Customer Sharing The Urban Cabin

The Urban Cabin

There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing a cabin that Dave has built, finally home in it’s own environment, beautifully decorated with the beautiful touches of a family inside. The kindest customer shared his photos with me and I am in awe of the beauty.  The cabin is The Urban Cabin.  The cabin featured is 14′ X 25′ and can be built in various dimensions up to 400 square feet.  If you want the largest cabin, which is 400 square feet, the cabin can be 10′ X 40′ , 12′ X 33′ or 14′ X 28′.

Room Enough For A Small Family

The cabin has a shed roof that is meant to rust, dark cedar, a small nursery on the ground floor, with steep stairs that his dog could climb up to a huge loft. The living and kitchen area blend beautifully with a very open floor plan and what makes the cabin is the huge windows that crank open with the gorgeous blue pine trim.

This cabin is a beautiful example of Dave’s work and his ability to customize the dreams of his customers.

Exterior Shots

Living Area

One of the great benefits of choosing Dave as your builder, is the fact you can submit your own floor plan and design your cabin right along with Dave. These customers have beautiful taste and the living area features huge custom windows, dark floors and a pine interior that is painted white.

My Favorite Is The Blue Pine Ceiling And Matching Trim Windows

Kitchen With Recycled Glass Counters

Bathroom With Custom White Tile

Steep Stairs Perfect For Your Dog Over Washer/Dryer Combo


Loft Bedroom

Video Of Urban Cabin



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    1. If you go to the models page, click on the name of the model with the size and it will take you to another page with prices and details

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  1. Michael Kawell

    I am really interested in getting more information on this model. Do you have any brochure that you can mail to me? Thank you. Michael

  2. This could be my absolute favorite…..I’ve been dreaming, looking, and planning for several years and I can see myself living in this with a few modifications….. lovely!

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