ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Sadly, there has been some purposeful disinformation circulating regarding our certification company and  a ANSI standard that if you do a search, it will say  ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn. I want to set the record straight and include a statement from Pacific West Associates and Pacific West Tiny Homes, our inspection and certification company, along with articles from ANSI regarding the standard that is withdrawn and the recommended alternative. I am also referencing and including complete articles from ANSI that explain why standards are withdrawn.

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn

Withdrawn Rationale:

This specification was initiated to meet the needs of regulatory programs for the certification of manufactured building.

Formerly under the jurisdiction of Committee E36 on Accreditation & Certification, this specification was withdrawn in January 2019 in accordance with section 10.6.3 of the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees, which requires that standards shall be updated by the end of the eighth year since the last approval date.

New Standard ASTM E699-16

Agencies involved in testing, quality assurance and evaluating building components can be evaluated by using Practice E699.

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Update From Pacific West Associates And Pacific West Tiny Homes

ASTM E541-10 Withdrawn: Response From Alex With Pacific West Tiny Homes

Hello everyone! We are dropping in to give an update to something some of you might have noticed, and some of you might have missed!

Recently the ASTM (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) withdrew their print edition E541-10 standard, which we cite in our references. The new, more widely encompassing standard is ASTM E699-16. We are still qualified under this standard, and as we have had some misinformation spreading about the withdrawal, we felt it was right to inform everyone. The standard references have been updated on our website and marketing materials!

We still meet all requirements for a certification agency as defined by ASTM, through our parent company Pacific West Associates, Inc.

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is an inspection agency, and our parent company is Pacific West Associates, Inc. who certifies the product with over 30 years of qualifications and experience. Our president, Chuck Ballard, sits on the committees that writes the standards for NFPA 1192 and ANSI A119.5! This is the same code that RVIA and PWA certify to.

Please feel free to call Alex at 816-716-6271 or Chuck at 503-970-1474 with any questions you might have!

Very Classy Response

I appreciate the very class response Alex put out. There is way more to the story, but Alex took the high road.

Withdrawn ASTM International Standards

As voting takes place via technical committees, standards may be revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn. Revised standards general keep their existing designation, with the simple alteration of the year of publication. Reaffirmed standards are identical to their predecessors.

Withdrawn standards, which may result from the consolidation of multiple standards into one, or even the decision that the standard document serves little purpose in industry, are no longer active.

With an omnifarious reach through over 12,000 active international standards, a lot of specifications and guidelines once published from ASTM have been withdrawn over time.

Article Source  From The American National Standards Institute ANSI
 Pacific West Associates: Website
Pacific West Tiny Homes: Website


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