Tiny Home Laws And Ordinances

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I have complied all the articles I have written on the Tiny Home Industry Association, documenting groundbreaking building codes, laws and ordinances for tiny homes. It can be a helpful tool, if you are trying to work with a jurisdiction, to show them our progress. Click Here  Tiny Home Laws And Ordinances   janet@tinyportablecedarcabins.com 509 345 2013 509 770 1694

Will Appendix Q Be Adopted? Wa. State ESSB 5383

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Building Code Standards For Tiny Houses Wa. State ESSB 5383 Update Meeting Notes July 31, 2019 TAG Appendix Q Meeting Written Comments Accepted Until Sept 27th, 2019 Send to  sbcc@des.wa.gov Tiny Houses ESSB  5383 Effective: July 28th, 2019 Senate Bill ESSB  5383- Tiny Houses bill went into effect July 28th, 2019, sponsored by Senate Housing Stability & Affordability. It was …