Kabbage Small Business Loans

Kabbage Small Business Loans: Up To $250,000

Kabbage approves small businesses for flexible lines of credit in minutes. Business owners apply online by connecting their latest business information to get a decision right away.

Choice Of Terms

6, 12 or 18 month terms

How A Kabbage Line Of Credit Works

  • Apply online
  • Enter basic business information and link your revenue data online or through our mobile app
  • Your  business performance to let you know how much working capital you can access
  • Take the amount you need now and come back whenever you need more capital to grow your business

Qualifying: Apply is free, no obligation to take the funds

  • Must be in business for at least one year and have a minimum of $50,000 in annual revenue or $4,200 per month over the last three months
  • Secure 100% online application
  • 24/7 access to credit line
  • Simple, monthly payment
  • No origination fee
  • No cost to maintain your line
  • No early repayment fees
  • Pay only for the funds you use

Small Business Loans For The Real World

  • Available for all types of businesses
  • Access your line of credit immediately
  • Use what you need up to once a day
  • Monthly payments with simple fees

Be Ready No Matter What Your Business Needs

  • Expand your products and services
  • Stock up on inventory
  • Launch an advertising or marketing campaign
  • Upgrade your equipment

Three convenient ways to take Kabbage funds

  • Kabbage app
  • Dashboard
  • Kabbage card

How Are Fees Calculated?

Every month, you’ll pay back an equal portion of the loan principal plus the monthly fee. Kabbage 6- or 12-month loans have a fee every month you have a balance, while 18-month loans have the loan fees accrued in full at the time the loan is funded and an equal portion of the fee is paid each month for 18 months, regardless of reduction of your balance.

What Fee Rate should I expect?

Kabbage Fee Rates range from 1.5% to 10% based on a number of business performance factors. Apply to find out what your Fee Rate could be.


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