Tiny House Alliance USA

The Future Of Tiny Is Now!

I am extremely happy to share that I am the Founder and President of a new nonprofit filed in the state of Washington on October 8th, 2020 and our website is now live! The purposes for which this corporation organized are exclusively for charitable and educational poses in accordance with section 501 (C) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code. We have filed our request for tax exemption from the IRS and are waiting for the determination letter.


The Mission Of Tiny House Alliance USA is to build tiny houses with collaborative partners and to foster and transform vacant, abandoned, and distressed properties into vibrant tiny home communities that will transform neighborhoods into a valuable asset for the community.
Fulfilling The Need  For Appropriate, Attainable, And Affordable Housing, Encouraging Multi-Generational Living.
The Tiny House Alliance USA will be an educational center for the industry, documenting the history and the progress of tiny houses.
It is our desire to broaden home-ownership, promote all life and safety building standards, and to encourage our youth to learn math skills by building tiny houses and to pursue work trades for the continued development of the tiny house industry.
We are dedicated to advance the tiny house industry through education and uniting all related services and resources to support tiny houses as a viable option for housing.


We have a dream…………We envision a world that is thriving, sustainable, and supportive of all life, where everyone has a home.

We are committed to be a part of the solution that unites humanity through mutual respect,  support, and values that nurture the human spirit.

The Tiny House Alliance USA is founded in the Seventh Generation Principles.

“In Our Every Deliberation, We Must Consider The Impact Of Our Decisions On The Next Seven Generations.”


Janet Thome  Founder And President Tiny House Alliance USA

Tiny House Consultant Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins

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