Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

We have just been introduced to the Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet and it is my very favorite! I have tried many different brands for my rentals from the  honey bucket system, an RV toilet, the AirHead and Nature’s Head Compost Toilet. I have been very pleased with the quality of the AirHead and Nature’s Head and they have been the very best so far, there was never a smell if managed correctly and they were somewhat easy to use.

Move Out Time Yikes

My least favorite part about the compost toilets is when I had to do a thorough clean out between renters because the renter left without cleaning it. With the AirHead and Nature’s Head, you have to take it apart to empty the solids and it is was a bit of a hassle.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet: Great Design

The new Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet has only been out for about 6 months and it has a very well thought out design. GTG stands for Good To Go. The design is really good to go. It is water less, compact with a sleek European style that is perfect for a tiny home.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

Please watch the video and you will see how simple this is to use. The urine and solids are diverted into two  chambers and when you want to empty either chamber, you just take the lid off.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

You will have to take out the container for the urine, but for the solids you just lift out the bag ( without taking the chamber out  ) and replace it with a new bag.  This is my favorite part about this, easy to use, less of a mess and NOT taking the entire toilet apart to empty the solids.

Tilted Design

It is so weird and funny talking to people about urine and poo and I had to ask the question, how does everything go to the separate chambers? Joe, the sales manager explained that there is a tilted design to ensure that everything is divided correctly and was especially tested for women. Having the urine and poo divided is very important to eliminate the smell.

Built In 12 Volt Fan

The Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet comes with a built in 12 Volt Fan for ventilation. A 110 to 240 adapter is included.

Pine Shavings

After you do your solid business, you cover with the pine shavings or even a small amount of peat moss.  You can buy a bale of pine shavings  usually at a feed store for under $10.00.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet

With  the purchase of the compost toilet, you also get a block of of cocoa fiber that you can add to the composting  process.

Where To Empty Everything?

I set up a boxed area on my property with rocks on the bottom and layers and layers of compost like leaves, egg shells, vegetable left overs and grass clippings where the urine is emptied. At first we had another box for the poo and it took about 2 years to turn into rich soil. It was amazing to see, but I changed the method to emptying the poo into a large 32 gallon trash can. Once a year we take them to the dump, and I just provide a fresh new trash can. It would be easy to just dump the solids in the trash can along with a compostable bag.

Sun-Mar GTG Compost Toilet Flyer