Movable Tiny Homes Get The Green Light In San Diego

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Allowed As A Backyard ADU

San Diego, California is following the lead of Fresno and San Luis Obispo, to allow moveable tiny homes as permissible and permanent living in backyards thanks to the hard work of the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA)  and the American Tiny House Association ( ATHA) .

We owe a special thanks to Dan Fizpatrick-the Director of Government Relations for both THIA and ATHA. Other municipalities are  considering the option include Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oakland and Humboldt County.

Dan Fitzpatrick Worked With The San Diego City Council

San Diego

Dan says” This is a week of good news in tiny house land! For the past several months ATHA and THIA have been working with the San Diego City Council and staff to legalize movable tiny houses as ADUs. As you may recall, I had the opportunity, several months ago, to present to the Council on the wisdom of including movable tiny houses as ADUs.
Today the Land Use and Housing council committee voted unanimously to direct City Attorney to draft an amendment to San Diego’s municipal code that would allow movable tiny houses as ADU’s. ”

Moveable Tiny Homes: Not Your Average Trailer

While movable tiny houses have wheels, city officials said, they aren’t like a conventional trailer or recreational vehicle. Instead, they are built like a traditional home, with interior space geared for daily living.

The committee voted unanimously to direct City Attorney Mara Elliott to draft an amendment to San Diego’s municipal code that would allow movable tiny houses as long as property owners adhere to a long list of restrictions and requirements.

Proposed Regulations For Tiny Homes 150 to 430 Square Feet

  • Fire resistant roofs
  • Connected to sewer, water, electricity
  • No short term rentals-no fewer than 30 days
  • Registered at the DMV
  • Wheels stay on
  • Property owners do NOT have supply a parking spot

Benefits Of A Moveable Tiny Home As A Backyard ADU

  • Encouraging multi-generational housing
  • Seniors can age in place
  • Extra income for homeowners
  • A solution to affordable housing
  • A homeowner can participate in rent control
  • Alternative to a dorm
  • Alternative to the high cost of Assisted Living
  • Faster to complete compared to a granny flat

Approval Expected By Early 2020

Sherman said he expects the committee to vote on the municipal code change allowing tiny houses by the end of the year. The full City Council is expected to approve the new policy in early 2020.

San Diego Housing Panel OKs Moveable Tiny Homes As A New Low Cost Option

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