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Hot Market

Insurance will be a requirement  if you  are going to finance your tiny home. Insurance is widely available now  because several companies are finally seeing tiny homes and park models as a hot market to insure.

How Is An RV Or Park Model A Tiny Home?

Most tiny home builders are building RVs built to the NFPA 1192 Standard or the Park Model Standard, ANSI 119.5  for the ability to have them certified and registered,  to get a Vin number and title. ” Tiny Homes” is a hot marketing term. The builders most always exceed the minimum requirements of these standards and build to 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 construction, increase insulation values, meet snow loads when applicable, have 25 year roof warranties and use superior materials. These standards meet all egress, health and fire safety standards. The recent  LA Ordinance that passed into law,  allowing movable tiny homes as ADUs, requires that tiny homes are certified and built to the above mentioned standards. LA Ordinance
There is no legal, unified definition for a tiny home at the moment.  I use the term tiny home strictly as a marketing word. The term’s definition is as fluid as the wind and because it is not universally agreed upon, it is up for interpretation and you will find that almost every lender, insurance company , city or county has a different explanation for what a tiny home is.

Disinformation Out There

There is a lot of disinformation spreading around or that is outdated information. That is why I am including information regarding insuring tiny homes. I want to include this information and spread it far and wide to help dissolve the confusion. Some insurance companies lump tiny homes and park models together and some companies have created separate divisions for them. Some allow wheels, some do not. Some companies allow tenant occupied, but not an Airbnb and some will allow an Airbnb.

Are You Thinking About Foregoing Insurance ?

Read these stories and you might change your mind. Click Here.

Certification Requirement

RV Certification is required by some companies and not required by others. Most companies want the home to be professionally built, but now there are options for self builds. I have complied a list that should answer every need.

Insurance Needs That Can Be Met Now!

  • Park Model Insurance For Temporary, Vacation, Full Time Residence
  • Tiny Home Insurance With Or Without Wheels For Temporary, Vacation, Full Time Residence
  • DIY Tiny Homes With Or Without Wheels
  • For Those Who Travel
  • RV Certified And Non Certified
  • Airbnbs
  • Tiny Home Villages And Hotels
  • Trip Collison Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement For Loss Of Income
  • Builders Insurance
  • Under Construction
  • Off The Grid
  • Wood Stove As Primary Heat
  • Other Structures
  • Theft
  • GPS Tracking
  • Loss Of Contents
  • Appliance Loss
  • WorkCampers
  • Personal Liability
  • Professionally Converted Vans And Skoolies

Avoid Hair Pulling Hours Of Research:

I will be listing direct insurance companies and  agents that I have talked to or have policies with that will work hard on getting affordable insurance for you for our cabins in different areas of the country.  When I was first researching insurance, I spent a crazy amount of time talking to companies that had no idea of what to do with tiny homes or park models for full time residency. In fact, I was insured by a major company, 5 years ago and cancelled 2 weeks later. Their reasoning was the cabin Dave was building for me was a tiny home, not a park model. When I asked them what their  criteria was or description of what a park model was, they could not really define one. Now they are completely on board, insuring both park models and tiny homes. Progress!

Credit Counts:

Your credit score counts toward the amount your policy will cost. Talk to several companies without pulling your credit to determine what is best for you, the prices range considerably.

Insurance Is A Buyers Market Now:

Insurance is a buyers market now. What a wonderful turn of events.

Builders Risk Insurance

When choosing your builder for your tiny home, make sure the company has Builders Risk insurance that will cover your tiny home while being built and find out when the coverage stopped. You will want to have your insurance in place to avoid any gaps of coverage. Excellent article from FitSmallBusiness regarding Builders Risk Insurance.

For Added Safety And Peace Of Mind

Best Steel Coupler Lock: Website

Spot Trace Website 

The SPOT Trace offers advanced theft-alert tracking for anything. Instantly receive a text or email when your most valuable assets move anywhere, or follow them on Google Maps anytime on your phone or computer.

Recommended Insurance Solutions:

Affordable Insurance  

American Modern: 866-880-8651: Find An Agent: Click Here Homeowner’s Policy: Perfect Policy Meant For Owner Or Tenant Occupied

Make Sure You Refer To Your Home As A Park Model: They Have A Different Division That Handles Tiny Homes WITHOUT Wheels

Will Provide Insurance For Airbnbs Now!!!

