Dreaming Of A Caretaker For The Caretaker’s Cabin

Dreaming Of A Caretaker 

I am dreaming of a caretaker for my property in central, Wa. The town is called Marlin, Wa. It is a tiny rural town surrounded by wheat fields. We have clean air and amazing stars at night, with beautiful wildlife.

I am having the cabin built for my incredible caretaker that I know will be coming into my life. My first post describes the details of the cabin.

Need Someone By May 1st 

I do not need anyone until May 1st, but I am putting it out there now. It will be a combination of bartering from May to Oct and then for 6 months, very reasonable rent. Looking for someone long term. I do not want to look every year for someone. The bartering hours will be around your own schedule.

Caretaker Skills and Qualities 

  • Landscaping and Gardening ( No GMO allowed)
  • Irrigation
  • Light Mechanical
  • Painting
  • Building
  • Drug and Addiction Free
  • No Smoking ( sorry not even outside )
  • Trustworthy
  • Someone who loves the earth, does not waste water
  • Will only use biodegradable products
  • Clean Background
  • Good References

A Craftsman That Can Build Tiny House Furniture 

I am looking for someone that loves to build furniture, like kitchen islands and small tables. You will have the opportunity to make them for the cabins I sell and you will keep all the profit. I will feature them on my website for you. I have a huge shop to share with you.

The cabin is really only a fit for 1 person, but I might make an exception for a couple with great skills. Dogs are very welcome, case by case.

This would be a great opportunity for someone that is retiring.

We have a greenhouse and we are doing Aquaponics. We are raising blue Tilapia. Please contact me if you would like to know more. janet@tinyportablecedarcabins.com.

We also have a brand new 200 square foot Tiny house that is available for rent if you love the idea of living in a Tiny House Community. Please email for details.

Call or email Janet Thome

Cell 509 770 1694

509 345 2013



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  1. Janet…You are amazing! I will post this on my facebook wall…I REALLY admire your simplistic and peaceful way of living. I wish my husband could get on board. I use to live in Pa…and I LOVED it…yes, it was a bit cold but it’s so beautiful out in the country…and I sure do miss it. One day, I hope my artwork sells so that I can get my tiny house in the country where I can just veg and do all of my artwork…kind of like that poet William Wadsworth Longfellow but painting instead. 🙂 I will pass this news on…you never know who will want to do something like this. Cheers! Mary Tilley

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