSB 5383 and also speaking to Richard Brown, the Managing Director of the Washington State Building Code Council, he has confirmed that Appendix Q has not been adopted. There is still a chance that it will be adopted, but it has been heavily amended. July 31st, 2019 is the launch of the new review process to adopt Building Code Standards Specific For Tiny Houses and the possible adoption of Appendix Q that  has been amended.

Technical Advisory Groups ( TAGs )

The Council periodically initiates a process for review of code amendment proposals and new code requirements. The TAGs are a key part of the review process. The Council appoints experts and interest group representatives to serve on the TAGs to assist the Council by providing detailed information on state building code changes and other issues.

If you would like to be a part of the process, the public is welcome and participation is encouraged. You can participate in person, listen in or there is a WebEX option. Richard Brown sent me a copy of the amended document, the title is IRC Appendix Q. Tiny House: Sleeping Lofts. There will also be an opportunity in the future to speak in person or submit comments in writing.

IRC Appendix Q. Tiny House: Sleeping Lofts

July 31st, 2019: State Building Code Council Meeting : 2018 International Residential Code Technical Advisory Group Meeting

Open To The Public: Agenda ESSB 5383 IRC Appendix Q Tiny Houses Sleeping Lofts

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Shoreline City Hall

17500 Midvale Avenue North

Shoreline, WA 98133-4905

Call In

(360) 407-3780

PIN 520120#

For WebEx Option:

Meeting Link

(If necessary, meeting number: 801 448 573 Password(  IRCMay2019)

If you have any further questions, please contact Richard Brown at (360) 407-9277.

Washington State Building Code Council

Post Office Box 41449

Olympia, WA 98504-1449

Phone: (360) 407-9277

Fax: (360) 586-9088

Residential Code Technical Advisory Group 2018 Code Cycle

The TAG is scheduled to begin reviewing the changes for the 2018 Washington State Amendments in the fall of 2018.  The anticipated effective date of the 2018 WSEC is July 1, 2020.

Appendix Q: Tiny Homes On A Foundation

If you are interested in leaning more about Appendix Q and the states and jurisdictions that have adopted it, please visit the Tiny Home Industry Association and the ongoing work in progress titled Appendix Q: Tiny Homes On A Foundation.

Please contact me if you have Appendix Q News!


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