 American Modern  Specializes In Manufactured Home Insurance: Direct Insurance Company In All Fifty States

The type of product they  offer will consider your home as a park model style home under the manufactured home category.  It is meant for a home that will not be moved around frequently, and that will stay in one spot once placed and be tied down/secured or placed on a foundation. Wheels must stay on.

 Program offered is for home located in a park or on private land

 Can be full-time owner occupied, seasonal, rental or vacant

Comprehensive coverage for: The home itself, including any professionally attached structure, deck, porch, awnings and content coverage’s for belongings

Liability coverage in the event that a neighbor slips and falls on the homeowners deck for example.

Can offer flood and earthquake coverage (as offered per state/program)

Primary Heat Source Must Be Electric:

 Home cannot have a wood stove or fireplace (supplemental source) as main heating source- must have electric baseboard, hot water baseboard (boiler) or forced air/ducts as primary heat source

 Home also must be wired for electricity, cannot be 100% solar powered. Solar must be a secondary source of power.

Details on coverage: Click Here

 Trip Collision Coverage:

American Modern has an excellent trip collision coverage that is priced very reasonably with a $100.00 deductible. It only lasts 30 days, but can be added when you first have your cabin delivered OR at anytime you have to move it. It covers the entire cabin including tires and axles. Depending on the location, the cost is  between $25 to $35.

My Personal Insurance Company

I highly recommend American Modern, this is the company that insures my tenant occupied cabin. American Modern is a very affordable insurance company  and you can even pay quarterly, which is very helpful.

Tiny Homes

American Modern has another division just for tiny homes WITHOUT wheels. Affordable Insurance

Garringer Insurance Agency: Washington, Idaho and Oregon

Garringer Insurance is a family owned independent agency that has been in business through four generations. This agency has been serving their  community since 1954. Their  agents are local people who understand the needs and concerns of the people in this community. As a result, they  have developed lasting relationships with our customers. Garringer Insurance strives to find our customers the best fit for insurance to protect their families, finances, businesses, and futures. We specialize in serving our customers throughout Northeast Washington, but are licensed in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Numerous qualities set Garringer Insurance apart from other agencies. As an independent agency, they  represent multiple companies, giving them  the ability to tailor each policy to each customer. Their  agents are valuable resources that use their knowledge to personally advise each customer in an invaluable way. Most important to our agency are the relationships built over the years that are based on trust and dependability. Our agency looks forward to building a lasting relationship with their customers. Garringer Insurance Agency Website Click Here 108 N. Main St. Colville, Wa. 99114 509 684 5059 800 659 5066 509 684 8192 Email:
Garringer: Main  Insurance Carriers For Tiny Homes And Park Models  American Modern American Reliable Foremost Insurance

Benefits Of Choosing Garringer:

Choosing to work with an independent broker has so many advantages because they can find the best  policy to fit your needs that is unique to you. Are you a Canadian citizen and want to insure a home in the US? They have the carriers that provide that. Do you want your primary residence or farm to have the same policy as a second home you are adding to your property- case by case-they can provide a solution. I personally prefer having a personal agent to build a relationship with. Affordable Insurance Foremost Insurance Group writes park model policies and ”tiny home” policies. When you speak to an agent, make sure they know there are separate divisions for them. It is a newer change and not everyone is up to date on this. When you talk to an agent that writes Foremost, make sure you call our cabins a Park Model. Foremost is available nationwide. Affordable Insurance The ”tiny home” insurance policy requires that they are certified. Pacific West Associates certifies our cabins and are on the approved list by Foremost. Foremost has very affordable insurance. Insurance

Foremost Agents

Mary Ponsness LLC writes policies in Wa. Idaho and Oregon

Mary Ponsness is a very personable agent that answers her phone, is readily available and writes both personal , commercial, and under construction insurance with Farmers, Foremost and American Reliable. Mary can write policies for owner occupied, tenant and for Airbnbs. Mary can also write policies for RV parks, resorts or RV parks transitioning to a tiny home village or hotel. She has great reviews and goes the extra mile to find the best information and the best policy for you. Mary Ponsness LLC Website:Click Here 509 765 0731
118 W 4th Ave
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Homeowner’s Policy: Self Built  And For Those That Will Travel Often: Transport Can Be Covered

