Pine Interiors

Stained Pine For A Very Rustic Look

The standard for the cabins is a pine interior  which adds to a very sunny feel inside the cabin, but if you like an even more rustic look with warmer, darker tones, you might consider staining the pine as pictured above. It will be an upgrade in pricing, just specify the request in your quote. I love the barn door which is stained as well. Dave uses BEHR stains.

Standard Pine Interior

Another upgrade option is to paint the pine white  for a crisp, clean, modern look that blends well with stainless steel appliances and a butcher block counter.

Video Tour Of The Urban Cabin

The Urban Cabin is another beautiful example of a white washed pine interior with blue pine trim, the perfect blend of rustic and modern. A gorgeous cabin tucked away among the trees.

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  1. we live in Oregon, not too far away to visit you and see the small cabins for ourselves.
    You must have some basic prices for the different cabins. If that’s the case could you provide
    some. we’re certainly interested! nice cabins.

    sincerely: Cora and Willem Bouman, Trail OR Phone# 541/727/8495

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