Discovery Culture Seeks Caretaker Couple

Discovery Culture Permaculture Farm

Discovery Culture is a collective permaculture forestry farm, HipCamp Host and Tiny Home Village in the quaint town of Discovery Bay, WA. They have a gorgeous 10 acre property. Their friend and neighbor shares the driveway with them and they are doing a lot  of similar work like natural houses, orchards, and parties right next to them  on their 20 acre parcel.

Discovery Culture


It is  only a 3 minute walk to Salmon Creek, the Discovery Bay estuary, the Discovery Bay store Complex, and the Olympic Discovery Trail. The community of Discovery Bay is an area near the intersection of U.S. Route 101 and State Route 20, at the foot of Discovery Bay – roughly midway between the larger communities of Port Townsend to the northeast and Sequim to the northwest.

Discovery Culture

Discovery Bay Store Complex:  Only A 3 Minute Walk

The store complex is amazing with a natural food store, an outdoor gear exchange, a cannabis store, and a pub/coffees shop. It is a thriving hub of activity.

Discovery Culture has a year round stream, nursery, orchards, gardens, ducks, and cats.

They have a small community living and working here. Discovery Culture is  comprised of young adults who have immense passion and entrepreneurship for life and projects. Healthy living and personal empowerment are their modus operandi. They  use permaculture design as a lens on how to live and interact with the landscape.

They  are seeking a caretaker couple and more community members to both live as renters and to buy into the land and help with projects. Profit sharing is available  to community members who wish to engage in their projects.

Please review their mission, values, personality types. age group and  goals to see if you are a fit for the community.

Discovery Culture

Seeking A Caretaker Couple With A Tiny Home

  • Prefer A Couple With A Small Family : Kids Are Welcome!
  • Will Consider A Simple Person ( Feel free to contact them- there might be another opportunity )
  • Must Bring Your Own Tiny Home or RV ( Must Be Insured )
  • Lot Rent Discounted To $ 250.00 + Work Trade
  • Desire Healthy People
  • Desire People Who Want To Engage Socially And As A Community
  • Work trade Is Their Preference

Seeking Airbnb Partnership

Discovery Culture would love to create a partnership with someone who owns a Tiny Home that would either want to share in the revenue and have all of the profit go toward them purchasing the home. Contact Steve for details.

Caretaker And Member Benefits

  • Possibility To Buy Into The Community
  • Profit Sharing For Those Who Engage In Their Projects
  • Share In The Harvest For Those Who Participate

Three Tiny Home Lots Available Now

  • One Space For The Caretaker
  • One Short Term Rental
  • One Long Term Rental

Discovery Culture Values:

  • Community/Friendship
  • Healthy Living (Clean Living, Green Living)
  • Nature/Environment
  • Water/Food Security
  • Soil Building/Regeneration
  • Social engagement
  • Diverse Culture
  • Education
  • Adventure
  • Strong work ethic
  • Comprehensive stewardship
  • Dog Friendly: Case By Case

Discovery Culture Vision:

A farm and forestry collective designed to maintain food, water, and resource security for long term health of its members and of our region. We aim to use mostly perennial agriculture and silviculture to establish an economically viable and low maintenance permaculture system.

Discovery Culture Mission:

We are here in life and on this land to steward our natural resources for our community, guests, and the region. We aim to increase the abundance of soil health, water quality, food and medicine production, carbon, forest vigor, and human resiliency through our design and performance. We believe land nurtures people and plants. We host both here in harmony to synchronize the unity that nature arouses. We value work and play as the core tenants to enjoying this life and land. To tend the land and soak in its offerings is our joy in life.

Personality Types:

Intelligence Types: Kinesthetic, Naturalistic

Value Languages: Experience, Relationship

Love Languages: Acts of service, quality time
All Ages Welcome!


Family/Relationship Status: Singles, Couples, Married with young children

What Makes Discovery Culture Special:


Shower inside a citrus filled glasshouse, with heated floors

An outdoor firepit, cooking hub

A centralized social zone decorated beautifully and complete with sound system, water, and power.

Gardens and orchards to harvest from

Fresh duck eggs and ducks to visit with

Camping platforms for your tent complete with a personal firepit

Trails through the property

Opportunities to learn about farming and forestry

Some outbuildings for temporary storage of gear

3 Year Goals:

  • Design and Build a Community bathhouse. Complete with full bathroom, laundry, and sauna. A spacious mixed used building that the whole community can use and enjoy. Hosting frequent sauna gatherings will be our goal and pleasure. Our goal is to create this building to the highest quality with natural building approache.
  • Creation of many orchards totaling 4 acres
  • Building a storage and boat shed building
  • Building a  treehouse
  • Creation of more trails
  • Planting hundred of trees/plants
  • Create a social corporation for the ownership of this land spurring the development of land based businesses and a community ownership status
  • Design and install a pond and swale system in the lower orchard

10 Year Goals:

  • Build a strawbale house as the primary residence for the land
  • Build a natural swimming pool with a fountain sourced from our perennial stream
  • Build an amazing ADU building overlooking the orchards for a community member
  • Be a thriving host for HipCamp
  • Have a huge network of people and fame across the region and world because of our work
  • Harvest 10,000lb of fruit, herbs, and nuts for community use and regional sales
  • Design and Build a commercial cidery on the land
  • Design and install a 10 acres fruit and nut orchard on the neighbors property adjoining our land


Discovery Culture

HipCamp empowers people to share their land with campers. Ask Steve For More Details.

 What To Do In Discovery Bay

Discovery Culture Farm And Tiny Home Village

W Uncas Rd

Port Townsend, WA 98368

Steve Baker