8.6 Wide

Zeus Model

Built-In Texas Zeus Model Is 8.6 Wide Specs: 8.6 Wide X 24 In Length: Starting At $64,900 RV Certified By Pacific West Associates Sleeping Loft 24′ Bumper Pull Trailer ( Also Available At 28 Or 32 Feet In Length) Dual Pitch Gable Roof Onduvilla Roofing System Smart Siding Exterior Siding Cedar Accents Painted Interior 2’x …

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The Sedona Sky

8.5  Wide X 30′ In Length For Sale: All Ready-Built: $79,000 The Sedona Sky Brand new tiny home ready to find it’s the owner is for sale. The tiny home is already built and will be shipped in Arizona. The tiny home is featuring 11 feet ceilings in the kitchen, living area, and in the …

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