The Tahoe

Available From 200 To 400 Square Feet

The Tahoe Model is available from 200 to 400 square feet as a tiny home on wheels.  This is one of my favorite models, because of how  versatile it is. The design can be as modern or as rustic as you like, designed by NYU Designs. The Tahoe can be built with or without a deck.

The Tahoe can be built with or without a loft. I love the shed style roof with an overhang underneath.

A floor plan can be designed for your needs. Shipping nationwide is available.

Tahoe Uses

  • Office
  • Vacation Home
  • Permanent Home
  • One To Two Bedroom Home
  • Alternative To Assisted Living
  • Dorm Alternative
  • ADU
  • Guest House
  • Cottage Business
  • Duplex

Certified By RADCO

Tiny homes on wheels will be RV certified by RADCO, a third party agency that inspects and certifies factory built home.

Tiny Homes On Wheels In California

Tiny homes on wheels can be placed in backyards in Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and Santa Clara. Humboldt County and California City are moving to allow them. The added benefit of a movable tiny home is that they are built to be mobile and have the added benefit of moving quickly if there is a warning of a natural disaster.

Available As A Modular Or ADU In California

The Tahoe is also available to be built as a Modular or ADU on a foundation in California.

Financing Is Available

Please call or email

509 345 2013

509 770 1694