Teton Iron

Door For Nostalgia Cottage

My new door is finished for the new cabin called The Nostalgia Cottage  I am having built for caretakers on my property. I love how the stain turned out.

The blue stain allows the wood to show through and if you look closely,  it looks like copper shining through.  A friend installed everything for me and he did a beautiful job. He accidentally put the speakeasy on the wrong side a first, but I wanted to include the picture, because it shows the speakeasy from the inside of the door with a latch. I love the scalloped edges.

Teton Iron

Teton Iron forged the speakeasy, the faux hinges, the door knocker and the celtic clavos which are spanish nails. I love their work and they have great customer service.  I cannot recommend them enough. Teton Iron is a family run business  located in Felt , Idaho and they do beautiful custom blacksmith work. Their work compliments Celtic,  Tuscan, French country, cottage, Neo classical, Romanesque, Renaissance, German, Rocco, Victorian, Queen Anne and Mediterranean styles.

Baldwin Handle set

I picked a handle set with a dead bolt that blends very well with the hardware created by Teton Iron.

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  1. Love the door! The bluish stain is very pretty and the hardware is intricate and solid. Looking forward to what the cabin will look like. Again I am aware there are options. Would love to see what TIny Cedar Cabins has in mind for Nostalgia. Hope to see it soon. Thank you.

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