Affordable Insurance

Micheal Carmona : Agent, Owner 971-238-2502 Website Specializes In The Lloyd’s Of London Tiny Home Policy Located in Portand, Oregon: Can Insure In Over 40+ States

Tiny Home Coverage Can Include:

  • Personal Property
  • Liability
  • Manufactured Built
  • RV Certified And Non Certified
  • Theft
  • Coverage When You Are On The Move
  • Trip Collision

Types Of Tiny Houses That Can Be Covered:

  • Tiny Homes On Wheels Stationary Or On The Move
  • Tiny Homes Without Wheels Or On The Move
  • Park Models
  • DIY Built
  • Manufactured Built
  • Professionally Converted Van And Skoolies

Tiny Homes Can Be Used As:

  • Primary Home
  • Tenant Occupied
  • Second Home-Vacation Home
  • Airbnb

Builder Coverage:

A builder can be covered for general liability, professional liability, business auto and inventory What Is The Difference Between A Homeowners Policy And The Tiny Home Policy? Regular home insurance policies weren’t written to cover a home that has the ability to be on the move or has a chance of getting stolen. 

Types Of Coverage in The Tiny Home Policy

Coverage A – Dwelling – This is the value of your tiny house if it gets damaged. We insure as low as $25,000 to as much as $150,000. If you buy it from a builder the price of purchase is usually the Coverage A limit. 

Coverage B – other Structures – This is for your solar panels, built on decks, and other property structures that are not part of the tiny house. We can do up to $50,000.

Coverage C – Contents – All personal belongings inside your house. If you were to turn your tiny upside down and whatever falls out is part of your personal property. Clothing, pots and pans, TV, electronics, your bed, etc.

Replacement Cost for Contents –  Whenever you have a loss your contents will be replaced brand new and not at its depreciated value. Meaning your 5 year old TV that might cost $40 now would be replaced by a $500 TV. 

Theft of Contents – We can offer up to $3,000 in theft coverage for your belongings.

Theft of Tiny Home – If you are worried about your tiny house being stolen then you need this! We provide a tracker so that if your house was ever stolen we can always have a way of finding it. 

Trip Endorsement – If you’re the type of person who travels with your home  or needs to move it from an old location to a new we can make sure you are always covered on the go. 

Personal Liability – Provides coverage for inside your premise and outside your premise. If someone were to get hurt on your premise and they were to sue you this is where your liability comes in. It would help pay towards any medical bills or charges from a lawsuit. This also covers you if you were to accidentally somehow hurt someone else. Like when a snowboarder collides with another or a fisherman hooks his buddy. Personal liability would also cover your tiny home if you are renting a space on someone’s else’s property in case you cause damage on their property.

Wood Stoves- They will insurance tiny homes that have wood stoves as their primary heat!!!
Affordable Insurance

Strategic Insurance Agency LLC: Cheryl Johnson (719) 476-0120

If you are going to be traveling in your tiny home and need a homeowner’s policy and you want to cover the transport because you are picking it up yourself, give Cheryl a call. Strategic also offers insurance for off the grid tiny homes.

Strategic provides  tiny homes insurance in 48 states. Liability limits up to a million dollars and a trip endorsement which is $150 for the policy term, regardless of the amount of trips.


Affordable Insurance: Ontario, Canada

Afforable Insurance

Kingston Specialty Group

Dave Burns is a broker with Kingston Specialty Group that can help you obtain affordable insurance in Ontario, Canada.  If you live in a different province, he can refer you to another broker.  Dave can provide insurance for owner or tenant occupied and off the grid tiny homes. Dave can also provide insurance for shells. If you are from Canada and you are having a cabin built in the US,  it is a good idea to talk to Dave Burns first regarding the heating choices allowed and inspections required if you are buying a shell or a completed cabin from us.

The prices are very reasonable. Dave writes commercial policies as well.

David Burns RIB (Ont.) CAIB Account Executive 844 Gardiners Road Kingston, ON  K7M 3X9 Phone (613)634-8111 Cell (613)329-2628 Fax (613)634-5822

Would You Like To Be Listed?

Please contact me if you are a company or broker that would like to be listed. I want to give our customers a choice of all the best companies and brokers for affordable insurance.

509 345 2013

509 770 1694

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