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Will Appendix Q Be Adopted? Wa. State ESSB 5383

Building Code Standards For Tiny Houses Wa. State ESSB 5383 Update Meeting Notes July 31, 2019 TAG Appendix Q Meeting Written Comments Accepted Until Sept 27th, 2019 Send to  sbcc@des.wa.gov Tiny Houses ESSB  5383 Effective: July 28th, 2019 Senate Bill ESSB  5383- Tiny Houses bill went into effect July 28th, 2019, sponsored by Senate Housing …

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Tiny Home Villages

Tiny Home Villages I have been writing about tiny home villages for a couple of years and I just love it! Every time I write about a new location, I feel transported there for awhile. I love connecting people! It makes me very happy when I have connected a new village that is seeking members …

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Discovery Culture Seeks Caretaker Couple

Discovery Culture Permaculture Farm Discovery Culture is a collective permaculture forestry farm, HipCamp Host and Tiny Home Village in the quaint town of Discovery Bay, WA. They have a gorgeous 10 acre property. Their friend and neighbor shares the driveway with them and they are doing a lot  of similar work like natural houses, orchards, …

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