Behind The Scenes: Tiny House Hunters

Tiny House Hunters Featured The Double Loft Cabin With Office

Tiny House Hunters featured our  customer Girard and his cabin on Dec 26th, 2015. Girard was kind enough to share some photos.

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The cabin that was featured was built by Dave Bates and is the Double Loft Cabin And Office.

Christmas: Girard Happy In His Cabin

Hi Janet and Dave,

I just wanted to drop a “thank you” note for all that you’ve done in helping me with my journey to going Tiny!

I especially wanted to thank Dave for his wealth of wisdom, his commitment to customer service, and his patience with a “tiny newbie” like me.

If anyone is serious in getting a Tiny House, they cannot go wrong with both Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins and builder Dave Bates at Portable Cedar Cabins. They’d be crazy not to, IMHO!

I’m not a gambling man.  However, this is one of those rare times that my gamble paid off.  I’m so glad I took a chance with your respective companies – no regrets!  Just so you know, I went with you guys because the personal service and industry experience were top notch. Not to mention, I felt having a RV certified builder like Dave was very important – it adds to credibility in the tiny home industry. And, the most important factor was honesty/integrity. Dave was very upfront and open. And, I do appreciate your integrity as well, Janet.

It’s been several months now and I’ve been very, very happy with my Tiny House. I call her ‘Tiny Bahay’ by the way. Bahay is a Filipino Tagalog word for home.  My Tiny Bahay has exceeded most of my expectations. I especially love the cedar walls that line my bathroom walls.  The cedar scent comes out well when I take a hot shower.  Dave is also a miracle worker when it came to helping me fix my hot water heater issues (over the phone!). I do love the rustic craftsmanship used throughout, especially the rustic desk unit in my “tiny” home office.

As I write this, I’m considering my next tiny house build project which is going to be an AirBNB tiny house cabin rental unit on wheels.  I hope to launch this project in late 2016/early 2017 and it would be an honor to have both of you again as my seller/builder of choice!

Lastly, it feels great to finally be a REAL homeowner!

Happy New Year!